Alright, it’s been two episodes now and I feel safe with Noblesse. It is definitely not taking itself too seriously. It does weave in more serious action threads but the bulk of the episode remains just silly fun. And I love it.

I’m not sure what the fate of the anime will be but if the webtoon is this much fun, I’ll pick it up after the season is done. Congratulations webtoon. Your super expensive add campaign worked on me! That makes it worth it, right?

This week, M-21 and Regis continue to be the oddest odd couple ever, to my delight. I know Regis is probably hundreds of years old but the fact that he looks like a precocious 13-year-old trying to roleplay n his daddy’s clothes makes it even more hilarious to have a grown man bickering with him.

On the flip side, Regis is kind of designed like a creepy child of the corn or something. Like an ethereal being of unimaginable power. Which makes it also hilarious that everyone at Frankenstein’s house is just humouring him like he’s a 4-year-old and he hasn’t noticed at all.

And the cherry on that whole scene was of course the implication that Rai’s mind is so empty that there’s really no point in mind-controlling him. You can’t even tell the difference! Man these characters are not developing the way I expected them to and it’s just the best.

We got to see a bit of the military guys this time. Turns out that they’re the Union’s enforcer squad. What were they doing in some worn-torn country? Not really sure. Doesn’t matter that much to me, to be honest.

If you remember I had decided on first look that Tao was going to be my favourite but that in general, these guys would be amusing doofuses as well. I think I may be 1/2 on this one.

Tao does indeed seem like he could be fun and I’m still digging the off the shoulder look. He wasn’t quite as hilarious as I would have hoped but his budding and immediate bromance with Manabu has a lot of potentials. Coupling our good guy straight man with the apparent troll on the villain side just seems like it could go anywhere.

Now I have to mention the running joke that Yu thinks Manabu might be gay. I thought it was a bit clumsy in the school scenes but I do think the episode saved it quite well with three things. First, no one else seems to notice or care what Manabu’s preferences are. Second, the episode actually neither denied nor confirmed his orientation cause it doesn’t really matter. And third, Yu himself got over it pretty quickly:

dude, you might be overreacting a bit there
(5 seconds later) good man, Yu, we’re all proud of your growth!

Those two caps really are literally 5 seconds apart. To my eyes, it simply looked like Manabu simply isn’t thinking about romance at this time. He’s still excited to meet new people and make friends though. It’s a nice subversion. And in retrospect, it makes Yu seem like he was acting crazy last episode trying to play cupid for nothing.

I don’t think I have ever before cheered because a character picked up a wrapper. This is what this show is doing to me. I was actually clapping for Rai silently walking over to throw out a single piece of trash. Impressive!

The last few minutes took on a more serious tone. Barely. M-21 gets accosted and kidnapped by the DA unit. It’s not completely clear what they want with him. He doesn’t seem t have been officially branded a deserter yet but things aren’t looking great.

I have to say this was the best animate fight so far, in my opinion. I like it when characters zoom around like that. And those trailing light lines caused by M-21’s claws are an interesting visual element in action scenes. M-21 is pretty outmatched though but he does manage to save Regis and Seira. Of course, Regis completely misunderstands the situation. I wonder how it will play out.

We did get a quick Frankenstein and Raizel scene after the credits. And can I just ask: whatever even is Rai’s character now? He’s clearly comic relief. Is he the pretty airhead? I think that may be it. And that kind of rules!

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  1. I am really enjoying this – as is the hubby. He is super into vampire anything, but the humor is what really saves this one for me. Not guilty of the taking itself too seriously at all. Anything that makes me literally laugh out loud – well for one thing makes me glad he’s watching with me. Otherwise, you know, he looks at me funny…

  2. I’m happy to come across someone who also loves Noblesse. I felt sad that this series was rated low (at least for now) in MyAnimeList site probably due to all the confusion with the first episode. But personally I love it!

    1. Raitings mean nothing. Most of those were added before the first episode aired. 0 episodes is not enough to get a good feel for a series… I am having a great time with Noblesse and it seems some of my readers are as well so that’s good!

  3. If it isn’t perfectly obvious what is going on to that self-important dunderhead Regis, maybe Seira is a little brighter? If all she’s there for is pretty wallpaper this show has gotten a lot less interesting.

    1. To be fair Regis is a small child. Apparently his character is supposed to be a little kid in all respects.

        1. I think they’re not actually related as directly as it seems. I’m gonna bet she’s a bodyguard/caretaker…

  4. I’m glad they didn’t cut off all these simple moments. I’m happy with the adaptation so far(been better than what I was expecting).

    Sure, do give webtoon a try after finishing anime.

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