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Talking Anime to the Normies

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while…. Wait that was even blunter than usual. I mean: Hi Guys! How is everyone? Enjoying early spring? Montreal has never been a city you choose for the weather but the past few years have really been brutal. A little dose of sunshine is certainly welcomed!


April 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

Is it spring where you are? It’s just barely starting here. Spring isn’t exactly lovely in Montreal. It’s grey and dirty. Occasionally it’s a bit snowy as well. But Montrealers are odd creatures. In fall, they get their huge winter coats out as soon as it dips below freezing, in spring it can be -10C...


March 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

Time sure files. I’ve only been doing this since January yet for two months in a row now, the end of the month catches up with me and I suddenly realize it’s discovery time!!!! I don’t know about you but as I am still stuck in the winter that will never end, I sure could...


Blogging and the Real Girl

I still haven’t figured out how to start posts. I’ve been only doing this for over a year….. Blogging is important to me in that it’s a hobby I enjoy. It’s also a hobby which I believe has a lot of great side benefits but in the end it’s still just a hobby. It’s an optional part...


February 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!

Can you all believe it!?! We actually made it to the SECOND I Drink and Watch Anime and Discover New Anime Blogs post! Yeah…I had a whole month and I didn’t come up with a better title. For those of you who are new here, let me catch you up! (It’s the same as last week...


I’m Versatile, Ladies are Amazing, and People are Nice!

You all know that I’m tragically behind on my tag posts. Embarrassingly so really. I should be working on getting those that have been sitting in my to do file for over a year and I hope to slowly go through them. However, in the past few weeks two wonderful bloggers tagged me to cheer...


What Types of Blog are you Most Likely to Pay For?

  You know, I often let you guys know I am not monetizing this blog even though no one’s asked. But with the amount of posts I write on the subject, it sure seems like I want to. I don’t. At least not yet. But I do see people talk about the subject a lot...


School Club Blues

I’m a rule loving, convention abiding, consistency seeking individual (exciting right!?!) and as such Japanese high schools have often been inherently attractive to me. From the first time I set eyes on those invariably flattering uniforms to the time I realized that I could have lunch on rooftops, to a gazillion school based animes later...