Is it just me or does time seem to be moving exponentially faster lately? Where exactly did May go? Didn’t I just write a blog discovery post last week or something?

Tell me guys are you enjoying these posts? Wow, this has really started like an interrogation, hasn’t it? I just can’t stop!!! Let’s take it from the top and try to be a little less inquisitive. It’s almost June, which is almost summer. I bet you want some great new blogs to keep you entertained during your summer vacation and I have you covered.

Admittedly, I’m not as generous with the new blogs this month because May decided to vanish on me but it’s not all about quantity. And these are some lovely blogs you’re sure to enjoy.


KJ The Author

Sit down for this one folks, you may not believe it but KJ is… an author! I discovered the blog through the series of posts analyzing the Promised Neverland that KY published through May. Like many people, I was captivated by the series last season and just couldn’t get enough. Some great analytical posts really hit the spot.

But beyond that, KJ also offers up a rich world of fiction. The blog also serves to advertise the book the Sleeping Village. If you don’t tell anyone how you got there, you can read the first chapter here. There are stories, lore and posts all there to entertain you. I hope we hear more from KJ soon.

Sophies Final Major Project

Sophie is studying film animation and media production. I’m really jealous. I bet it’s fascinating. And as part of her course work, she’s keeping a blog where she analyzes animation works and studios, academically.

Sadly it’s not practical for me to go back to school and study animation right now but at least I can do so vicariously through Sophie. I hope she gets a good grade.  I’m rooting for you, Sophie!

Before The Clock Strikes 12

Before The Clock Strikes 12

Guys, sometimes I am kind of slow. Kojo had to actually mention their own Hozoki post before I realized they had an anime blog. I am very glad they did, I was missing out. Before the Clock Strikes 12 isn’t strictly dedicated to anime and manga, you’ll also find posts on music and gaming t keep you entertained.

However, it’s the Thoughts from a Balcony and the entire Mental Health Journey series that really drew me in. I admire bloggers that can be so open. I know very little about depression but my heart goes out to anyone that has to deal with it.

No Rez, No Life

First of all, this blog is called No Rez, No Life. I mean already that’s off to a good start. Second, Gigi is doing a series on Dere types called Dere To Believe. This is what we call mad naming skills. It’s also something I definitely do not have!

So why should you follow this blog? Better question, why aren’t you following this blog? Gigi brings you all sorts of posts on living the anime life with a great sense of humour and equally great insights. What are you waiting for?


Anime Rants

I discovered Anime Rants smack dab on the 1st of May and I have been impatiently waiting to share this blog with the rest of you. Maybe I waited a little too long as I’m sure a lot of you have discovered it already.

Full disclosure 7mononoke have similar tastes and often wish I had written the posts found on Anime Rants. They are quite good. From what of the readers that comment on this blog, I think you will like this blog too. It’s definitely worth your time.

Like I said, this month is a little leaner in the blog recommendation side of things but I do believe I found some winners. I have enjoyed these blogs and I honestly, believe you might as well. If you do, please let me know in the comments.

I’m going to work a bit harder on my discovery skills in June. However, if you have stumbled upon any great anime bogs you would like to recommend, please let me know. It’s always a treat to find a great writer who loves anime.

In the meantime, I have some blogs to read!


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  1. Thank you so much for this! I was not expecting something like this. It really blows me away that you like my blog enough to recommend it to other people. I am truly thankful! I love your passion for anime and your recommendations. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Just to answer your question I do enjoy seeing this post each month! Part of the community aspect I love is finding new people to support and read!

  3. I feel like so many people create anime blogs on blogger but they quit so fast because there isnt a community of bloggers on blogger to support each other and keep up the motivation like there is here on wordpress.
    Great post Irina and yes I knew about Anime Rant Before. The site is in a bunch of “best blog” lists….

    1. Wow that’s amazing for a site that’s only existed a bit over two months! But I can see why – it’s really fun to read!

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