Ok so it’s October 31st and you’ve been meaning to put together that ultimate Halloween anime watchlist in order to impress all your friends, family and attractive acquaintances (attractive people love lists, I’m not sure why but that’s just the way it is) but you were super busy with stuff and things. Now you need to get everything done in the next twenty minutes. And not just some random list either, you have to know what you’re suggesting to attractive people!

Rem reZero
google tells me that this is an anime mix of attractive and scary…

How are you going to read through all those reviews and make insightful, well-informed choices? Fret not! I got you covered. This handy dandy list of Halloween themed anime I could think of comes complete with perfect bite-sized “reviews” for your convenience. What are these reviews based on? Can you really get the information you need in one line? Have I even watched these shows? You ask a lot of questions!

Personally, I am bravery impaired when it comes to scary things on t.v. However, I also insist on watching them through my fingers then annoying everyone around me with my inability to sleep for the following weeks. I commonly get the question: If you’re so scared of horror, why do you watch it? The answer is: I don’t know. I guess deep down I must enjoy being a little scared from time to time.

This said, whenever I get in that type of mood, I once again start seeking out horror themed anime . I must go through this little ritual several times a year. So I figured I would help fellow Otaku who are in the same boat.  I tried to put together a generous enough listing of appropriate animes that are also fairly accessible and easy to find so that most people will be able to pick out at least one title they haven’t seen. If you have any to add, please let me know! Maybe I’ll watch it tonight!

Another dance


Cute girl, LOTS of gore gets a bit long in those last episodes but classic horror for those bloodthirsty types

School Live:

I kind of ruined it by putting it on the list. Sorry, great anime though.

Zombieland Saga:

When you prefer your Halloween watching to be adorable, funny and unexpectedly touching.

Hellsing Ultimate:

One word: Integra.


Traditional atmospheric horror may not always be the most frightening but it sure is beautiful.

The Flowers of Evil:

People keep telling me the manga was better. A little pompous if that’s what you’re going for!


When you want to watch a fighting shonen but with a lot more body horror.

Blood Blockade Battlefront:

When you want to watch a fighting shonen but with some pumpkins

pinked haired girls…


It’s about vampires, not ghosts but it’s still going to haunt you.

Shin Sekai Yori:

Might not actually be horror but it freaked me out.

Paranoia Agent:

Satoshi Kon knew exactly how to make a psychological thriller that will get under your skin. If you can find it, I say watch it.

Game of Laplace:

Classic Japanese murder mysteries but Takuto was ambivalent.

Black Butler:

Just because you’re watching demons doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty

Death Note:

Cause what’s more terrifying than a self-assured jerk who thinks he’s always right? Two of them!

corpse party
oh good…wait…

Corpse Party:

Not the best Halloween party I’ve been to, not the worst…

Tokyo Ghoul:

Maybe stick to the first season.

Elfen Lied:

Why are pink haired girls so violent? (see above picture)

Future Diary:

No really why?

Happy sugar life:

It’s a serious question!

Demon Slayer:

So there’s going to be a lot of drinking at your Halloween shindig and you don’t want to do any deep thinking?

Angels of Death episode 10 anime review
this is getting weird

Angels of Death:

I refer you to my finale review.

Perfect Blue:

One of my all time favourite movies – also Satoshi Kon.

The Promised Neverland:

The cover art is misleading.

Devilman Crybaby:

You want to know what everyone is talking about, don’t you?

Attack on Titan:

I just realized this is also kind of a horror anime. Apparently 3rd season is awesome!

School Days:

It may not be scary the way you expected it to be…

When They Cry:

Well that escalated quickly!


The original – trust me on this.

There you go! You are very welcome my friend. This is likely the most useful list you’ve ever come across. I’ve even put them in handy dandy random order just for you! And because attractive people love lists, I just know you enjoyed this!

erased wink

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  1. Great list ! But I have a question where can I find Paranoia Agent , last time I watched it was on Adult Swim years ago but I would love to watch a sub version of it Z

    1. I’m so sorry, I’m not sure. I bought the series but I never managed to find it anywhere legal in Canada…

      1. Oh wow ! So I’ll have to buy it then unless Crunchyroll or Hulu buys the rights . I really liked that show and A Perfect Blue .I think thats the name of the movie that is by the same director .

        1. Yes it is. Kon ha a few wonderful movies if you haven’t seen them. Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika are all fantastic

  2. Great Halloween list. Despite my love of horror, given my mood last night (Halloween) I ended up watching the start of March Comes in Like a Lion season 2 because I was just in the mood for a cry. Hina getting bullied does it every time.

  3. I haven’t watched this short-form series, but it is all old-fashioned horror tales, “Yamishibai.” 🙂

  4. Years back a friend of mine told me to watch the original Berserk and then talk to him about the ending! My goodness….

    Additional vote for Soul Eater as well. It always felt like a very Halloween-y series to me, though I was into it more for the animation style than story.

  5. Aww, Promised Neverland isn’t horror. We all know that it is the best cooking anime since Food Wars. 😜

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