Ok guys , it’s friday evening and I,m not gonna lie to you, I’m a little drunk. OK, I already lied. I’m moderate drunk. I just really hope this turns out in English.

I’m adding a few shows that premiered in the past week but I may forget some as well. I’m also gonna do my bestest to remember my .org friends. If I forget you, please refer to sentence one…and two… and also I love you guys.

So without further nonsense, here are some actually coherent posts about week 2 of th winter 2019 anime season.


The Rising of the Shield Hero 

Episode 1

Episode 1 and 2

Episode 2

Mob Psycho 100 II 

Episode 1

Episode 2



The Promised Neverland

Episode 1

Episode 2


Episode 1

Episode 2


Episode 1


BoogiePop and Others – Episodes 3

Domestic Girlfriend – Episode 1


Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

Episode 1

Episode 2


Episode 1

Episode 2


The Price of Smiles 

Episode 2

Episode 3


Morose Mononokean II – Episode 2 (I’m gonna keep pushing this show…)


Episode 1

Episode 2


Pastel Memories – Episode 2

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan (me and Matt are reviewing ep 2 – it will be up soon)

Endro! – Episode 1

Bermuda Triangle – Colorful Pastrale – Episode 1

Well, I’m sober now…I can’t believe I made it another week. We’re already seeing a sharp drop off in some shows while other just started and are getting much more attention. This is like an anime review hunger games!!!

still tires- these posts are crazy pants

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  1. You are so freaking awesome Irina! And thank you for not forgetting this .org friend xD
    Also… Writing posts while drunk is the best way to write posts!

      1. I still believe that you have a time travel machine and that’s how you can work full-time, write daily posts, do this and be able to get drunk on a friday!

  2. You missed a couple of my reviews (understandable considering how much is out there) did you want me to link to them or are you not that bothered? I’m fine either way, just happy to be mentioned the times that you did 🙂

    1. Je suis très contente de l’entendre vu que cela doit constituer à peu près la moitié de mes articles…

  3. Another impressive round up!

    Besides just the extensive list, do you know what else is amazing? You’re finding sites I never heard of! I’m not sure what level you’ve earned for Google-fu (or whatever-fu!), but it’s clearly approaching a doctorate level!

  4. I appreciate the mentions, and look forward to checking out what other folks thought. Thanks

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