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I may not always watch the most popular anime on the shelf, but I’m watching what intrigues me and I think that’s the beauty of anime – there’s something for everyone. I came to anime and manga late in the game. While I had occasionally dabbled here and there, I really didn’t start watching with any conviction until I was older. Suddenly, I had the desire to begin consuming more anime. The good ones and the bad ones. New series and classic series. It didn’t matter what it was or it’s notoriety, if the synopsis seemed interesting, I was bound to watch. Please check out my blog:-

How do you deal with a series ending, especially when it gets cancelled and you don’t know how the story really should have ended? You write on various platforms demanding a sequel, demanding from show creators they finish what they’ve started. Without fans the shows don’t live. Many legendary shows lived numerous seasons thanks to the devoted fans, like One piece that lasted for 20 consequent episodes. 

Animes are usually a product of manga or light novel adaptations, thus one pulls the creation of another, if fans are interested in the story. Meaning, if a manga or light novel stories are not yet finished, maybe the anime adaptation makes fans interested in them and pushes the creation along. 

That being said, this is our top five anime list that we demand to get a sequel:

1. Baccano!

Can you actually end a story when it has immortal alchemists vielding the elixir of life  throughout many timelines? You can certainly try but it will leave a bitter taste with the fans, non the less. 

With over 20 ongoing light novel series, every arch has it’s story to tell, yet it only got a 16 episode anime adaptation. It’s history is deeper and more twisted than that of any other series twice longer. The heart of its twisted history is provided by its unforgettable train journeys, and perhaps the most memorable psychopaths in anime history – from petty thieves and alchemists to murderous gangsters. Baccano is like a jigsaw puzzle: it can surprise and upset what you have seen so far. 

The novel series takes place across 3 eras (1700’s, 1930’s and 2000’s), however the anime adaptation only covers one, the 1930’s. We believe this easily answers whether the series needs a sequel or not. 

2. Skip Beat!

If we’re being honest, for girls, the world revolves around love. Kyoko adores her love, Shotaro. One day, however, she is forced to realise that her love is taking advantage of her. How does a broken heart deal with such a tragedy? Many would surely choke on their grief, but Kyoko does not do that. What else is she to do but seek revenge? Fueled by her anger the plot takes a turn, and the story gets really exciting.

Her anger not only destroys her deep rooted belief about love, but awakens a spiritual power within her. 

The series ended after 25 episodes, however the manga has 46 volumes. The series stops at chapter 66 of the Dark Moon arc.  

3. Fruits Basket

Orphaned Tohru Honda is taken in by the wealthy Shigure Sohma. However, the Sohma family has a secret – twelve members of the family are possessed by the Chinese zodiac animals. They are all cursed to turn into their animal form every time they are vulnerable, weak or stressed. Tohru gets tangled up into each of their lives. Her search for a solution on how to save them tightly follows the story. 

The series got canceled in 2001 because it did not follow the original manga story. However, since then, the original author has finished the manga series and additional two seasons have been announced to air.  After 10 years of fans demanding a conclusion to the series, we might just get one – we’ll just have to wait it out and see. 

4. Future Diary

Twelve were given various diaries that could somehow see the future. All this is influenced by the characteristics of the characters, the focus of their observability, and their personality as a whole. The trick is that they have to finish each other in order to win the reward: to take the place of the god who wants to retreat. The help they receive, the diary, will not only be a weapon in their hands, but will also become their greatest weakness. After all, they are intertwined with the lives of the contestants, so the destruction of one entails the destruction of the other.

The audience is left with a cliffhanger when in the last scene the Future Diary reports something “weird”. 

5. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

The venue for the adventure is Daten City, the seemingly ordinary modern big city, where, however, something is very wrong. Ghosts are rampant and bitter the life of the population. Fortunately, however, they are not left defenseless, as the monsters are fought by two “fallen” angels, Panty and Stocking. The two of them live in a church on the outskirts of town in the company of Father Garterbelt and a strange dog, Chuck. The two angels, of course, did not come to Earth by accident, they were kicked out. 

Oddly enough, theis anime series produced a manga series that also produced only one volume. A second season of the anime was fan made, so fans are still waiting for a proper ending. 

5 thoughts

  1. The Devil is a Part-Timer was always very high on my list. My wish was granted, and I’m very happy. Besides that, I would say No Game No Life should really get another. I also think Haruhi Suzumiya is pretty likely at some point.

  2. I would love to see a sequel of Panty and Stocking, especially since there is so little other media of it to enjoy.

    When it comes to Baccano, I am a bit on the fence! Anime is often a promotional tool to get people to buy the manga/light novel, so making a sequel may hurt the original artist, I think in this form of story telling I am actually content with a single time period being represented. Take Promised Neverland as an example, a second season really ruined that for me.

    Future Diary to me got an okay ending trough the added OVA and I kinda like open ended endings, it gives the fanbase something to speculate about.. what happened next, we can make fan theories and like Panty and Stockings fan seasons.. I think it creates a more lively fanbase, than having a “and they lived happily ever after” ending.

    I’d personally love to see more No Game, No Life because I think with it’s trippy visuals and colours it really beat out the manga for me, the more dynamic and visual story telling sold the games a lot more for me as well, not the take it took on in the movie either but the series take.

  3. The Fruits Basket finale has started airing this season. Granted it’s not a sequel to the 2001 show, but to the recent reboot, but we’re getting the story finished (and as far as I know that was pretty much a given when the reboot started; similar to what they’re doing with this season’t Shaman King reboot).

    I’d totally watch a Baccano sequel.

  4. No matter how good an anime is, sequels can only happen if the merchandise sold based from the series made a sizeable profit. Anime is like any other business after all.

  5. Baccano! Yes! That series needed more seasons. It’s still one of my favorite anime series to date.

    I’d also say Slayers deserves more seasons. There’s so many adventures Lina Inverse and her friends can still go on, and I love the Slayers world lore. So disappointed we haven’t gotten more of it.

    Honerable Mention: Umineko no Naku Koro ni. When They Cry gets a reboot and don’t even finish this series? Ouch! Look, we all know how When They Cry ends, lets move on to this one.

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