Is it spring where you are? It’s just barely starting here. Spring isn’t exactly lovely in Montreal. It’s grey and dirty. Occasionally it’s a bit snowy as well. But Montrealers are odd creatures. In fall, they get their huge winter coats out as soon as it dips below freezing, in spring it can be -10C (which is apparently 14F) and they are out n shorts and t-shirts, having dinner on terraces.

So even though the weather may not know it yet, we have decided it was the start of summer and there’s nothing anyone can do to talk us out of it. Not even an ice storm! I’m not darin anyone or anything.

As such, it’s the perfect time to get some nice fresh new blogs to read, wouldn’t you say? You only need to ask! Here we go with this month’s blog discovery. A nice mix to help you shake off the last of those winter lues. Unless you’re somewhere where winter is starting. In which case these guys will help you through the winter blues? It al works!

Zero Star Cosmos



You know, I collect these throughout the month and occasionally there will be bloggers that disappear before I manage to get my post tother. I usually just keep an eye out and see if they come back to include them in a future discovery. However, I really like the spring preview Zero Star Cosmos put together and although they haven’t posted since, I hope they do so again.

It seems to be a pattern as the previous post was a winter anime preview that was equally as thought out and detailed. In any case, I think it’s worth a follow just to see what they have to say about next season.


Might as well be a blogger, right Shieboko?

Another brand new blog with only a few post under their belt but I just couldn’t resist. For one those two posts are about Milky Holmes and no one ever write about that anime and the other is a fun ride through the isekai genre. Both unusual posts and not the type of material I see just anywhere.

And for two! Is that how the expression goes? You have to love that Blog name. It’s just great. I hope they keep being a blogger.


Anime as a cup of tea



I happen to believe that the Mystic Archives of Dantalian is a highly underrated anime. There, I said it! A season two will most likely never be made and that’s two bad. Some of you will know why I’m going on about this.

For the rest, you should know that Anime as a cup of tea does full series reviews of both recent and classic shows peppered with a fun mix a various articles and fun lists. Much lie Dantalian, this blog deserves a lot more recognition than it has and you should give it a read.


Peri’s Anime Ramblings



Peri doesn’t ramble too often but when they do, it’s always interesting. Analytical posts and musings on subjects we don’t cover all that often share the stage with seasonal reactions. A great mix of content when you are in the mood for something very anime centric but just a little different.

Also Peri will not drown your reader feed with non stop posts. We’re talking quality over quantity here which is usually a good sign.


Lines on the page



I originally picked up on this blog because not that many people seem to be doing Bungo Stray Dogs reviews this season and it was great to see someone else following the show. Mallow already mentioned the blog not that long ago, so you might already be familiar it, nevertheless, I wanted to include it on this list for the few of you who may still be missing out.

my thoughts



Admittedly so far the thoughts in question are only on Tokyo Ghoul. More specifically a Compare and Contrast essay on The Tragedy of Ken Kaneki. Does that sound cool t you, cause it’s really cool. Yes of course you should go read it but we should also encourage more thoughts. Maybe with a follow?

Austin admits to getting easily distracted so we’re gonna have to do something to get his attention.




Kamie’s blog isn’t anime exclusive but there is plenty of anime if that’s what you’re looking for. Anime that I have never heard of before, which is happening slightly less often these days!

Kamie’s fresh and optimistic tone is a pleasant break in a tough work week. Because tough and cynical s fine bu once in a while, you want to feel like you’re chatting with a sweet friend about some super obscure show!


N. J. McKay

N.J. McKay describes herself as an Author, Book Lover and Fangirl, which is a pretty apt description of this blog itself. It’s a mix of book and anime reviews as well as some more personal essays all written by someone who obviously knows how to write. And write well.

You have to be careful with this blog as N.J. writes with such passion and tangible feeling that you’ll end up just adding on yet again to your never ending entertainment list. Ahhh, such sweet problems.


Cinema Anime



Cinema Anime is a multi blogger site which is smart. Honestly, it’s something I’ve been thinking about joining for a while now. The format is just perfect for getting a variety of voices and opinions to the reader and providing just a more balanced blog altogether. It also allows the blog to keep up a rigorous schedule without it weighing to much on any single blogger.

In this case, cinema anime is a collaborative student project that combines anime reviews and analysis with more general essays on fan culture. Reading through the posts is like getting a sneak peak into a little community you would otherwise not necessarily encounter, and it’s great.

This has been a great month for discoveries. I’ve been around long enough to know that blogs need a little time to settle and unfortunately, those first months can really make or break a new blog. (I also find the the 1.5 year mark is a bit of a rough spot for a lot of logs but I’m not sure why.)

As always, I hope you find someone you enjoy reading and that they keep on posting. These small virtual connections may not seem like much but they are precious in their own way.

I hope you are all having a great spring (or fall?) and let’s see who we can discover next month!anime-wave-gif

22 thoughts

  1. Hi Irina! Wow I’m surprised that you would recommend me. I have never thought I would appear in anyone’s list. Thanks for checking me out and mentioning me in this post. Hope you have a great day! 😊

    1. My pleasure. I’m sure you’ll appear in a lot more lists in te future. I hope you have a great day too.

  2. Seriously, no wonder the views are boosted while I was away. Thanks for the recommendation, I really appreciate it!

    Irina, I officially announce you as the best gal of this season. *ahem* Anyway, I’ll check out the other recommend blogger as well, seems interesting. Again, thanks!

    1. Your great blog would have gotten the readers either way. I’m just helping people find some great reads!

      Keep up the great work!

  3. Thank you for featuring our blog, Cinema Anime! It’s a really great group to work with.

  4. I’d always be willing to do a joint blog project with fellow bloggers. I think that diversity of opinion is always welcome, especially if you fall on opposite sides of an argument.

      1. I swear I’m like the guy in Say Anything: just holding up my boombox waiting for the day someone asks me to collab with them. One day.

        I like how the WordPress bloggers all seem to get along and enjoy each other’s work, with little to no egos involved. We need more of that in fandom.

        1. Collabs are fun but also hard work. If you wanna do one with me next season we could pick a show

          1. Oh, you want to join me down the rabbit hole that will probably be “Do you love your Mom and her Two-hit Multi Target attacks?”

  5. Totally agree on the multi-blogger format. I tried to convince some of my author friends that it would be a great way to keep content coming out without a massive workload.

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