How’s that for an anime top list subject? Super weird? I agree! I have no clue what came over me for this one. I was just sort of thinking about character types we don’t see that often in anime and decided we don’t see many nuns so why not make a list of them. Then I realized we actually see a lot but not so many in the shows I watch.

Then I gave up on any justifications and just put together a list of anime nuns. I got some weird hobbies…

5. Kate TAKAYAMA – Haganai

I have to say little Maria is usually part of the scenes that really didn’t work for me in Haganai. I just don’t connect with the character at all and as a plot device, it wasn’t my thing. But I did like the older and rather unrefined Kate. I have to say if Kate had been more present throughout the series, she would probably have worn me out, the character is kind of one-note but for occasional cameos, she worked out well enough.

The joke of having a very crass and unproper nun is kind of lame, but it got a giggle out of me when used sparingly. I’m not that difficult to make laugh mind you.

4. Sister Yolanda – Black Lagoon

Continuing the trend of nuns that act very much unnunly (that’s a word, right?), we have Eda from Black Lagoon. The show didn’t turn out to be for me and I decided not to continue after the first season however I could be convinced to change my mind rather easily if it turns out that the second season is all about the nuns’ black market business.

That part was really my favourite part of Black Lagoon and I wish we had seen more. Everyone in the show is though as nails and fairly impervious to the law, and the Church of Violence is no exception. I also really like the visual of a nun with an eye patch. I can’t explain why.

3. Index – A Certain Magical Index

Not all female members of religious organizations are nuns. In fact, I should do a top shrine maidens post. I got distracted just writing that. I really like miko.

What I was actually getting at is that I wasn’t entirely sure on whether or not Index actually qualifies as a nun. But she actually really is. In fact, she’s canonically a member of the Roman Catholic Church, more specifically the Anglican Church. Now that is some bonafide nun cred. Does one need nun cred?

How many anime have a nun as a title character? Not tons I bet. I may have had some issues with the series but I can’t deny that Index makes for a great nun character.

2. Sister – Arakawa Under the Bridge

What can I say about Sister? I mean what more do I even need to say, you see that picture up there! Okay, so as far as official nun credentials go, Sister is not quite as impressive as my previous pick, but they do run a chapel and offer both solstice and ministry to those who need it most. And that’s more than good enough for me.

also, like any good nun, Sister is full of love. Just ask Maria! Devotion and an open heart are all you really need to guide your fellow men to the divine. I’m not sure where I got that sentence from. This post is going off the rails. Let’s just all agree that Sister is unconventional but great!

1. Hibana – Fire Force

Wait, is Hibana still a nun or did she renounce the church? I mean I could have just as easily picked Sister but that would have been two sisters in a row and it would have looked a bit weird.

In any case, The Holy Church of Sol (one of my favourite anime religions) is heavily modelled on Christianity and it features nuns in a pretty recognizable way. They wear outfits, they have communion, they run orphanages and give last rites. Anyone that has grown up with the notion of Catholic nuns would recognize them.

But I have never seen a nun-like Hibana. Ok, so I will admit that character design plays a big part in this pick. But it’s not just that. Hibana is a boss and it’s always a delight to see her onscreen. She was never much for organized groups and depending on what’s really happening with the Church she may choose to go against them but I don’t think she has ever actually renounced her faith. In her more vulnerable moments, you can see it peek through and it’s lovely.

There you have it. another kind of odd top 5 list. I’m not sure why I have been choosing these odd topics for my lists lately. Then again I have always chosen to make some weird lists, these ones are normal by comparison.

Ok, so do you have a favourite anime nun? Preferably not from a hentai.

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  1. I think Index was mentioned to be part of the Unglican Church based on what I gathered in the first episode of the series. Sounds impossible for her to be part of the Catholic and Unglican organizations in the series since they’re warring with each other? (Though I reckon it makes more sense given the origins of the actual list it she be part of the former instead).

  2. Wow, this was certainly a subject that was “out of the box” – great post!

    I loved Black Lagoon but don’t really remember Sister Yolanda…it was a couple of years ago that I last watched it! Guess I’ll just have to watch again and re-acquaint myself. Oh well, my cross to bear…

    “In fact, she’s canonically a member of the Roman Catholic Church, more specifically the Anglican Church.” Um…do you mean she’s an Anglo-Catholic? That is, a “high church” Anglican whose liturgical practice and theological position is virtually indistinguishable from the Catholic Church? Or did the two churches achieve some kind of bizarre union in this anime?

    1. You’ll have to ask the author of Index. I did look it up though and apparantly Aglicans do consider themselves catholic. according to google so maybe that’s what the author was going for.

      I myself am not catholic nor have I ever been in a church, so I wouldn’t talk for anyone

      1. Yeah…if this is in the source material I can fairly confidently suggest that something has become “lost in translation” as it were…kinda like the anime “Clannad”, in which the visual novel on which it was based was called “Clannad” because the chief scenario writer mistakenly thought it meant “family” in Irish. in this case I suspect the confusion is around the meaning of the word “catholic”.

        Anglicans consider themselves to be members of “the one holy catholic and apostolic church” (to quote the Nicene Creed) as do all Christian denominations – including Roman Catholics – who subscribe to the Creed as a basic statement of faith. But “catholic” in this sense means “universal” and is not a reference to Catholicism as such. I suspect that is where the confusion has arisen…

  3. I was waiting for Sister!

    I wish I could remember Chrono Crusade better; the female main Rosette is a nun, but it’s an anime full of nuns. All I remember is the ending though (that was memorable for being an inevitable downer).

    And while not anime, she’s just too good to pass up: Clarice di Lanza from the Arcana Heart franchise of moe fighting games. She’s a demon, converted by and yandere for co-nun Else la Conti, who both work for the Celestial Union. You don’t often see nuns with demon wings, and she’s also one of those closed-eye characters who you really don’t want to open her eyes on you… Oh, and her arcana’s Sin. They haven’t kicked her out yet.

    1. Since it came out in 2003, (and probably a few years later outside of Japan), I’m guessing your age is around 17?

    1. Oh yeah. Yuasa directed a short some years ago, it had some nun living a double-life as an underground boxer. Her name’s Juliette, and she’d meet her pro-wrestler boyfriend Romeo in the ring. Something ridiculous of the sort, I forget the details!

    2. Are you kidding, that extra super nunny. She’s a double nun. If she works hard she could also be baptist and possibly protestant!

  4. I’m intrigued by the idea of nun cred. Are there nun gangs that operate in the shadows? I think we already know the answer to that question. I’m getting ideas for a D&D campaign…

    1. If anime has taught me anything it’s that nuns are pretty much exclusively dangerous gangs that work in the shadows…

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