I’m not sure Pet is really the type of show that lends itself well to gallery posts but I don’t want to clog up Karandi’s media storage so I’m still going to drop my screencaps here. I’m the type of person that likes to look at screencaps along with reviews to get a sense of context so I think this post may still interest some of you. Especially since not everyone has access to this show.

Of course, you can also read my actual review on 100 Word Anime!

The episode was divided into this extended opening tag and then the main story. The opening is the only time we got to see inside a person’s mind so those are the odder images you see up there. When you realize what they are meant to represent, it’s actually pretty traditional mind imagery.

I’m not the hugest fan of the character art style but I do really like how expressive faces are.

I also really like the light and shadow use in the series. I suppose it’s to play up the gloomy atmosphere but I think it mostly adds depth to the pictures which I appreciate!

There we go, a nice short and sweet little gallery. I hope some of you enjoyed it!

Pet anime ep1-8 (4)

4 thoughts

  1. I neither liked nor disliked the visuals, and liked them more when they were moving. The lighting is good, but the characters don’t integrate into their surroundings well, and on the stills the faces look so sterile and shiny it’s almost creepy. It’s what I think of as functional visuals. (I’m unsure whether I’ll stick with the show. I didn’t see the twist coming, and I think it’s because I didn’t want to see it at all. It feels like such a juvenile idea of darkness. My favourite scene was pony tail meating overwhelmed kid.)

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