The Penultimate Episode of Demon Slayers Entertainment arc is upon us. It’s been quite a fight to get here and I think we are all a little out of breath. Crow and I discuss this episode over on his site, check it out! Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc Episode 10: Not Over Yet

In my opinion, this season of Demon Slayer has been a technical masterpiece on the part of ufotable. However, it has not been their storytelling high. There was less use of visual storytelling than they have had in some past titles. And really the nonstop breathtaking action has sort of pushed a lot of other elements aside.

I say this as if I wasn’t all giddy and excited when I saw Zenitsu’s lightning bolt tear across the sky. Let’s be honest, this was a fun episode in many ways. Maybe fun isn’t the right word. Exciting! S much was happening a any given point. Did you guys have a favourite moment? I think mine may have been Tengen catching a blade with his teeth. It was both funny and just the type of moment that makes you want to stand up and cheer, you know?

Ok, I’ve droned on enough, You guys are here for the pretty pictures, right? I hope you are ’cause I got lots! Can we take a minute to appreciate the shadows in this episode! And since it was from a fire all the light is extra warm. It created a stark visual separation from the cool flashbacks. I loved the way light and shadow played this week. Unfortunately, you can’t see them dancing in the stills but you can still almost feel the heat radiating from the images, can’t you?

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  1. Wow, those are some pretty intense snaps. This sounds like a great Anime. I git an audiobook version of Vampire hunter D from netgally, not sure if it’s a well known animation as well, but the cover looked interesting enough. As always, great post Irina🌹

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