You know what you can’t do in a week? Go to Japan! It’s just the type of place that needs some time to explore. And if you’re me, and on the other side of the world, it’s gonna take like 6 days to get over the jet lag. I’m saying Matt’s still on holiday and I’m not so totally jealous I wish he would drop everything and just not be on holiday anymore. No way! Friends love it when friends are having a good time. Yay…friendship…. yeah I’m doing this solo again. Bold Irina coming your way.

While regular Matt/Irina is here to make sure there’s no shenanigans going on! Last week Irina smartly stuck to copy pasting previously made statements to make sure there’s no misrepresentation so that was o.k., but this time it’s all made up. Let’s see who’s friends after this!

Ekoda-chan Episode 6 (3)
split personality posts are actually really fun to write!

You started last time so I’ll take the lead this week little lady! You just sit back and enjoy the ride! I gotta say the art style may not have been my personal aesthetic but it was interesting and have the shots where Ekoda’s nice naked rear so I’m pretty happy with this!

Oh Matt, I knew you would say that. Not the first part, that was kinda weird… I get what you mean about the art. I really liked it and it was striking. I think it was a great choice. On a purely visceral level, I can’t say this is the “prettiest” Ekoda has looked by my tastes. I still wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Ekoda-chan Episode 6 (8)
besides, pretty is aout a lot more than looks

Did you notice the awesome soundtrack this week. I guess Takahashi Ryosuke is more interested in using music to set the mood. This was probably the best sounding episode so far.

Who is Takahashi Ryosuke?

The director for this episode.

Oh yeah, I knew that. I was just testing to see if you knew that… Hmm. I just looked it up, it seems all 12 episodes are directed by men. Feels like a missed opportunity there… Anyways, you are right, it did sound great. Not just the music but there was a lot more atmospheric sounds this week and I think it really made the episode pop.

Ekoda-chan Episode 6 (6)
I relate to this Ekoda for some reason…

Ekoda was really strutting her stuff. That makeshift “apron” was hilarious.

OMG I was just going to say about that cooking scene. When it started out I thought to myself, cooking naked might sound fun and sexy in theory but I’ve done it and hot oil splatters, steam can get really hot. It is NOT a good idea to expose your most delicate flesh to that. Believe me! And then she did her paper bag shield and I was like YASSS! Relatable! Respect!!!

Hmm, I haven’t done much naked cookin yet but I can imagine accidentally dropping something piping hot in the wrong spot would not be fun. This said, I would not have minded an unobstructed view either!

Ekoda-chan Episode 6 (5)
awesome scene!

So Irina, how did you like this episode in general?

Guys, I mean Matt, I loved this episode. It is my favourite so far by a mile. t made me smile and I could use all the smiles I can get. This is the Ekoda I’m here for. Fun, wry, self aware and in control of herself. I want to know this Ekoda better!

She looked like she was having a great time this week. ButI always liked Ekoda and there’s no difference this week. Let’s see what she gets herself into next week!

Ekoda-chan Episode 6 (9)
oh hellz yeah!!!



20 thoughts

  1. You know, this is one of those episodes that really doesn’t get across in screenshots. A bit like Yuasa’s usual work. That’s the sort of art that need to move for full effect. (Not that I’m in any way an expert, that’s just how I feel looking at the pictures and remembering the episode).

    That final shot of the covered frying pan was a nice image to end the show on. She didn’t expect to go out, but doesn’t wait to eat (eating out, maybe?), doesn’t let it go to waste either. She’s probably been there before. There’s a lot in that image; hope she has fun, but the camera stays in the room and logs off.

  2. I need to add this anime to my watching list 😶 usually when the art is not flashy and screaming attention (some exceptions exist) it means it’s all about paying attention to the narrative 😁😁 which is more of my cuppa tea. I also imagined you talking to a sock puppet Matt 🤣🤣

  3. “Guys, I mean Matt, I loved this episode.”

    I had this strange vision of you talking to a sock puppet of Matt (only because he’s in Japan and you needed a stand-in) and getting confused which speaker was which…

    I think I need more sleep.

  4. I have heard that the best way to cook bacon is in the nude. That way, if you feel hot grease popping onto your skin, you know the heat is turned up too high.

  5. You almost had me nailed here. Except for the fact that I do ALL the cooking at home so like 50% of the time I’m naked for it, so I totally related to this Ekoda-chan! Also if it were ~actually~ me reviewing this episode I’d have spent at least 40% of the review talking about how most of the animation was ‘rotoscoped’ and how I love that animation technique!

      1. Either a) it was loosely rotoscoped to make it look intentionally out of proportion or b) they only rotoscoped some things (like the clothes dropping on the floor—there’s no way that was traditional animation)

        1. interesting – I wonder which it was. It’s a short episode so they could afford to use punishing labour intensive animation

    1. This might have been the most interesting Ekoda so far. I’m not impressed with a picture of a woman just because she’s the standard model of a pretty woman. I enjoyed the animation style though I hadn’t identified it as rotoscope.

      The “train station in a marginal neighborhood named Ekoda” line said a lot! Her complete lack of inhibition is refreshing even though we actually see less of her than earlier. That is how an at home nudist would live, including pulling the curtains to keep the peepers away. The toss-off about it being erotic and a little embarrassing as she does this also says a lot. When she gets dressed for the date, there’s no bra.

      No sucky boyfriend to bring me down. This girl has her act together as far as I can tell. “Make a flower blush” said with self-confidence is powerful.

      I have cooked naked a lot. When frying something without a cover, you need a cover. And guys especially have to be worried about leaning too close to a hot stove.

      I may have mentioned it before… all the voice actresses are young and beautiful and how I’d expect Ekoda to look in real life and all the directors look like the decaying businessmen she deals with at the bar. Except, this version of Ekoda didn’t look like a waitress and I like that.

      And the music was great an added to the sense of who she is.

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