Time sure files. I’ve only been doing this since January yet for two months in a row now, the end of the month catches up with me and I suddenly realize it’s discovery time!!!!

I don’t know about you but as I am still stuck in the winter that will never end, I sure could use a few good blogs to bring some nice sunshine to my life. Isn’t it great when you actually find someone who writes in a way you can connect to? It’s just a little thing but it fils in the gaps in your day, makes you feel a little closer to the world at large.

For me, a post that can make me laugh will ring up my mood just a little bit for the rest of the day. Or at last, hour. That’s always worth the detour. Ok, ok, I’ll stop blabbing now. On to the main event, here are a few great blogs I came across this month!


Dre’quor’s Anime Blog



I found this brand new blog through my weekly episode round up. For some reason I’m glitching and I have to refollow each week. I hope you guys don’t run into that. Anyways, while most people are giving up on their episodic reviews, Dre’quor is starting a brand new blog!

These are short and to the point episode recaps of some of the more popular showsin recent years. Granted, as a fresh new blog, you never know which direction it’s going to take but I think we should keep an eye out!





Matt has thoughts! and a lot of them happen to be on anime! Lucky for us, Matt isn’t shy about sharing them. He doesn’t pull any punches and ends up with hilarious and direct posts that will tell you all you need to know.

I admire Matt’s mastery of cursing. It’s just perfect. This is how you can drop a few bad words to spice up your text and really bring your point across without overshadowing what you’re trying to say. It’s like talking to a cool friend I wish I was like.


The Blog Of A Kami That’s An Otaku



This Kami and Otaku sure is hard working. With a constant stream of high quality posts only very rarely interrupted and always with an apology. It seems that Kami sure likes the Monogatori series, which I know for a fact puts them is some pretty good company.

For myself, I was won over by a great insight on one of my favourite anime series and how i stacks up to the manga. Want to know which series I’m talkin about? You’ll have to follow that link. Just saying. That the only way! And maybe you’ll end up following a new blog!



There is a lot going on in Animania404. A lot. Merchandise, shopping deals, video game reviews and recaps, cosplay, gifs and of course loads of anime! It’s a one spot blog from “Just Your Average Anime Watcher”… I think not

Just recently this average anime watcher published a list of comedy anime recommendations and you can bet I was all over that. It ended on my beloved KonoSuba so I’ve got to assume this blogger is a genius!


Down the Otaku Rabbit Hole



First let’s all take a minute to appreciate that logo! That’s some sweet branding right there! Second, let’s applaud and marvel at someone other than me that remembers and appreciates Shadow Hearts! I still have anxiety dreams about that judgement ring. And those cards! I spent as much time on in game CCG as on the game proper… Huh, seems I feel down the titular rabbit hole.

Lop Lop promises to bring us anime, manga and gaming reviews and so far they deliver with gusto. An exciting new blog (to me) that I can’t wait to enjoy more!

 I know I now, these are fewer blogs than I usually have for you but that’s just how discoveries go sometimes. Besides, I’m all about quality not quantity. O.K. so I’m not technically all about quality, but these other blogs are!

So give them a ry. You might discover something as well! As always, i you have any blog recommendations for me, you should tell me about it right now! Stop what you’re doing, wait that reading my blog… Finish what you’re doing then tell me all about it. GO!


4 thoughts

  1. That banner on the comedy post from Animania404 is awesome.

    Also, you have to respect Shadowhearts: Covenant for going off the band end of the previous game. All three games in the series have their own feel, with the first having my favourite atmosphere, but I prefer the cast of the Covenant, and that game is massive. The third game was all-round forgettable, for me.

    (Ni no Kuni wouldn’t make it anywhere near a list of my favourites; its story was decent, the gameplay was dull, the world and dungeons were great, though.)

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