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I know nothing of Japanese class structure

I like to think of myself as not entirely uncultured but there is always going to be a bit of a culture clash when I watch anime. I think that’s true for a lot of western viewers. The social reality we live in as well as the history, traditions and beliefs we grew up with...


Celebrating the Mediocre Anime

I really like the word mediocre. I wish it hadn’t unjustly been saddled with vaguely negative connotations. I think mediocre is so much more fun to say than average.


The 5Ws of Blogging: What?

And I’m back. As you can potentially imagine, I’m writing all of these in a row. It’s a lot of non anime content for me. I’m finding it surprisingly challenging. So what do we blog about? Yeah…yeah. I know I blog about anime, wise guy! That’s not what I mean and you know it. At...


Dating Sims Are for Lonely Losers and Other Lies

A long time ago, back when I thought visual novel was just a fancy way of saying comic book (I was confusing it with graphic novel it seems), I heard of a mysterious thing called a “dating sim”. I have never played one, or even seen one, but from the name alone I immediately started...


The 5Ws of Blogging: Who?

The first question I chose to tackle in my 5 Ws of blogging series is who. It’s a weird question to apply to blogging. Who is obviously: you. Alrighty then. Post accomplished! Good job everyone, let’s go celebrate.


The Modern Loli and The Importance of Being Earnest

***This was going to be a collab but everyone else dropped out so now it’s just me. Unfortunately, the post was written with the idea that there would be a counterpoint so I was more insistent than I would normally be and it comes off a bit lopsided. Feel free to counter in the comments if you...


New Post Series – The 5Ws of Blogging

You guys know I like to pretend I know things. And among those things, I particularly like to feign expertise on blogging itself. I’ve gone on and on about how to blog. Or more precisely how not to blog since that’s really what I have the most experience with. However, there are all those other...

Natsume's Book of Friends season 4 anime review 19

Turning the Tables – Masculinity for Women, by Women and Natsume…

That’s quite the title. I’ve been working hard on my titles and no I still haven’t come up with anything better that Nowlsume. It’s March 12 right now. In a recent Owls chat it was hinted that April’s topic would be masculinity and I hope that wasn’t a joke. I’m not often there so there...


What is the Difference Between Character Driven and Plot Driven Anime?

On more than one occasion I have expressed my general preference for character driven narratives in anime in order to give some context to my opinions for you guys. But as language is an imperfect tool and I am a far from perfect craftsman, I realized that the expression “character driven” may not have a...


Top 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Collab

You all know I absolutely love a good collab. I mention it all the time. It can be challenging but I find it has a number of rewards you won’t get any other way. It forces you to adapt your writing style to someone else’s and to consider your explanation and description as if you’re...