The Fire Force Season 3 anime will tell the final tale of Shinra in the Enen no Shouboutai manga’s ending. But the real shocking news is that Fire Force creator Atsushi Ohkubo has announced that this story will be his final manga! via Monsters and Critics

I don’t know if that’s true. I hope it is though. For 1, I really want another season of Fire Force. The current one is just wonderful. And for two, I find that series with a clear ending in mind usually make for a more cohesive and stronger narrative. In any case, I couldn’t find any official announcement but they’ve got my vote. I will be watching it!

I had wonderful parents so I never felt that type of pressure to perform at a young age. I have a feeling that culturally, our eastern brothers and sisters might relate a bit more with Nataku. But even though I never went through it, and don’t really think I know anyone who did, I somehow still viscerally felt Nataku’s despair. We never want to disappoint our parents. I mean deep down.

Combine that childhood with being stuck with Rekka as your conscience or whatever, and I gotta say, Nataku is just a paragon of stability. I would have utterly lost it on day 2!

It says something about me that I tend to really like characters who embrace their weakness. Or those who make the best out of less than admirable traits. I just find those characters more challenging.

On a different note, sunsets have generally been peaceful in Fire Force. They have consistently been used during resolution scenes. However, this week they made the potential nuclear annihilation of the entire city look like the most beautiful sunset ever. I guess there’s beauty in the breakdown.

I’m always super excited when I manage to capture screencaps that I can put together to create a seemingly continuous image. For those that don’t know, I have a program that takes screenshots on a timer so I don’t actually chose what images I end up with. So it’s like a little treat!

I gotta say, Fire Force was always a very orange show, but with the addition of Nataku’s hair and eyes, it’s starting to feel almost monochromatic. Here’s what I know about the colour orange: it supposedly represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.

When viewed it has certain metabolic effects (like all colours). Orange is said to increase oxygen to the brain, invigorate, and stimulate mental activity. Although for animation purposes I assume it’s being used because it’s really easy to see. You can use it to catch attention and highlight the most important elements of your design. Or to make characters flying around a screen easier to follow.

And you know what else orange is associated with? That’s right Halloween! This post falls into my Halloween lineup – YAY!

I got distracted by silly things and forgot to talk about the episode. Loads happened. And I liked it! For one Kuro and Nataku struck up the oddest odd couple relationship ever. I kind of like it and kind of hate it. I want to see where it goes.

For two, the confrontation between the 8th and Hajima was dragged into the open with unexpected results. Hajima industries hs been presented as an entity more or less free of any morals… The thing is though, the absence of morals doesn’t mean it’s immoral either.

I’m not sure what I expected when Vulcan burst in the room claiming he would make a better generator that doesn’t need a person to power it. I suppose I expected the Haijima execs to either laugh it off dismissively or get very angry about it and throw him out. Maybe threaten him. I’m not sure why. But that’s the trope, right? The heartless huge corporation beating down on the idealist inventor with no regard for the greater good.

But that doesn’t actually make sense. It’s fully in Hajima’s interest to have a better generator and since Adolla Linked individuals are so rare and hard to come by, it’s even better if that generator doesn’t require one. Still, I would have never guessed that Hijima would be thrilled and offer to back the research. I really get why Victor was working there now. And this new collaboration opens so many doors!

So TLDR: Episode gud – me want to see next!

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  1. Oh man, those were two outcomes I didn’t expect, but that actually make sense. I really liked the episode as a resultion to a free-for all chaotic arc. I’ve always wondered about the protectors, so Charon seing a protector/pillar relationship between Nataku/Kuro was intriguing, too. And I really loved what they did with the Haijima director’s eyes during that final scene. It’s sort of personal, it seems.

    Yay, for season 3 if it really does happen (quite possible with shounen sellers that already have a second season).

    1. Same here. I generally have a good feel for where a plot thread is going but not here and it didn’t feel contrived at all. Good writting that!

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