Guys, I Found Something!

Have you guys heard about this yet? There’s a new project going around the aniblogging community. Bloket-chan has created this neat project to get us all to learn a little about each other. “Interview project. Our main project is an interview project, in which fans of anime and/or other Japanese cultures can share their story as well more

A Question of Semantics

Anyone who’s spent any time trying to review, analyse, editorialize a subject, or really just talk to another human being, has a one point run up against the difficulty of making themselves understood. Communicating one’s thoughts clearly is a monumental undertaking at the best of times but difficulties get compounded when you must do so more

Quick Announcement Post and Party Invite!

Hey guys, I know, I know…I’ve already published a post today. But I just needed to pup in real quick to tell you all about Arthifis’ Anime Blogging Party! This is an awesome idea and one that really deserves your attention so please go read all about it: HERE! I will admit I’m a little Facebook illiterate more