I finished watching Jujutsu Kaisen not that long ago and like a lot of people I go a bit taken with Gojou. I love a troll, I always have! This said, Gojou’s most striking physical trait has got to be his very icy blue eyes, which lead me back to my blue eyes Pinterest board and got me thinking about those ever so sweet blue-eyed anime characters.

Blue is the most popular eye colour in anime by far in my screencaps are to be believed so this was a hard list to put together. I tried to wield it away by not counting teal, grey or purple eyes as blue. And generally speaking, my favourites tend to be highly variable so I should really say these are my top 5 today!

Not exactly my most useful list. But you know, I got to look at a ton of pretty blue-eyed anime characters so who’s the real winner here?

5. Gen Dr. Stone

I have reviewed both seasons of Dr. Stone on an episodic basis but I don’t talk much about the series outside of those posts. and I don,t know why. I love Dr. Stone. I think it’s great! So at the very least, I can throw one of my favourite characters in a list.

So here it is. Dr. Stone brings a lot of attention to characters’ eyes by adding those groovy crack lines to the character designs that often end up looking like some serious emo makeup. I have to admit, Senku’s red eyes tend to steal the show a lot. Moreover, Gen has relatively small irises compared to the other characters. As such, you can be forgiven if you hadn’t noticed Gen’s eye colour!

4. Kageyama – Haikyuu!

This is turning into a list of anime I like a lot but rarely talk about. Weird. Anyways I love Haikyuu and Kageyama. He also has blue eyes! Tada – list accomplished! Ok, let me explain a bit more. Hinata and Kageyama are in fact examples of the Red Oni/Bleu Oni trope. Hinata has his fiery personality and overabundance of energy to go with this bright orange hair and extremely warm brown eyes.

Kageyama is the contrast deuteroginist with his calm if not very friendly demeanour, black hair and stormy blue eyes! His eyes are in fact one of his strongest assets as he is able to keep a good view on the entire court and figure out exactly where to put the ball!

3. Khun – Tower of God

You know, I just realized that a lot of my picks are examples of the Red Oni/Bleu Oni trope. Kuhn us one and so is my next pick. Although it shouldbe noted that Kuhn’s oni counterpart for the trope is Rak rather than Bam. And once again, Kuhn lives up to the characteristics of the trope. Cool and calculating he is often the brains of the operation but he can get his emotions get the best of him.

A trickster rather than a fighter he tends to keep his true intentions vague. Not the earnest and open type. He also has radiant blue eyes. That actually applies to every single character on this list so far. Hmmm… Maybe I should do a deeper dive on this at some point!

2. Arthur – Fire Force

See told you it was going to be another Red Oni/Bleu Oni pick. I should just change my list to top 5 examples of the trope! Arthur may have the most striking eyes on this list. Mostly because Fire Force often has his eyes glowing in the dark, alongside Shinra’s.

Now, it would be difficult to call Arthur an intellectual that thinks before he acts. He is not the genius of the group by any means. But he’s not a wild card either. He does in fact think a lot and employ reason before all else, it’s just that his reason is a bit different from everyone else’s.

I quite like Arthur as a character. I think he holds a huge amount of potential precisely because his character isn’t entirely restrained by the reality of the universe he exists in. He didn’t get that much chance to shine last season but I hope that will be remedied in season 3!

1. Miyamura – Horimiya

This is probably the character on here that is most closely associated with his baby blues. Well at least for me. Horimiya spends so much time zooming in and dwelling on Miyamura’s eyes and I can’t pretend I didn’t find them quite pretty. I did! Even though Horimiya is the odd man out in this list of mostly action shonen but Miya does still fit the tropes I have been establishing so far.

He is the quiet and more reserved counterpart of Hori’s excitable and impulsive personality. But when he gets stirred up, Miya can become quite…punchy, and he’s really strong. This said, after Gojou, Miya is the character I think of when I think bleu eyes so that’s why he gets the top of the list.

I really hadn’t realized that all my picks had similar personalities and tropes until I actually wrote about it. I know it’s not absolute. After all the Quintessential Quintuplets and All the characters in SSS. Gridman all have blue eyes and very contrasting personalities, but there might be something there.

I might do a future post on it if anyone is interested.

Do you guys have a favourite blue eyed anime boy or girl? Who is it?

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  1. Honoka Kosaka from Love Live will always be my blue-eyed anime angel. Actually two of my three best girls in that franchise have blue eyes; Shizuku Osaka from the Nijigasaki generation is the other (they have very different personalities from each other though).

  2. I just realised my anime character memory isn’t indexed by eye-colour. Of you’re list, I’d have known Arthur, because that’s the stereotypical foreigner design. If you’d asked unprepared: character name:eye colour? I’d have had to guess for all the rest.

    I do probably remember if the eyes are special, like, say, Leonardo Watch from Blood Blocade Battlefront (even so I don’t remember if both eyes are affected, since most of the time you see him they are closed).

    Also, on a cursory glance, the only time Gen’s eyes looked blue to me was in the last picture. On closer examination I get the first one, too. The rest? Can’t make out the colour at all. (The lighting in the last picture makes them look a muddish brown to me, actually, maybe with a greenish tint. Blue? Really? I can’t see it.)

    1. Both of Leo’s eyes are affected but I don’t remember if his eyes were originally bleu. I really liked that show, I’m pretty bummed the manga is hard to find

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