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Top 5 Reasons I Like the Anime Community

I’ve been on social media lately…arguably this was possibly my first mistake. Anyways, I’ve seen a lot of unhappiness leveled at the anime community by the anime community. Friends and online acquaintances expressing their disappointment in the group. People pointing out how imperfect we can be at times. I don’t entirely disagree. But I’m essentially...


August 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

You are not going to believe this. I hardly believe it myself. I never thought this day would come. I am currently writing this post reasonably ahead of time like a real responsible blogger. I also did manage to discover a few new blog this month so everything is just coming up Irina! That’s a...


July 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

I seem to say this every month but this time it’s truer than ever before! The end of the month really snuck up on me! It’s going to be a short discovery guys, July has been crazy busy, and I haven’t had as much time to discover new blogs as I would have liked! Plus...


June 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

It’s summertime! Ahhh yeah! Time to put on the sunscreen and take off the winter coats because we can finally go outdoors again.. for about a week until it gets so unbearably hot that running from the air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned mall is just not worth the risk! So to celebrate this very brief...


Avast ye matey – My Pirate Crew

I am so behind on these tags, but I have wanted to do the pirate crew for so long that I couldn’t resist when Nyan tagged me. Besides I’m a pirate at heart. Except for the pillaging and raping and the sailing on the open seas. Also, the fashion doesn’t suit me much and parrots...


May 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

Is it just me or does time seem to be moving exponentially faster lately? Where exactly did May go? Didn’t I just write a blog discovery post last week or something? Tell me guys are you enjoying these posts? Wow, this has really started like an interrogation, hasn’t it? I just can’t stop!!! Let’s take...


Talking Anime to the Normies

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while…. Wait that was even blunter than usual. I mean: Hi Guys! How is everyone? Enjoying early spring? Montreal has never been a city you choose for the weather but the past few years have really been brutal. A little dose of sunshine is certainly welcomed!


April 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

Is it spring where you are? It’s just barely starting here. Spring isn’t exactly lovely in Montreal. It’s grey and dirty. Occasionally it’s a bit snowy as well. But Montrealers are odd creatures. In fall, they get their huge winter coats out as soon as it dips below freezing, in spring it can be -10C...


March 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

Time sure files. I’ve only been doing this since January yet for two months in a row now, the end of the month catches up with me and I suddenly realize it’s discovery time!!!! I don’t know about you but as I am still stuck in the winter that will never end, I sure could...


Blogging and the Real Girl

I still haven’t figured out how to start posts. I’ve been only doing this for over a year….. Blogging is important to me in that it’s a hobby I enjoy. It’s also a hobby which I believe has a lot of great side benefits but in the end it’s still just a hobby. It’s an optional part...