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When The New Blog Smell Wears Off

Has it happened to you? We remember when we started our blogs and every single “like” was an achievement, a comment, cause for celebration. We had all these ideas we wanted to try out, all these projects we were really excited about. Then in time that excitement dulls a bit.


Does Animation Distill a Serious Message?

We’ve all heard it at some point. An innocent anime uninitiated that tells us “oh yeah, the Japanese cartoons?” or “isn’t it for kids?”… It drives some of us crazy. Not the questions themselves but the implications. The undertone isn’t always there, however once in a while you do get the feeling that people think...


Am I too Positive to be a Reviewer?

Most fans hate it when someone poopoos their favourite series. That’s pretty understandable. And they tend to react defensively which isn’t always pleasant. I’ve spoken to quite a few bloggers that tell me they actively try to avoid being overly negative in their reviews and editorials and prefer reading blogs that are positive as well....


We Fear What We Know? Do Our Regional Fears Influence Anime?

I was going to write this as part of my Halloween post series. The idea was simple enough, see if there is a significant difference between common fears based on location and then try to make a correlation with what we see in anime. However, as I started to research the post, it sort of...


Visuals Matter in Anime

Did that title blow your mind? There are few more obvious statements I could make. To be honest I struggled with it quite a bit. I just couldn’t figure out how to explain what I wanted to talk about in one sentence. Let me give you the context:


Horror and Anime (Countdown to Halloween)

***I mention Shin Sekai Yori, School Live and Another. If you don’t want to know anything about those shows, you should skip this post. They’re very general mentions though, I don’t go into the plots of these shows at all*** Every Halloween I’ve made it a point to seek out and watch some anime that...


Halloween in Japan (Countdown to Halloween)

Happy October everyone. Ok, I’ll be straight with you: I’m writing this in September. Late September but still September. I just got excited and couldn’t wait to dive into the spookmonth posts! There are two things that I have grown to learn about Halloween. First is that most people who celebrated it, really like Halloween....


A Little Bit About The Shinsengumi

If you’ve watched enough anime (or pretty much any historical anime), you’ve most likely encountered the name Shinsengumi. They were a pivotal group in Japanese history and as such remain a popular subject of fiction and cultural fascination. But do you actually know who the Shinsengumi were?


Ageing Otakus

****Ed. I originally had envisioned this as a sort of comic “How to be an ageing Otaku guide” but it all came down to, do whatever you want, you’re an adult! Then I started singing “I threw it on the ground” on the bus and people looked at me weird. Point is, there’s no age...


Receiving and Sending Blog Writing Services

Do you have people offering to write your posts for you? I get a small but consistent trickle of unsolicited offers from freelance writer proposing me their services with examples of health and wellness articles. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the hustle. Professional blogger looks like an extremely difficult way to make a living....