I love discovering new blogs and when I do, I love sharing them with you. However if there’s one thing I’ve realized is that those first few months are crucial in a blog’s life. (The 18 month mark seems to be real rough too for some reason…) That’s part of the reason I try to make occasional discovery posts. I figure that if new bloggers get a bit of encouragement early on, then they’ll be more likely to stick around.

Sadly that doesn’t always work. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing it. Because I really think a lot of you also enjoy finding a new blogger to follow. In that spirit, I’ve gone over my past discovery posts for the year and kept those blogs that are still updating (i.e. had at least one post in December) and threw a few new ones in for a fantabulous list sure to delight and thrill you! Here they are, described in their own words!

Kitty Rini

Skja cementery.

Were Enzo’s thoughts live and good writing dies.

The goal of AniCourses is to demonstrate how various factors involved in the mediums of anime and visual novels contribute to the audience’s feelings during a scene. I will also be exploring the thematic aspects of their stories and how they relate universally. In doing so, I hope to lead to the spread and prolongation of anime as a whole. It’s to my understanding that intimacy with these specified techniques also lead to a greater appreciation, and therefore enjoyment, of said mediums. Thus, the site itself caters to both the inexperienced, amateur, and accomplished writers and directors.
To start off you can read exactly how anime saved my life here. Then go ahead and check out the rest below!
  1. A Little About Myself: My name is Logan, but on the internet I often go by LuffyLogan or Daehoidar. I’m 28 years old, married to the woman of my dreams, and the father of two beautiful twin boys. Anime is my passion and I love discussing it and writing about it.
  2. A Little About This Blog: I wanted to start an anime blog with something unique to offer, so the focus of my blog leans toward anime culture, how anime helps us become better people and overcome problems, and on the Otaku fan base we all belong to. I want to share my story with readers, and hear other similar stories for inspiration.
  3. A Little About The Future: My goal as a blogger is to put out unique and engaging content and to highlight the effects anime and Otaku culture can have upon our lives. I also have a deeper dream that I need help with- to establish a community of anime lovers that can help and inspire one another, network creatively, and use anime to better lives.


Rekka has no about page or tag line so I’ll tell you about it instead. It’s an upbeat site focusing on comic books and anime for all your colourful entertainment needs!

This is a brand new blog that so far has been about anime and movies and shows a lot of promise. I hope to see more in 2020!
I must somehow make sense of our convoluted situation!
Hey everyone!!

My name is Keni. I am an anime enthusiastic and loves writing about topics relating manga, anime, and video games. Basically things that I love doing, I write about them.

In this website, you will find many of my manga/anime/gaming recommendations, as well as more guides in such related topics. Whether you are new to the anime community or have been watching anime for years, don’t worry, I’ve got you all covered. Let’s all discuss about anime together!!

Puppy Rini

This site mainly focuses on all things ANIME. Not sure if you should watch a certain anime? Can’t seem to find a similar anime to a favourite anime you have in mind? Interested in reading and sharing your thoughts about your favourite anime? Then you’ve come to just the right place (In progress)! I cover anything Anime and if you have any inquiries or requests, do leave a comment!
Hello dear guest, and welcome to our blogging resort Pinkie’s Paradise. This page is currently being reworked, for all your questions about this blog until that time, please refer to our contact page, or leave a comment in one of our new posts. – Since Pinkie is reworking their about page, I’ll fill you in, in the meantime. The gist is: Pinkie is awesoe, you should read Pinkie!
This is my third re-write of this about page and this time I’m going to make it actually about me and not about some weird off-topic fact about myself.

As you all probably know, my main focus for this blog is to talk about and review anime. It’s all in a good day’s fun and as someone who enjoys writing and making (failed attempts) at psychoanalysis and pretending to be smart at literature, I figured a blog would be a great start. My intention for my posts aren’t meant to be taken seriously; All I want is to have a small chat about our favorite topic, anime! I’m sure other bloggers reading this can possibly relate.

Now, here’s some things about me I can think of off the top of my head…My Personality Type is ISFP and my favorite genres of any literature including anime are Psychological and Slice-Of-Life. It’s even better when it’s a mix between the two. I’ve been watching anime for about five years now with a single one year hiatus. I like drawing abstract figures and eyes often no matter how crap they look, there’s pages upon pages in them in my binder but shhhh! I started this blog in the middle of smokin’ hot July of 2019 and by the time i’m re-re-rewriting this this will be about 3 1/2 months old! Fun!

My posts don’t have a specific scheldule at all. They come at entirely random times but one trend i’ve noticed with my blogging style is there tends to be a three-day gap in between. Tends. Not all the time, but tends. I write blogs for the fun of it and I never intend for this to be a serious blog that forces you to believe in my opinion. I just want to have a friendly interaction about our favorite topic, anime. I look forward to seeing you around every now and then!

(Currently on hiatus) I started Anime Rants in late March 2019. The blog is made up of the following content: anime series reviews, episode reviews, posts containing analyses and insights into anime series, posts containing lists, and some random rants about anime, and anime topics, trends, or themes.
Creating reviews that give a final touch to the stories, recommendations and everything in between. ***This site hasn’t posted since November 30 but I am adding them here because I hope they’ll post again!***
My Personal Reviews on Anime. (This is a great and very active blog. If you like anime you will like this!)
Welcome! I see that you’ve stumbled upon my personal blog. I prefer anonymity on the web so I call myself nabe-chan in here. This blog is mostly used as a personal space for testing out current web development tech or to write about any anime, manga or games I find really interesting. Sometimes I might even talk about tech topics! You’ll occasionally see posts on news, reviews, first impressions or maybe even opinion pieces on these topics. I code web apps related to ACG (anime, comics, games) as well using any tech stack I find interesting, or exploring ideas that I won’t get to use at work. The blog posts and web apps are a mix of every hobby I enjoy.
Shed Light Rini

My name’s Chris – Voyager, here on the internet. As the Editor of Galvanic Media, I’m not all about playing goalie to punctuation errors and misspellings on the way to publication. With 6 years of writing experience, I’m all-in on sculpting every unkempt piece into a masterpiece that’s engaging and airtight. And I somehow find time to write my own articles for the site, produce a weekly web show, and oversee all original content as project manager. I keep busy.

Whichever responsibility I’m dealing with at any given moment (if not all of them), my goal stays the same; to entertain people with fun, clever, thoughtful experiences that they’re sure to remember for years to come. And I ensure that others are able to do the same by making sure their work is as solid as it gets.

I have a long history of witty written and video commentary work on the internet, all leading up to our anime reviews and our longest-running project, Bulletoon. And that’s to say nothing of our 100% original projects, like Burning Sky. But it’s not just Galvanic that I’ve worked for. I’ve also produced articles for The Nerd Stash and interviews for Saturday AM.

A great deal of my inspiration comes from video games, anime, and even text-based RPGs amongst internet friends. I love lighthearted conversation about nerdy things and a good “what-if” scenario can lead to some fantastic ideas, ripe for sharing.

As you could probably guess, I am a huge anime fan and a huge gamer. I watch all kinds of anime and play mostly jrpgs, as well as some Nintendo games. I also like to draw. I’m not an anime art expert, as I don’t draw frequently, but I have so many oc ideas and I’m always making more ideas, although for now, I want to focus on my main story ocs which I may occasionally post about on twitter. I also closely follow the competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene. I don’t play the game competitively because I such, and I don’t have the time to go pro, but I greatly enjoy watching all the major tournaments. I could tell you more about myself like about my family or about college but that’s boring so let’s not talk about that.

My blog title, as some might be able to guess, is from anime. It combines ideas from A Certain Magical Index, Mekakucity Actors (my username and the op theme of the show), and The Idolmaster (the producer gets the idols job).

The Traditional Catholic Weeb

Hello there! If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, you’ve entered the realm of the Traditional Catholic Weeb: a Traditionalist Roman Catholic anime fan from Canada. Ever since I began to re-watch Digimon Adventure during my second year of university, it was the start of a spark which ignited my liking for shows of the anime genre, as well as a foray into the world of (occasional) cosplay and the here-and-there convention travels. Thanks to this newfound discovery, I created this blog in September of 2018 so that I could have a platform to talk about anime, convention travels, and the little tidbits going around in my life!

Fortress William

Hello friends! I wanted to let you know that I will be focusing on anime and anime review here on the webpage. This is a small change of direction that I will be taking and focusing one area makes more sense with the limited time I have. One day it may be possible to revisit some of the Esports Content I had written about League of Legends and video game review that I had tried my hand at.

That in mind I will be looking into options to improving the overall quality of the website to make it easier to navigate and find content within it. A big thanks to those who have already visited and taken a moment to read my work. This will be a big step in things to come. It may be sometime until I create content again. As planned I want to write at least 2 or 3 articles a week. For now that process will be slowed until I pursue other issues with the page for a satisfactory solution.

Looking forward to writing more content soon!

Megane Rini


KnowSenpai attempts to create an experience for Indian Otakus by developing the anime and cosplay culture present in India. The presence of anime and cosplay is integral to the culture of Japan and with the massive number of Otakus in India, it’s safe to say that this culture needs to flourish.

I am so mad that I only recently discovered this blog 🙁
Wow – taking a 10 year break is quite something but Inksbane is back! I’m impressed. You have to really love anime to do something like that and it’s clear from this blog that there’s a real love of anime here!
You guys all know this blog already but they have recently become an aggregate blog with a huge amount of writers so it’s a whole new experience! If you haven’t been in a while, it’s worth a revisit.
A big thanks to Crow who helped me find a lot of these blogs!

I realize that a some of these are already pretty well established in our little community and you probably already know them well, but on the off chance that you’ve missed some, go ahead and given them a read. You may discover something great yourself. And if you want to return the favour, please let me know of any great blogs I may have missed this year!

bye gif

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  1. Ah, I have a blog, but it was made for a school project and it has nothing to do with anime. So, just in case, don’t feature it when you do one of these for 2020. Hahahha! I am not doing reverse psychology here… just typing this down for in case.

    I prefer visiting your blog and chattering away here- less responsibility. 😉
    I am following TigerAnime and SpaceWhales now- thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Sup i’m also a relatively new aniblogger as well too I’ve created my own site rogueotakugamer.com and i came across this site in passing while looking at other aniblog pages to see how they do things and how they stylized their own blogs to their own tastes. And i have to say your blog is very impressive and your positive outlook as well really helps the blog standout. I’ll be sure to look at the other blogs you posted up as well too see how they do things too.
    I look forward to learning as i go along and to grow as a writer and blogger.
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to check out the site have and have a happy winter holidays. Feel free to discuss to me about any weeb stuff anytime you like.
    (Finally got this try right after trying to sent it multiple times but it wouldn’t go through)

    1. Really? I’ll go check if it got stuck in my spam filter. WordPress does that a lot!

      Anyways welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy it here. Thank you so much for your kind words

      1. I look forward to seeing how things go for me in the aniblogging community and also nice to meet you as well.

  3. Sup i believe i’ve sent you an email a few weeks ago but i didn’t receive a response as of yet.
    I’m the creator of rogueotakugamer.com K.Anthony.
    I’ve came across your blog in passing while looking through other anime blogs learning on how they do things and how they made it unique based on their own tastes.
    My site focuses on anime,manga and otaku culture like your own site and i have to say you have a very positive outlook to your blogging and the anime you watch and my expierince so far blogging has been a learning experience and i look forward to growing my own abilities as a writer and i’ll be sure to look at the other blogs you mentioned too to see how they do things as well.
    Thanks in advance for checking out my site and have a happy winter holidays-K

  4. A bit late but thanks for mentioning me! And reminding me about the about page!
    Telling everyone I am Aswesoe (your spelling) is a big compliment.
    According to google translate it’s Luxembourgs for Fat Anime Girl… thank you for offering me extra hits in search engines 😉

    Joking aside, thanks for the compliments!

            1. There you go. And you are the only Awesoe blogger in the world. Now that’s truly awesome

  5. Haha I remembered when you first mentioned my blog in one of your posts. It was the highest visitor count I had ever had, and I got really excited. It took me a long time and two posts in a single day to finally be able to overcome that number on my own. Even now, I haven’t yet quite reached the amount of visitors I got back then when you first mentioned me. So I’ll always be thankful.

    I really appreciate being included in this list. Perhaps some day I’ll become a blog that can return the favour 🙂

    1. Oh really?! That’s awesome to hear. I mean it’s your great posts that are keeping people coming back to your blo, I just pointed the way a bit and I’m sure you’l surpass that next year

  6. Might be late to the show, but thanks Irina-san for including me in this list!! Senpai like you really helped and motivated me to try harder 😁😁

    1. A fellow Canadian Anime lover – I’m just sad I didn’t discover your blog sooner! Merry Christmas to you too

  7. Awesome list, I should definitely give some of this people a read. It’s always a shame when people leave too soon, especially because I certainly wasn’t making good stuff by the 18th month…. I’m not even making good content now.

    Requires a lot of patience and a lot of luck to feel satisfied doing this, but sometimes you just got to bump into the right people. Glad you’re around being a welcoming and encouraging voice for so many people, kudos to you.

    Merry X-mas and Happy Holidays,


  8. Holy cow Irina, you really weren’t kidding! You found a LOT of blogs. Lots of excellent folks in here, some I discovered for the first time this year as well. Always enjoy these 🙂

  9. Heeeeeyyyyy!!! The first one is meeeee 😀 Thank you so much for mentioning and following my blog, I still need to improve it a lot so hopefully you and your readers find something to like about it in the future.

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