I’m going to explain that title, don’t worry.

Have any of you ever watched “Red Dwarf”? It’s an old British Sci Fi comedy series I used to be absolutely crazy about. Not sure why I put that in the past tense. Still love it and still quote it regularly. It seems I tend to stick with the entertainment I enjoy…

Red Dwarf
I’ve forced so many people to watch this show…

In any case, Red Dwarf had this episode where it introduced the concept of positive viruses (like luck for instance was simply something you could catch…) And one of those positive viruses was “reverse flu”. The symptoms were waking up in the morning and feeling absolutely great for no particular reason. Just fresh, enthusiastic and full of energy regardless of what is going on in your life.

I think I may have caught a bout lately. Work is still…. let’s say challenging. People at work know of this blog I’m gonna play it safe. And yes I am just praying no one gets ambitious enough to go through my archives… Anyways there’s a lot of it and it’s not always presented in a reasonable or respectful way. Also blue hair is a no go… It was a long shot. I’ll tell you more about the hair situation in another post soon.

I have been tired, dealing with a traditional cold and really there’s just nothing much to write home about. I finished my Christmas shopping on the 23rd. You can imagine how relaxing that was.

Not to mention that I really haven’t had time to dedicate to this blog or anime like I want to. It’s not that I feel obligated to do it but it’s something I enjoy so when I can’t do it, I get a bit bummed about it.

anime a little bummed
just a bit…

And yet I feel great! About everything! I wake up optimistic that today is the day I’m going to clear everything off my professional to do list. Fail, and go home with renewed passion that I’m going to succeed the next day.

I have developed an odd bond with my everlasting cold and have incorporated it as an eccentric personality quirk that better identifies me as a Canadian. I like that. I have been sleeping like a baby and having some really weird and intriguing dreams in the process.

And I feel completely refreshed towards this blog. Sure I wish I could do more. I want to go back to the time where I could scout out new blogs regularly and really take the time to read and enjoy all my fellow bloggers posts. I want to get lunch breaks again so I can have a little break in my day to work on a post and catch up with WordPress. I am going to work very hard to make that happen in 2020. I have good hope that I’ll succeed.

What’s the point of all this you may ask. Although if you are a frequent visitor here you know that points aren’t my forte.

SouseiOn point
I’m working on my pointing

It’s simple really. Sometimes life is great and we just can’t seem to enjoy it. Either little annoyances keep getting in our way or out of the blue we get sidetracked. Maybe no matter what we have we can’t be satisfied because we feel like we’re missing something, a relationship, money, looks…you name it. Heck sometimes everything is perfect and we still get up on the wrong side of the bed. Is that an expression in English? I’m loosing track.

I’m not here to tell you to treasure the good times while they last or appreciate what you have or any of that stuff. Let’s face it I do way too much of that already. Besides, it’s not like people want to be miserable, if they’re all gloomy for no reason it’s probably cause they can’t help it. I say that but I also think happiness is a skill and you get better at it with practice. Sorry, I just couldn’t help to throw one in there.

Today, I want to talk about those time where we have tons of reasons to be grumpy and sour. Where we should be justifiably exhausted and irritated. When we feel left out or put upon or ignored. And for those times, I hope you get my reverse flu.

Ouran host club sick
ooohhhh yeah

I hope you wake up feeling like the greatest person there ever was, like the world is at your heck and call, like today is simultaneously the best day of your life so far and the worst if your life to come. Because reverse viruses are contagious so if enough of us catch them, we might start an epidemic!

I also hope we can all catch some type of virus that will make all anime enjoyable even when we know it’s bad. I think I may have had a weakened version of that for most of my life!

That’s it! That’s all I wanted to say today. Boy this may be one of my silliest posts ever! So there you go. When you go make your New Year’s wishes at your preferred place of worship, I got your back on this one super weird wish! Now go have fun with all your 24h infectious sex appeal….

Drooling Rini


24 thoughts

  1. I have no use for sex appeal can I trade it for the loving everything I see virus? Going to see that new Star Wars today!

    If you ever get tired of your job and want to quit we can always try to make postive virusses with a team of bloggers. Chickensoup, red bull and laughing gas combined in gas form seems like a good placs to start.

    Step 2: Making bacteria that live in that stuff and take on their qualities might be harder, though I guess if we can sell it as a consumable we can make more money so we might skip this step! It will be great!

  2. I’ve never heard of this series, but I wish the reverse flu existed. Although it reminds me of Pokerus from Pokemon — sounds bad but it’s actually good!

  3. Reverse Flu. I love it. I want some! I’d like to have it in a bottle on the shelf, so if I am feeling down, growly and overwhelmed I can have a shot and voila life is awesome again! Wait. OMG. I used to have that. I called it “One Warm Purring Kitty Can Heal Anything”. Hmm. Well I talked myself out of a cat for another couple of years. Perfectly good and sound financial reasons. Being an adult is hard… I know. I’ll read Irina’s blog…

  4. Hell yes, I grew up on British comedies! Red Dwarf, Black Books, Black Adder, Green Wing, Monty Python of course… man, those were the days.

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