Here we are guys, we made it. It’s been a big week. I think I managed to tag every new follower I got. I hope you know it was with love and really meant as a thank you. This will be my last tag post for a while, but I kept a very special one for last.

I was tagged for the blogger appreciation post by Raistlin. You’re supposed to use this as an excuse to get all full of yourself so he didn’t do all that great. See, Raist in fact has a huge amount of very obvious qualities but self-aware pride is not one of them. He wrote in his post (you should just go read it – it’s that link up there) that he *thinks* he always tries to be helpful and supportive. 

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Pffffftttthhhh I say. First, Raistlin, everybody knows you are one of the most helpful and supportive people there is, no *thinks* or *tries* about it and second, let me show you how to properly appreciate a great blogger: You are one of those people who will go out of their way to make your day better even when it was going great! Not a rainy-day friend, not just there when someone’s in desperate need, you’re there all the time. Really think about it, who can you actually say that about?

Rastlin, it’s no small feat to have so many people consider you a friend even when you have never met them. It’s no accident either. And it’s not because you are so generous and kind. Well it is, but what I mean is it’s ok if you want to be a little selfish sometimes, you have more than earned it. I am not a person who’s particularly in need of friends or help. I’m picky with my preferences. I consider you a friend not because of anything about my situation but because you are a warm, honest and strong individual. I’m pretty sure I can take a poll right now and no one will have a single bad thing to say. In fact – if anyone wants to leave a compliment for Raistlin in the comments – please do so. You know him – he’ll read them all. 

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Also, you have a great beard.

I could go on. Someday I hope Raistlin can say these things for himself.  Also, thank you Didi Oviatt for tagging Raistlin in the first place. You have excellent taste in bloggers and a great blog!

So how does this work:

The rules are simple (I copy pasted – I’m lazy efficient).

(1)   Thank the blogger who nominated you, link back to their site.

 Thank you Raistlin. If I tag you please thank Raistlin instead!

 (2)   Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.

 One paragraph….oh puhlease

(3)   Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish.

On it!

(4)   Use the award image. – sure:


Let me start by simply stating: I’m a treasure you guys…

I use a lot of self-deprecating humour on this site. That’s just part of my writing style and also of my personality. I find life generally more enjoyable if I don’t take myself too seriously. I also am a very confident person (very) and feel no need to be perfect and no shame in having certain faults. I think we can all laugh at me together, because I know that I’m still awesome.

And I’m awesome for many reasons. I guess I could list them all but no one has that much time!

So here’s one great thing about me: I’m willing to play. One of the upsides of failing a lot is that you get a very sturdy sense of perspective. The prospect of defeat becomes considerably less daunting once you’ve been there before. So, within reason, I’ll try anything. If it’s not hurting anyone – why not. I’m smart enough that I can afford to look like a complete idiot once in a while. In fact, I’m sooo smart that I can act like a moron most of the time!

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What, you’re not impressed by my willingness to enjoy life as it comes? You will be. It’s not such a common skill and I’m very proud of it. I’ve gotten to know wonderful people, experience completely once in a lifetime events, I’ve become someone I wouldn’t mind going to grab a drink with. That’s worth something to me.

I know that it can take time to look all around yourself and find those things you like. Even more to nurture them, polish them, bring them out and bask in them. It seems infinitely easier to spot other people’s qualities for most of us. This is why I really like this tag. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating your own value once in a while and it will make you appreciate other people’s more.

We say this a lot but if I could honestly tag all of you I would. I believe this is an exercise we should all do, and I am honestly interested in knowing. I saw that a lot of you were already tagged by Raistlin and I would love to hear your answers. I also know a few of you will probably be too uncomfortable to answer so I won’t single you out. I would still like to hear from you if you feel up to it though.

I am however tagging these  special bloggers:

Erin – I have a feeling sometimes you forget what’s great about you so how about you tell me and next time you forget, I’ll remind you.

Zel – I have a huge list of what makes you wonderful and I’d like to compare notes.

Mel – It will break my heart if you have trouble answering this and I will buy you a drink (I’ll buy you one either way…)

Auri – I think everyone knows what’s great about you Auri – let’s see if you picked up on it.

Shoka – This is the only one you actually have to do Shoka…please?

Now just let me wrap this 500 week up. If you read every 500 post, I’m impressed, grateful and touched. The idea that you’re out there reading this, sharing in my thoughts, even the boring little mundane ones, makes me happy, connected and motivated. This little community we’ve created for ourselves is so comfortable and fun, I want to thank you all for taking the time to welcome me. For giving me a place and a chance. You are all the best!

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  1. Agree with everything you wrote here. In particular I definitely agree it’s always a pleasure to see Raistlin in the Likes and Comments, he always has a kind word of appreciation to say, even when reading things about stuff he doesn’t actively make a part of his life any more, like gaming 🙂

  2. That was some great celebrations Rin-san!
    And Rai-san’s description (?) Spot On!

    Thanks for the tag as well~
    and once again congratulations!

  3. Amazing post – You’re posts have always set the bar high but this seems extra special. That confidence you have? I’m so glad you have that, because you deserve to be happy with who you are. Seriously, I remember you were I think, the 2nd blogger that I followed when I made my account on here because your content was really striking and interesting to me. And then I learnt how much you’re a genuinely kind person whose there for your followers and honestly I started looking up to you. (I still do, in case you didn’t know)
    I’m just gonna stop since I’m getting cheesy (oops) but thanks for being you, and keep on being you.
    And I’m not sure why you tagged me but god, thank you. Not as a follower/blogger/whatever else there is, but as a friend.

    1. This was such a beautiful comment. I tagged you because I love your posts but sometimes you’re too hard on yourself so I wanted to see you give yourself props. But I would have tagged you just for this amazing comment!

      1. AHHH Seriously, thank you so much Irina, it honestly means the world. I do admit I have a pretty unhealthy streak if negativity so I’ll give it a go. But thank you, you’re indeed very kind. 🙂

  4. I came home today after a fun day the movie theatre. I turn on my iPad with my new keyboard (which I am very happy with) and of course one if the first things I do is go over to WordPress. I always have this certain routine going from oldest to newest post but of course by doing that I’m scrolling through the newest posts first, before I finally arrive at that point where I left off. I remember thinking: yes, cool there is a new post by Irina, something to look forward to 😊
    And here I am right now: stunned for about the well, I’m losing count here now, well gazillionth time this sounds about right. I don’t know what I have done to deserve a post like this, but to say I am pretty much completely speechless her right now is well…not completely true. I’m in shock…total and complete shock. This was just….just…WOW! Thanks so much for these amazing words and this post that is just so heartwarming that I can’t stop smiling. For real here.
    I also loved the thing you wrote about yourself: and especially that one sentence: I’ve become someone that I wouldn’t mind grabbing a drink with. Seriously..that couldn’t be more the truth than if I would have written it myself. You have every right to be enormously proud of yourself: because seriously: I think there isn’t a single person that would disagree with me when I say that : you are simply amazing. Thanks so much for being a such an amazing and truly wonderful friend, and putting smiles on people’s face (my own included) simply for sharing your enormous warmth.
    Now I’m going to keep staring at this post for a bit, and then I am off to go and answer some comments and reading some posts 😊 Thank you!!

  5. You’re very right in saying Raistlin is an amazing person, incredibly supportive and enormously talented.
    You are also like this, Irina, and I hope you know it 💗

    1. Seriously…I am getting some ice water from the kitchen. I’m blushing all over the place, first this post, and now all these comments🙈🙈🙈🙈 Thanks very much, really appreciate your kindness.
      And I totally agree with you: Irina is definitely like this. That is the absolute truth! 😊😊

  6. I think I’ve read them all and I love all your answers but this is by far the best one. 😊 I love how confident you are. I wish I had just a tiny bit of you inside me (damn it sounds incredibly naughty. I do not mean it as it sounds. 😎🙈) I’m way too self conscious and have too bad a self esteem to even think anything positive about myself. I’m more like Raist, who indeed am the most amazing person I know (no, Raist I am not joking and you’ve got a super villain name to prove it 🐙), hesitantly excusing myself. Ah well, it’s inspirational to see people like you be proud of who you are and share it with us all. Thank you!

    1. Shhhh…we should not tell people about our super villain names yet. All in due time 😂😂
      Well..I guess Irina is right, I am reading all these comments. She knows me way too well. But then again so do you. It’s okay that you occasionally have some low self esteem. Luckily Irina reminds you a lot of times how awesome you really are. And no worries: I will keep doing that as well. Because really: you are. Never forget that for a single second, and if you do just go back to this post and read this comment again. Or make a picture of it and store it in your phone. I’m making a bit of a joke, but I am serious: keep having faith in yourself! 😊😊

    1. Thank you very much for your kindness.😊😊 But let’s not forget your own blog as well: it’s seriously awesome too. And you say that you are just starting at blogging, well…I really wouldn’t have known if you didn’t say that. You have mad skills 😊

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