Do you guys like the title Free for All? I had some trouble finding one this week.

You know what I realized? If I was a bit more patient and waited for the season to be finished in order to binge Fire Force, it would probably be one of my favourite shows. I actually like it a lot as it is but I can tell I would love it as a binge. The flow of it would work so well as a continuous watch.

And even though I don’t see many people reviewing the second season or talking about t much, my posts for the episode reviews are getting really good views so I’m guessing there are a good amount of people interested in watching it. That makes me happy. It’s a good season.

Victor really stile the first few minutes of the episode! Not only was he Batman for a second there but he also refuses to lose in a need flight. He was absolutely ridiculous. Arthur levels of ridiculousness and that is the greatest compliment I can give a Fire Force character. Or most characters really. Also, note Arthur’s face in that middle pic above!

I remembered a couple of episodes ago, the captain saying that they would all go in together but then it was just Shinra and Victor so I was wondering how the rest would come in. Turns out the answer to that is in the least subtle way possible. I mean everyone in this show is just the most lovable doofus and that’s a big part of the appeal.

Vulcan’s intense face had me in stitches. When the boy gets passionate he really gets passionate! I also really liked the animation when Shinra and Vulcan were running in the hallway. It was so springy!

Speaking of Vulcan getting passionate… We already knew he was a fan of robots. That’s one of his bigger personality traits. But he’s actually a robot nerd. Like he secretly thinks they have feelings but won’t admit it. I do believe I mentioned recently that Vulcan needed a bit of screentime in order to fill out his character a bit. Also, note Arthur’s face in that first picture. It hasn’t changed at all in the flip. Amazing!

And I guess I am once more an anime god because right away we got some Vulcan focus and he was possibly the most likeable we’ve seen him in a while. Don’t get me wrong, his dedication to Lisa is very endearing and I do like him a lot when he s taking care of her. But seeing him trying not to completely explode in glee at the chance of a robot fight made him seem like a mischievous little boy. That’s just irresistible.

I also liked the puppeteer lady although I was thinking that the antagonists do seem a bit samey. Slightly unhinged super powerful ladies with childish behaviour. You know, like Hajima was starting to look a bit like an Evangelist substitute which was a bit of a disappointment, especially after how interesting and unusual Kurono was.

Vulcan’s smile is fabulous. I want to buy toothpaste now.

I’m really curious about the new pillar. The ghost Rekka he keeps saying is just not a good sign. Rekka was with the white-clad I believe, does that mean this pillar will go to them as well?

And Kurono thinking Iris is weak is probably a mistake on his part. She may not be the best active combatant but so far no one has really been able to stand against sister. and I wouldn’t try it.

So I really should have had more fate in Fire Force. I really don’t know why Ii didn’t. It hasn’t let me down often. Having a new antagonist that is so similar to the Evangelist ones is boring UNLESS you have that new antagonist face off against the Evangelists. Then it becomes awesome. And the Evangelist are getting in on the free for all.

And now Kurono is going to have to evaluate not only most of company 8 which has quite a few strong fighters but also an Evangelist shock troupe. Who is he going to judge weaker in the lot?

And I thought that Hajima and the Evangelist were basically in cahoots but it seems I might be wrong. And I guess that makes sense. After all, Hajima needs a pillar to power Amaterasu. They re getting a little desperate and are willing to kidnap a firefighter for it. However, the Evangelist is also collecting the pillars so that puts their interests directly opposed. I’m getting excited. I want to know what happens next!

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  1. I love chaotic episodes, and next episode should be all out fun, with everyone after everyone and Kurono possibly going rogue on his employers. We’ll see where this goes.

  2. Yes watching in flow is really good, i agree on that one. Same is in case with Haikyuu for me, I want to binge watch the latest season, but somehow I dont have patience 😂

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