You are not going to believe this. I hardly believe it myself. I never thought this day would come. I am currently writing this post reasonably ahead of time like a real responsible blogger.

I also did manage to discover a few new blog this month so everything is just coming up Irina! That’s a super old Simpson’s reference. It’s ok if you don’t get it…

I know summer coming to an end can be a bit of a bummer for some but it was a great summer. I had a lot of fun, I hope you did too. And fall is often my favourite season. I’m looking forward to new anime and cheap left over back to school supplies. I have weird priorities. But finding great blogs, that a fantastic priority!

digital asia

Digital Asia

Digital Asia is more professional than the blogs I usually feature. I still felt compelled to add it in here because I’ve been enjoying their articles lately. They go beyond anime exclusive content to cover Asian cinema at large, both recent and slightly older.

As a cinema buff myself this is the type of blog that really interests me. If any of you were looking for a more journalistic approach to Asian cinema, this may be the blog for you. It has a nice layout and numerous contributors for a variety of regular content updates.



I like a blog name that’s straight to the point and I also like to encourage new bloggers. ANIMES only started up this month so they are brand new to our community. What a perfect moment to go introduce ourselves!

I admit, I get easily confused so I had a bit of trouble navigating the layout but by switching to reader I found some great essays on there, such as : Why do people nowadays like anime?.

tiger anime


I bet most of you already know Tiger. I hope so! Tiger’s awesome. If you don’t you should go over there right now, trust me!

Tiger anime features full series reviews (we’re a dying breed and I for one really appreciate the effort that goes into those!). I can’t really recommend any particular post so instead let me direct you to Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 as I don’t often see bloggers talking about it and I wish they would. It’s offers something unusual.


Can you believe it took me this long to feature Pinkie??? I know I’m slow, and I’m embarrassed. Pinkie is on a leave of absence right now for personal reasons and I think I can speak for everyone who knows pinkie, our hearts go out to her.
For unknown reasons, bloggers from the Netherlands are the best. Australia may also be vying for that spot…
Back on track, Pinkie is THE place for all things pokemon with so many essays and features all related to the huge universe that is Pokémon, you will never want for something to read.
Inskime describes the blog as Brainless reviews & rants on anime that I like to pretend are professional. To witch I say, you my friend do not know what brainless is! Think you can challenge me like that! huh!
I have some major layout envy with this blog. That is in fact the only negative side effects about doing these discovery posts in general. Lot’s of very pretty sites out there that aren’t mine. Le sigh
Insikme recently published their Lettuce Wrap: Summer 2019 Anime where they rated my sensitive boys with guitars as “delicious”. We are best friends now. They don’t know it yet…
free spirit
Karandi actually beat me to the punch on this one and I considered taking the Free Spirit anime off my list as I assume you are now all familiar but I figure, just in case someone missed it, I’d do a quick shout out.
A very active site showing regular progress posts on Rami’s beautiful anime art. For a fanart lover such as myself, this blog is a must. You can even request a character: Everyone Anime you choose I draw – Anime drawing – How awesome is that?
Well this is my August roundup and I’m pretty proud of myself. You should find at least one blog to keep you busy on your way to school!
As always, if you have blogs to suggest I would love to hear about it.
Have a great day,


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  1. Oh no how did this end up in my spam folder. It’s the OPPOSITE of spam. I’m a fan too! We’re lucky to have a great new blogger with us

  2. I like that you take the time to acknowledge and promote new bloggers. I remember back when I showed up in one your posts several months ago and couldn’t believe the spike in traffic. It encouraged me to keep going when I was already pretty iffy on if it was worth my time. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the mention Irina, it means a lot! I’m mentally ugly crying tears of joy rn. Plus, the two sensitive boys were too pure and sweet to not rate them delicious (*≧▽≦)

  4. Thank you for featuring me and these awesome new blogs to follow. I was already planning to write about how nice it is to catch up after having a few days off. When I saw I was featured. Though my leave of absence officially is still going I am making articles again just can’t promise content yet Reading about all these new other bloggers at least made it easier to catch up ! So thank you for the shout out and the nice post!

      1. Giving everything it’s place. The loss was extremely sudden but it looks like this friday we will be able to give him a peaceful goodbye . Making my peace with it ..for now at least.
        Thanks for the support!

  5. Oh my oh my, I cannot thank you enough Irina!! You were my first follower (other than myself) and also the first person I followed. I’m truly lucky to have stumbled upon your blog, it never fails to amuse and inspire me. Hopefully one day I can be worthy enough to return the favour!

    From a truly elated fan of your blog,
    Thank you!♡

  6. You are the awesome here, thanks for writing about my blog, if there anything make me happy it is you people enjoying my art, I will try my best to keep it that way.
    And Irina if there anything you like me to do for you just tell me.
    Thanks again from my heart for that
    With love

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