I love Halloween. It’s so fun and silly. I will also take any excuse to dress up! I like the themes and the idea and just how joyful people are when they get into the spirit of things. If there’s one holiday I really want to celebrate, it’s Halloween.

Except, I’m a total and complete coward. No, really am. If I spend the evening watching scary anime, I’m going to spend the next few nights not sleeping. I’ve been reviewing horror anime all through October. I’m exhausted!!!

So I figured what people like me really need is a list of shows that are still somewhat related to the spirit of Halloween. You know, shows with monsters or ghouls, but that aren’t completely terrifying.

Here are my Top 5 picks for Halloween Anime that won’t keep you up at nights (except if you want to watch just one more episode!)

Fruits Basket

This is my least on theme pick but it does have to do with ancient curses, rampant supernatural events and the terrifying prospect of having to live up to constant and burdensome family expectations. Brrrr, I got chills just writing that!

Sure, by strict definition Fruits Baskets does follow a family of shapeshifting individuals full of problems and angst but you are much more likely to worry about whether your favourite couple will end up together than whether you’ll be murdered tonight! It’s a bit like Twilight I guess (I have not read or seen Twilight but its reputation is unavoidable). Even sight unseen, I’m just going to assume Fruits Baskets is better though!

Nanana’s Buried Treasure

All the events of Nanana’s Buried Treasure are caused by the gruesome murder of the titular character. At least, Nanana’s tortured ghost, bound to haunt the place of her murder forever, doesn’t seem all that bothered by it!

Nanana’s Buried Treasure is part adventure, kind of like a Japanese school-themed Indiana Jones and part harem but with murderers and ghosts and a collection of powerful magical objects. And yeah, I wouldn’t want to get on Nanana’s bad side but since she mostly wants to play video games and eat pudding, I think I can easily avoid it!

Inu x Boku

I’m still a little miffed it took me so long to discover this show. A house full of legendary Yokai (Japanese Monsters) all brought together for a common cause and against a common enemy! Now that’s some great Halloween watchin’

The crossover between some of the most famous Yokai in history makes it a bit like watching those old Frankenstein, Dracula vs the Wolfman crossovers! In practice, like I mentioned in my review, the show is structured mostly like a light slice of life with a bit of romance thrown in. So like if Frankenstein had a crush on the Wolfman and Dracula kept spouting silly one-liners. OK, I want to watch the movie I just made up and also rewatch Inu X Boku.

The Devil is a Part Timer

A modern classic this one. I actually really like religious themes and a lot of horror classics are full of them. If the Exorcist has thought us anything, it’s that the devil is terrifying!

And sometimes the Devil needs a bit of disposable income. You know for rent and stuff. When you’re the Lord of Hell and embodiment of evil, you need to maintain a certain standard of living. It’s tough out there for a demon. Everyone’s gotta grind!

Fortunately, even without past work experience or references, you can still find a job. Provided you start from the bottom. Something in the service industry for instance!

I assume this show is terrifying for anyone that has ever worked in a fast-food chain, but since I haven’t, it’s all good!

Hon. mention: Monster Musume

A much more direct harem of monsters or more specifically monster girls. It certainly fits the bill but depending on your take and views on certain things, you may actually find this one a bit frightening. Then again, it could end up being your new all-time favourite!

Natsume’s Book of Friends

If I can somehow justify putting Natsume’s Book of Friends in a list, I will put Natsume’s Book of Friends in that list. And preferably on top of it. And I think Natsume may in fact be the best fit for this list.

Natsume is absolutely filled with Yokai in every corner. And some of them are in fact rather scary and malevolent. However, that’s simply not what matters. It’s not what the show is concerned with. Besides, Yokai rarely bother average humans so you and I are safe!

Natsume’s Book of Friends could scare you. It is a meditation on loneliness and loss. But it could also fill you with happiness. After all, loneliness and loss don’t have to be bad things and neither lasts forever.

The fact is, Natsume’s Book of Friends is a fantastic show and if Halloween is your excuse t start watching it, then you’re about to discover something amazing. I do hope you tell us all about it.

How did I do? I’m going to pretend that you just said “amazing”! Thank you, you’re way too kind. It was just a silly list. You’re giving me too much credit!

So tell me, do you have a series you could recommend for Halloween to someone who is afraid of just about everything? Oh, I know, can’t believe I forgot it! How to Keep A Mummy. Ok, that’s also number 2. How to Keep A Mummy is adorable!!!!!

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  1. Brilliant idea for a perfect list! Fruits Basket and Natsume are perfect examples! May I suggest the Morose Mononokean? Lots of yokai, some scary, some endearing and a bit of a sinister subplot but noting too horrible. And I think maybe XXXholic might qualify. There’s nothing really horrific about it, besides some cautionary tales 😉

    1. Morose Mononkean is a great pick! I hope it gets another season. I was actually a bit freaked out by XXXholic. Maybe it’s just me but there’s always something unsettling under Clamp works. Even CCS

  2. Nice list! Blood Lad is something I might add myself.. it isn’t really spooky but it has a lot of monsters and ghosts as well! So I think that works! I really love scary stuff though!

  3. Interesting idea for a list! Have to admit I lol’ed a bit at Natsume, but it does seem to fit your theme. Anyway, this was fun to read. The only show I could maybe think to add to your picks is Flying Witch.

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