So I guess these are more like bottom 5 schools. But that ruins the flow of my Top Five Fridays… Just humour me!

I’m sure we have all wished we could attend an anime school at some point. So many seem beautiful and bright, surrounded by lush flowers grown by the botany club and filled with adorable students and often just as adorable teachers. And if book learning isn’t your thing, most of them have dozens of clubs to keep you entertained and cultivate a tight knit group of friends for you.

But once in a while, there are some schools that just seem awful. These are 5 I am sure glad I wasn’t stuck going to and I wouldn’t attend now even if it meant I would magically go back to being a teenager.

Assassination Classroom school

Assassination ClassroomKunugigaoka 3E

I’m not going to talk about the main school because we don’t really get to see much of it at all, instead I’m going to focus on Class 3E which we are much more familiar with.

In all aspects that really matter, Class 3E is actually a fairly good school. The students may have had some issues but they are eager to learn and happy to help each other out. The Teacher might be an alien set on destroying the world but he’s also an amazing teacher who cares deeply about his students.And even the old fashioned building has a rustic charm I rather like. It’s almost like one of those expensive resorts set on looking quaint and traditional. And even though there a is a lot of attempted murder compared to most schools, it’s mostly not aimed at the students so I think I could be o.k. with that.

But guys, there’s no AC. Do you know how hot Japan gets in the summer? And even their summer uniforms are long sleeved. I can’t handle that. I’m a northern girl, I’ll melt…

kill la kill

Kill La Kill– Honnōji Academy

Look, there are some up sides to Honnōji Academy. It does seem to have access to some pretty advanced labs. There is a wide variety of pretty snazzy uniforms and the club budgets are luxurious.

But the thing is, in order to have access to any of the pros, you need to be on the school council, or at least a trusted and capable lackey thereof. And there is no guarantee I would make it on there. I actually was my school treasurer, cause I liked math… What can I say, I have always been cool, but any role that requires excessive schmoozing and socializing is just not for me. Odds are I would become part of the common rabble student body and they get treated like… common rabble

Another school

Another – Yomikita

There’s something dubious about how Yomikita chose to handle it’s problems. I’m not saying the administration didn’t care but with such a huge amount of students dying in gruesome and suspicious circumstances, maybe just accepting that a ghost did it sounds  slightly irresponsible. Are we really sure the investigations well properly performed.

And if they do believe the ghost thing, then why keep class 3-3? Board up the classroom or use it as storage and go from Class 3-2 to Class 3-4. Basically what I’m saying is that I would be killed if I attended Yomikita. Like pretty much instantly, first day before lunch! And it would be bloody….

Othori 2

Revolutionary Girl Utena – Ohtori Academy

This is another case where the school council just seems out of control and this time I would most definitely not make it on. I’m just not cool enough…

But the thing that really sends shivers down my spine about Ohtori, is that the entire place seems to be playing mind games with you. Even if I manage to keep my head down and stay out of trouble, it would manage to manifest my inner demons and pick at all my sore spots and hidden wounds. There something sickly and insidious about the place.

I guess if it doesn’t break you it could make you stronger but that’s a pretty big “if”. Doesn’t seem worth it. And what exactly is going on with the sleeves on the girls’ uniforms?

hope's peak

Danganronpa – Hope’s Peak

Do I really need to explain why I wouldn’t want to attend Hope’s Peak? Would you? First, once again, I would die instantly. On the very first day before the game even begins. I would trip in the stairs and break my neck or something.

However, when we’re talking about Hope’s Peak, that might actually make me the lucky one! This is a place that makes you feel like killing or being killed by your classmates is really the best course of action so that you won’t even look for an alternative approach. It’s a school designed to break down the best and most exceptional students in the world. What hope would I have?

Great, now I want to replay Danganronpa…

Next time you feel like you don’t want to go to school, be grateful you’re not going to one of these places instead!

Is there an anime school that seems absolutely horrid to you. How about a school club you would hate getting stuck in?

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  1. Let’s face it, I’m going to be Watamote with straight As and zero friends no matter what anime school I go to. I would totally love Yezo of Silver Spoon though 😀 I might even make a friend. Of a pig or a horse or something but hey. So I guess just about all the schools except Yezo are on my worst list! LOL.

      1. There is that. And while Natsume started out feeling lonely and friendless he eventually had a group of very close, special friends which is more my style. And of course, Megara…

  2. I laughed so much when you said “there’s no AC”! 😂😂😂
    That’s a remarkable reason.
    By the way, if we talck about club, although I’m female so it wouldn’t be possible, Mori Moori Prive school’s photography club… I think there’s no need of explanations! 😂

  3. I visibly winced from seeing Danganronpa on here, I started remembering some of the visceral scenes from Danganronpa 3. Nope! Definitely would not want to attend that school or the high school from Another!

  4. Oh, none of thoseare schools I’d like to attend. In general, I’m not fond of the idea of public ranked grades, either. And I’m not used to school uniforms; I dislike the idea of wearing uniforms generally. (I know school uniforms are common all over the world.) But, yeah, schools that outright kill you, or worse make you kill must be near the bottom of my list.

    Hakoniwa Academy from Medaka Box sounds rather aweful, too. Since I have no superpowers, I’d be subject to experimentation according to the (secret) Flask Plan. No thanks. Superpowered schools tend to be risky anyway. I mean at Alice Academy (Gakuen Alice) a teacher gets away with sending out a student as a black ops operative (they tell him he’s a problem student, but with such teachers…*Shudders*) Anime schools can be scary.

      1. Well, I might have superpowers I haven’t discovered yet. Or maybe I have some that I don’t notice, like, maybe I have the ability to instantly cheer up any avocado I come across, but there aren’t many avodcados around me in the first place, and I can’t tell the difference between one that’s feeling down and that’s cheerful anyway.

  5. Well….honestly I had hoped that Yomikita would be amongst the schools, and lo and behold…it was. Because really if there is one school I would not ever want to attend it’s that one! Then again, at 44 years of age I don’t think at this point I would like to attend any school….unless maybe, it’s the school that’s featured in Tsurune (I would love to learn that archery! 😀😀).

    1. I would go back to school in a second. If I figured out how to get paid for it, I would never have left. You could be an awesome teacher!

  6. Yeah, I wouldn’t want anything to do with any of those schools either, nor the ones Pinkie mentioned. A few others I’m avoiding like the plague:

    Hyakkaou (Kakegurui): I don’t enjoy gambling, and I’m not very good at it either – put me in this school and I’d be in debt before the end of the first year welcome assembly.
    Hachimitsu Academy (Prison School): Should be obvious, but I’m going to school to get an education, not to be jailed and abused by sadistic girls for the crime of being male. I haven’t seen this series (and never will), but I don’t need to, to know it’s a place I want nothing to do with.
    Hinamizawa Branch School (Higurashi): This one can double for both school and club. One-room schooling doesn’t appeal to me much to begin with, especially when half your classmates are potential psycho killers, and while I love games, Higurashi’s idea of a “games club” is mostly about winning through cheating and deception, and that would just make me frustrated and angry.
    Cromartie High School: or any other “delinquent” school, really. I’d be nothing but a punching bag in that kind of environment.

    1. I really like that Hinamizawa buys their uniform second hand so everyone has different uniforms. I really like the idea of being completely individual but having all the advantages of a uniform. No stress, no hassle…

  7. Kakegurui is one I have mixed feelings on; there are awesome people there but it is also, erm, let’s say dangerous idea and speaking of out of control, how about the students running that place…

  8. As far as my own anime school I would not want to go to, I would not want to go UA either because of too much physical activity and pressure to be a super, the S.O.S brigade school because I don’t want Haruhi Suzumiya controlling my school, and Ouran Academy because I would be a total Haruhi in the sense of “These Damn Rich people.” every two seconds. I haven’t watched any of these so thank you for the post! Have a good day!

    1. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks the UA support class looks awesome… I don’t think they have as much physical activity at all.

  9. So if you attend Hopes Peak Academy that makes you the Ultimate Bartender doesn’t it? and because of that it would make you the mc since you get to be very perspective on certain things. I

      1. Dude i know! maybe when Too-Kyo and Spikechunsoft works on a next Danganronpa game they could add the ultimate bartender role.

  10. As a 33 year old I feel like I have no place in school anyway it would be very awkward if I set in that one spot!

    I would hate to go to Totsuiki Culinary Academy! The stress of one bad day meaning you would be expelled! I honestly would rather get killed at a school than be put trough that stress! I’d probably be expelled for cutting my food in a weird way or if I am not I’d be so stressed I end up wanting to take my own life.. but get caught.. and get expelled for that!

    I would also not like to go to U.A. there is way to much sporting events or physical events! I’d have to wear a blue tracksuit and there would be another Pinkie! THAT’s PINKER than me! Also they have a big ranking system that would constantly let me know that I am not AS good as others out there which would get under my skin! We never see the cafteria so I doubt it is any good and it gets attacked a lot! Also I would constantly have to explain U.A doesnt stand for anyting but is a reversed Kanji for hero! Think of all the time I will lose!

    1. You could be a great teacher!

      I would really love to be on the support track i U.A. I get to tinker in a lab all day long and create fantastical gadgets. That sounds awesome to me. I think part of me has always wanted to be a mechanic.

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