At some point, I’m just going to have to admit it. I really like Fire Force. That’s really all there is to it. It speaks to me. And this second season is turning out much better than the first. Not that the first season was bad but it seems that the show has found its footing. It’s much better balanced and consistent.

Every week this show leaves me excited about what’s going to happen next week. Ok, so this time I started out super excited cause it’s the start of a new season but I was just as excited at the end. So there!

One thing that I believe would improve Fire Force at this point, is to give Vulcan a real role. It’s like after his great introduction last season (loved that arc!), Fire Force hasn’t really figured out what to do with him. I have hope though. So far the series has been busy with fleshing out Victor and Joker. I am certainly not complaining about that. And created intricate and interesting characters out of both. I’m sure Vulcan’s turn will come along.

As usual, both the light and the skies were absolutely beautiful this week. It didn’t completely hit me until I was looking over the screencaps and realized the entire first half of this episode was bathed in a warm afternoon glow that gradually intensified with an unseen setting sun. It’s a harsh contrast to the latter cold greys of the Hajima facility.

Oh and I also really loved the new OP. I actually enjoyed the old one quite a bit but the new song is just so joyful! I downloaded it already. Yay Internet! I’m split on the ED. I like the new one a lot but II also liked the old one a lot. So that might just be even.

Victor’s “confession” was fantastic. It was awesome to see just how indifferent everyone was except for the adorably trusting sister. What really sold t was Victor’s disappointment at the lack of reaction! But it was also great because it managed to keep Victor ambiguous. I was sure that Victor would be forced into a definitive face turn. After all, Hajima is trying to kill him and last week’s episode let us think that he is quite aware of it. I really didn’t know how he would be able to remain grey.

In the end, it was so simple. All Victor has to do is stay true to himself! His driving force isn’t any sort of virtue, it’s curiosity. So he honestly stated that. Brilliant. It creates the alliance needed to move the plot along and yet leaves the door open for betrayal at any time. Not that I think Victor will betray the 8th. He had a surprisingly noble line of not wanting Joker to be the only one taking risks. Still, I thought it was nicely done.

The fight between that child and Kurono was cruel. The animation was just so merciless. Not in the gore or bruises or anything like that. But the sparseness of Kurono’s movements. Short and brisk strikes, like swatting a fly. It was a little cruel. Then again, it’s probably better than being stuck with Rekka as some sort of guardian angel!

I really like Kurono’s personification. I didn’t like Kurono, who would? But I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen an antagonist quite like that. Generally speaking, I’m fond of cowardice as a character trait. I say that but it’s often used as comedic relief and exaggerated to the point of getting annoying. But in principle, I think it’s an interesting character trait with tons of potential.

And although cowardice is probably not the right term to describe Kurono, the idea of having a very powerful villain who openly declares that he prefers to fight against those weaker than him and avoid those of similar strength because he doesn’t like getting hurt is really unique. It’s perfectly reasonable and yet we pretty much never see that. And he isn’t the exaggerated craven. He is aggressive and aware of his own power. He just literally prefers easy fights.

That’s good. That’s a completely different type of antagonist from anything we’ve seen in Fore Force so far and it tilts the messaging of the show. Right now Shinra has Victor at his side and Kurono against him. Both are generally cynics. Or at the very least they are guided by goals rather than principles. As such, neither really represents a moral ground. That leaves Shinra forced to create one himself. And he has been getting pretty confused lately.

Like I said, I’m looking forward to the next episode!

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