There it is. Season 2 of Fire Force is now over. I have to say, ever since it first started, I have found Fire Force to be one of the most nimble and exciting anime productions we’ve seen in years. Completely regardless of the story, it was just thrilling on a technical level.

Season 2 got better in every possible way. The already impressive production started taking even more chances and they almost entirely paid off. The characters found their footing and in general the narrative was more consistent and better. Although I still find Vulcan’s arc in season 1 to be fantastic.

Great Teacher Benimaru

It’s sort of a gutsy move to end the season on what is essentially a training montage. Albeit a particularly hilarious training montage. How many students do you think Benimaru has just straight up killed up to this point. I also find it particularly entertaining to know that Konro put Beni through this same torture in the past. I almost wish we got a flashback.

Although it was lighthearted for the most part, there was still something wistful about this sequence. In the end, Fire soldiers are putting their life on the line. And you know, this is a theme that has come back over and over again in the series. Fire soldiers can and do die and that chasing a heroic death is the worst thing a soldier can do. Properly valuing life means cherish one’s own as much as others. There is honour in selfishness. If you die saving one guy, you saved one guy. If you live, you can go on to save dozens.

We’ve heard many people repeat this lesson. Obi’s said it at least three times. But it’s a surprisingly difficult one to learn when you’re the type of person to pick a dangerous job in service of others. Watching Shinra desperately try to figure it out, was cathartic. I do wish we had at least a clue of what Arthur was seeing during this time. His cryptic line of “what have I done” really piques my curiosity.

The Researcher and The Barbarian

I only use subheaders when I had too many titles for a post…

The episode wasn’t entirely about Shinra and to a lesser degree Arthur getting trained by Beni. There was also the curious case of Konro Sagamiya (I had to look his full name up). I have to admit I was very curious about the reveal of his Adolla link last week and I’m glad Hibana shares my interest.

Hibana and Beni have a contentious relationship that has so far been entirely played for laughs. However, I do think the two have the potential of becoming very good character foils for each other. So I like that the story is bringing them together, even if it’s through one degree of separation.

I’m also really digging Kakyo. I assumed we wouldn’t have a chance to get to know the company 6 chief any better but this is a great excuse to bring her back. Although they didn’t exactly succeed in finding out all that much about Adolla links, it is interesting that there seems to be a connection to the Great Fire of 196.


I’m a little slow, you guys. I hadn’t noticed that all the non-pillar folks that had some sort of connection to Adolla also had very visible scarring. The episode needed to basically spell it out for me. And once again, Fire Force throws in a specifically Christian bit of symbolism into its lore. Wait, is it specifically Christian? Let me look it up. Yes, it is! Hmmm….

Also, why are the White Clad getting rid of those afflicted? They are fairly powerful soldiers. Why not try to convert them? Or at the very least capture them. These are clearly straightforward assassination missions.

Normally, I would be rather miffed at a final episode that raised more questions than it answered but it seems fitting. I mean there was no way that the story was over. And although it hasn’t been officially announced, there is high hope for a season 3. Also, I found this season to be delightful. I really enjoyed it a lot and you bet I will watch the next one.

Also, I hadn’t noticed that bit of product placement at all until Videogamep pointed it out on Twitter.

I leave you all one last time with my thoughts on Season 2 of Fire Force. The story is wacky and much improved over season 1. It has some weak parts and it’s definitely a fighting shonen with all the tropes that implies but if you enjoy those, it’s one of the better ones in my opinion. However, it is undeniably a production tour de force. Both the studio, the director and the animators deserve very high praise and I hope they go on to make many more series in the future.

…season 3 is announced!

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  1. I really wish this series got more attention. You pointed out a number of the reasons in your review.

    I really liked seeing Hibana acting apart from Shinra. She’s a brilliant researcher, and we finally got to see some more evidence of that. Even though her main contribution this time was to bring Kayoko Huang into the picture.

    Seeing what the White-Clad did to Hague puts Konro’s abilities into focus. He took care of his assassin with little effort — at least, little effort for him.

    And what is up with that moon at the end? Is this universe really connected to Soul Eater? In one a precursor of the other?

    I really hope we get a third season!

    1. I’m not sure if the moon was just a nod at the author or whether the universes are somehow joined. It was great seeing it though

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