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Voice Acting in Anime is Acting!

Wow, I think we can all agree that I have reached new levels of post naming perfection! Really do I need to even write anymore, that title is so incisive and intricate, it can just stand on it’s own. And maybe it should cause the rest of the post ain’t getting any deeper.


In Defence of Fanservice

This is the first essay post I ever published so I figured I would give it a second chance at the spotlight. Fanservice has become a commonplace and fairly accepted part of anime but it is still generally maligned. For a lot of us, the very notion of fanservice is associated with cheap tricks meant...


Can A Blog be an Island

That title is a bit unclear. I was trying to resume a complex thought in a few words and I failed. Today I want to think a bit about the practice of bloggers cutting themselves off from the blogging community. First I should say that I have no judgment call about it. I still think...


Color Theory and Cinematic Language in Anime

This is a repost of one of my older posts. I’m trying to inspire myself to write more about color theory so I decided to start things off nice and easy by just sharing one of my older posts. It’s shocking I know, but I m going to babble about colors… Weird huh? Have you...


Falling in Love With Anime

Don’t worry guys, this isn’t yet another post on why anime is so awesome or why I happen to love it so much….Or maybe you should worry since I’m going to attempt to explain something I’m not quite sure how to wrap my mind around and it could end up being one of those messy...


Surrealism and Magical Realism in Anime

I am very inconsistent with my opening paragraphs. I sort of switch between a personal introduction to ease readers into the post and just jumping right in without any warning. I haven’t really decided which approach suits me best yet and my readers have been too polite to point it out. This is a brand...


Letting Go of my Need for Closure With Anime

A lot of us have this basic layout for what stories should have. Namely a beginning, a middle and an end. Not necessarily in that order and not necessarily in any sort of definitive way but just a general market for one’s brain to go ok the narrative starts here and now it’s over. It’s...


2020 and Look How Far Anime Has Come

I wasn’t going to write one of those decade marker posts. I just didn’t really have anything to say. I have a hard time narrowing down a list of best anime of the season, trying to cover an entire decade is just insanity! Also I’ve been watching anime for more than 10 years. Should I...


In defense of clichés

***I’m still on vacation so this is another repost of one of my older posts – It’s one that I’ve always liked and not many people have seen it so I do hope you enjoy it. I should be back tomorrow*** Welcome to another instalment of Irina defends things that don’t need defending. I find...