Yup, I’m slowly peppering some webtoons back in. I’m still having a really tough time weening myself off of physical manga. The thing is, I really enjoy webtoons while I’m reading them. Some truly fantastic series are digital-only, or at least digital first. But then I see a fancy bookshelf stacked with shiny colourful manga spines and my little heart just cried out I want it!

Not today though. Today I found a webtoon that kept me engrossed and entertained enough that I forgot I was staring at a computer. And both of them were also cute today!

Why I Picked up She is Also Cute Today

Honestly, I randomly stumbled on the title while looking for something completely different and thought it was cute. So I looked into it a bit more, found out it was Yuri, liked the cover image and that was pretty much it.

Some of you may know that I have a long ongoing search for a favourite Yuri anime. Currently, I think it’s Sweet Blue Flowers. Scouting out the source material manga could be adapted from is sort of preliminary research. Yeah.. I’m reading Yuri for science!

Official Summary

“I’m into someone.” Cang Shu, a straight-A student who always indulges in learning and has no passion for social contact, actually announces in public that she likes the poor student Qi Lin?! Thanks to a misunderstanding, the two of them begin to get to know each other. When a girl who disdains to make friends meets another girl who desires to be loved, what will occur between them?

My First Impression

We’ll it’s not only “she” that’s cute. Everything about this is cute!

What I liked

It’s cute! Not really, it’s a very adorable story. Both girls are in fact very nice and caring even if it is a one-sided crush for now. Their friends are also generally nice. I’ve noticed a trend in the Manhua I’ve been reading. I have to specify that this is only for the titles I have been reading as I don,t know about the rest. They respect and handle drama very well.

Like there’s no need to pour it on thick or to make situations horrific tragedies to get the point across. The stories I have read have characters that sometimes have some trauma to deal with but it’s generally down to earth and relatable, in a way that makes me feel a kinship with the character instead of morbid curiosity. And they don’t endlessly go on about the sad times.

She’s also cute today is mostly a comedy. So there isn’t much drama to speak of anyways. But when they do go into Qi Lin’s difficult home life a bit more and explain why she has a boy’s name, it’s done with a deft touch and the readers aren’t told what they should feel. As a result, I started to really care about Qi Lin, a character I was already terribly fond of. And I’m rooting for her love! How can I not?

Any drawbacks?

As with most webtoons, the chapters are short and easy to read. You can get through most of what is available in an evening or two and then you will be left waiting a week for every new snippet. This isn’t really a fault of the comic in any way. It’s the nature of all webtoons. But it’s though for impatient people such as myself!

I also find that the structure makes it more difficult for me to engage with the story unless I ignore it for long enough to have a good archive of chapters waiting for me and can have a more hearthy read at once.


The good news is that there is already a substantive chapter library for She is Also Cute Today and I really liked it. It’s heartwarming and often actually funny. It’s not explicit in any way so you can read it on the bus and not be embarrassed. And despite everything, it’s a surprisingly healthy example of a relationship between teenage girls. What more can you ask for?

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