Discovering what weird and twisted search terms have led to my blog never fails to thrill me. As such, it has become something of a tradition each year, for me to look back on what twisted path people took to discover this blog.

If you’re interested in past results here are 2017 and 2018.

Unfortunately, WordPress provides rather limited information when it comes to search terms and the bulk remain unspecified, but I still got some gems along the way which I will now share with you.

Once again, for your perusing pleasure, I have tried to group these in general categories. I’ve also skipped all the searches for specific episodes as there are tons and it’s not that interesting.

anime welcome


(searches that should not have lead to my site…)

Holding breath Rini


My highest singular search term in 2019 and I still do not know how it leads to my site. I have zero adds and I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned the retailer and yet here we are. I also know that a lot of other bloggers get amazon hits and I find this fascinating!

anime sexualization bad

I disagree and I doubt you will find a post on my site to support that thesis.

hisoka naked

pffth I wish you could find this on my blog… I mean, whaaa? Whooo?

ГолыЙ   хисока 

Yes – that is literally “naked hisoka” in Russian… I’m making a reputation for myself and I have no clue how.

anime daddies

hmmmm, I mean o.k…..

kimetsu no yaiba zenitsu closed eyes

I mean sure I reviewed the show and I also talked about the closed eyes trope but those are two completely separate posts. I wonder how they got mixed into one…

anime cat ears

was I on the millionth page of google results? This is a dedicated anime cat ears fan!

Dragon Maid Tohru pajamas

I reviewed the show but I have no idea how this search could have lead to my blog. I do have an idea for a future gallery now though.

Best anime seductress

Ok – I need to write this list! Thank you random searcher, you were just too early for your time!

Anime girl bookstore

Honestly, how did this lead to my blog?

Anime gadget at work

I’m actually kind of sad this led to my blog as I would love to read an article about anime gadgets at work and I don’t have one on this site.

aui in morose mononokean info

Oh these poor person was sorely disappointed.

Dororo review

Don’t have one. Never saw the show. Never even mentioned it…

Izumiko suzuhara is annoying

I love this… Probably the most passionat response Red Data Girl ever got.

Tanjiro cool

You know what, Tanjiro is cool!

soichiro yagami

nope – never posted on him. Never even reviewed Death Note.

What anime represents me

Really how did this get you here?

Highschool DxD intermission slides

If you say so. Never watched the show

White hair anime 2019

The scary thing is, I have a post scheduled about this exact subject two days from when I am writing this…. Spooky


(I’m not sure why these searches exist)

Confused Rini

classroom computer anime

I wonder if this led to my Assassination Classroom posts. In any case, I really don’t know what they were searching for.

anime tears of frustration

I hope this was an image search. Otherwise I’m a little worried.

anime boys with pigtails

I mean I know exactly why this search lead to my site but I’m still a little surprised by how many people were doing this precise search in 2019!

record of grancrest war wtf ep 10

It’s the inclusion of  “wtf” that brings this search to a whole new level and almost makes me want to rewatch episode 10 of Grancrest!

Social experiments lain lain

I love this search. I’m not sure is it’s about Serial Experiments Lain or something completely different and it certainly has nothing to do with my blog but I’m happy for it.

Animegataris miko and kai get together

Wait do they? For reals?

Anime girl thinking face

The image searches are always fun to read

Nose bleed anime

I’m going to assume they mean the trope and there isn’t an actual anime dedicated to nose bleeds out there

Breakfast in bed anime

Again I wonder if this anime exists. But I do think there’s a post there somewhere. Just don’t know what it is.

Top anime broken heart

I know which post this is but when you say it that way, it sounds so sad…

What episode is blessed rain after drought

I don’t know, it sounds really great though. Can you tell me when you find out?

Zenitsu anime

No one calls it that!

Black and white cinematic language

That sounds like a post request to me!

What aspects elicited responses from dead man walking

Ok – you got lost somewhere. No worries, just step right back onto google and you will be back to something familiar.

Redhead anime pitcher

Ummm. I want to watch this. Is it Ace of Diamond? Don’t remember a redhead…

Red shoes anime episode

I’m baffled and intrigued

Scared anime

This feels personal somehow

Aka manto legend


Anime give birth

This search makes me uncomfortable

Metaphor on anime

There are so many ways this search could go. I couldn’t figure out how it came to me.


Why? She’s great!

Is senku really dead?

Wait WHAAAAA – no…wait…

Anime orphans are raised to be eaten

This could apply to any show really

What do yokai eat

These are all such great post ideas!

Mysteriously sunny

Mysterious indeed


(searches that seem a little mean…)

angry Rini

fat anime girl

I mean I know I shouldn’t care what people on the internet think of me but still…

fat anime

I’m seeing a trend here and I don’t love it…

lolicon drunk

I must be on some super fun watchlists by now….

Anime girl fat

Hey – I thought we went over this already!

Chubby anime girl

Well there’s some progress

Scary anime boy

Now this is getting out of controll

Disillusioned anime girl

Ok, I’ll give you that one


(searches that made me happy)

Laughing Rini

i drink and watch anime – I drink and watch anime wordpress – drunken anime blog

Can you believe that this is the first year people started to search for my blog by name. Admittedly, it might all just be me… Still this makes me uber happy. I’m finally making a name for myself!

ocd anime characters – ocd anime – japan anime characters with ocd – anime character with ocd – anime ocd – anime characters with ocd – ocd in anime

I made a top 5 of these. I’ve tried to speak a few times about obsessive compulsive disorder with limited success but it’s a subject that is unexpectedly dear to me and I’m glad this post is still getting some traction. Considering the amounts of different searches, it seems there is some interest out there

utena drinking game

I still do drinking games for every show I watch. It’s a labour of love. You have no idea how excited I am someone actually found my site looking for one of these. And Utena is a fantastic show. I hope they rewatch it sober cause it gets subtle. You need to pay attention.

nudist anime – nudists in anime – anime with nudist – anime nudist

I didn’t know what category to put this in so I decided to be happy about it! Lets face it – it goes in the sexy stuff section.

another mikami

This is one of my character studies, and one I enjoyed writing. My character studies were always rather difficult but rewarding to write and generally ignored by my readers. That’s why it’s always a little special if someone manages to find my blog through one of these posts.

eden ikemen affection

Abracadabra games reached out to me for this post and it was one of my most exciting blog moments ever. It’s amazing that it even translated to some views!

hunter x hunter drinking game

I love hunter x hunter. In fact, I love it so much that where most shows have one drinking game, I made 30 different ones for hunter x hunter. I wish I knew which one they fell on!

drunken life dreamy death

one of my favourite Japanese expression from one of my favourite posts 

natsume’s book of friends worth watching

YES, yes it is! If you take only one thing from my blog, it should be this: I believe Natsume’s Book of Friends is worth watching!

anime drunks

This could have gone in the HEY section but you know what, I’m just glad I got some brand recognition!

Natoto Shirogane – Shigaraki Tomura – yoko littner – Madam Red’s story in black butler

For the same reason as mikami. I loved writing these character studies and I’m psyched someone saw them, maybe even read a bit.

Daily lives of high school boys drinking game

Oh wow, second drinking game and unlike Utena, you can thoroughly enjoy Daily lives a little buzzed!

My Hero Academia drinking game – Saga of Tanya the Evil drinking game – Kakuriyo bed and breakfast drinking game – lain drinking game

OK, I got excited too soon. I guess way more people than I thought are looking for anime drinking games. This is pretty sweet

Magic Kyun Renaissance

This is the only simple anime search I’m including because someone actually searched for Magic Kyun and found my fever dream of a post. Amazing!

Anime characters drinking


Velet’s survivor’s guilt tales of berseria

Really, someone else not only saw it but searched for it. You are welcomed here kindered spirit.

How educational is Cells at Work

Surprisingly educational!

Japanese idiom in anime

Again, I love this post!

Hellsing dating sim

Yes pretty please!

Plot-driven, character-driven – what is the difference between plot and characterization

I’m always so proud when smart sounding searches lead to my blog. I do feel a little sorry for the readers though.

Anime drink

Well if you insist!

Natsume’s book of friends anime

I have finally made it! One of my long term goals has always been to some up in searches for Natsume’s Book of Friends!

Girlfriend likes catboys

Tell your girlfriend to come see me sometimes, we have a lot to discuss!

Can you put furin bells outside

Not in Canada sadly. Only in the summertime.

Anime drinking game for people ho don’t watch anime

That is next level – I need to make one


(searches I was expecting)

Megane Rini

shuusei kagarikagari psycho passpsucho pass kagarishusei kagari *spoiler* – psycho pass what happened to kagari –  psycho pass shuuseishusei kagarikagari psycho pass *spoiler* – shuusei kagari *spoiler* – psycho pass kagari *spoiler* – kagari shuusei not *spoiler* – does shusei *spoiler* in psycho pass

My very first character study remains on of my biggest hits and this makes me very happy. I love Kagari and the fact that people are still searching for info on this character makes me happy.

black butler problematic

I had a lot of these types of searches last year as well and I don’t know why. Sure, I’ve reviewed both seasons and Book of Circus but that’s about it. It’s not a show with a huge presence on my site and I certainly don’t find it particularly problematic. Hilarious yes, troubling, not so much.

zettai ryouiki – grade S zettai ryouiki – zettai ryouiki grade s – zettai ryouiki in anime

After my kagari post, this one is possibly the one that draws the most traffic to my site. I’m going to get a reputation for spending way too much time contemplating young ladies’ thigh highs and thinking Black Butler is problematic.. Only one of these is true!


(sexy searches)

Drooling Rini

record of grancrest war sex scene

yup there was one. I think I mention it. It was completely censored and rather unpleasant. I took no screencaps.

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan hentai

Sorry to disappoint you but it’s really not.

Ruri kawaii anime dr stone

Awwww – this is actually sweet!

Hikano note ecchi

Yes it was!

Sexy shows like rinshi!! Ekoda chan

I liked Rinshi!! But do any of you actually consider it “sexy”? for reals?

Yandere shuichi saihara x reader

Hasn’t Suichi gone through enough?

Non nude anime character

Never nudes need love too.

Sexy yoko littner nsfw 18+ reddit

Think they were happy to find my feminist post on the character?

Haganai ecchi

Not really. Has some fanservice but generally pretty innocent.

Shuichi x reader

Ok what is this trend?

Yaoi hard gif

It occurs to me that my blog could be a lot more exciting than it is

Record of grancrest war nide scenes

The typo isn’t mine for once and it makes this search so much better.

Anime shy girl hiding

Let’s face it, it’s a sexy thing

Bludgeoning angel dokuro chan nude

This may be the only search in this category that panned out!

Anime girl extreme nosebleed

I don’t even want to know (I bet it’s Charlotte though)

Show me your I show you mine hentai

I bet this exists – not on my blog though

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine videos – also incest….

Ok it definitely exists…

Nudist female anime characters

Why they gotta be ladies?

Hentai office

Sounds unsanitary

Anime haruhi bikini

That one pic has probably driven more traffic to my site than anything else

Comparing and sexualizing women as animals is wrong

I mean – you got a point but cat girls are also cute…so…

Vacuum anime

I’m just going to assume…

Despite how it might seem, the search for more *adult* stuff has gone down quite a bit which isn’t bad. My blog doesn’t really have anything to offer in that regard. On the other hand, I’m sad that my random almost nonsensical searches also have almost disappeared.

I got a lot more logical and clearly targeted searches this year which is a good thing for both my blog and potential readers but a lot less fun. Still a few of those were pretty great and I always have a lot of fun combing through my search terms. I hope you did too!

Do you have a favourite search term that led to your blog?

Special Occasion Rini

23 thoughts

  1. Two examples for me is;
    – where to touch a girl
    – depressed anime hoodie
    Lol. I might be stealing some of these search terms by the way

  2. A quote from the Magic-kyun Renaissance post: ‘Maybe I should change the name of my blog to “I watch bad anime so you don’t have to”.’ I thought that was my job…(partially kidding)

    On a more serious note, my favourite 2019 search terms are “how to make the demon slayer corps uniform” (it would be cool to know how to make one, but I can’t make cosplay outfits even if you paid me to), “inosuke porn” (sorry, I don’t have any!), “create cgdct manga” (I don’t think I would ever create a CGDCT manga) and “what does sarazanmai mean” (your guess is as good as mine – I tried to explain it at one point, but knowing Ikuhara, it could mean everything or nothing I said).

    On the bright side I did get “what does sukima mean irumakun”, which I did address at one point (it means something along the line of “stopgap” – in other words, it’s a segment used to fill a few minutes of runtime) and “kimetsu memes” (I made a “Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls” meme for Inosuke…I wonder if someone got a kick out of it).

  3. The variety and amount of search terms leading to your blog amaze me. It’s like you already have access to the minds of a lot of people. 😂

      1. Back when I had websites I had one travel articles site. I put up ONE article (among about a hundred as I recall) about Nude Beaches and it got 90% of the traffic. For a laugh, I also put it on one of my sex blogs and yeah, it still out did blatant sex articles and stories so yeah, I guess it’s a real thing. Even my art website used to get a lot of “nudes” searches (then again, I do draw nudes so…)

  4. You did have a post enquiring into whether cat ears make people cuter.

    A lot of the search terms could maybe hit the comment section, where tangents exist? I don’t know how that works.

    The drinking game serarches come marching in. What took them so long?

  5. I haven’t looked recently but 2019 has had some interesting search terms find my blog. Will have to look soon.

  6. Mine all make sense, 98 unknown search terms though.

    Most are about Ash and Alola.
    Chibi Sith would be my favorite one.

    Its surprising how often you show up in picturee searches though and how often they have nothing to do with the emote I am looking for. A lot of character art from my all fictions collide rp do lead me to you, but also sometimed images for my blog. I rarely click them cause I don’t wanna steal your images but they are there.

    Now to grow and get search weird search results, I should make a post about fat anime girls. Apparantly its popular stuff

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