Loot anime and merch haul

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a merch post but about a month ago I got an urge to do some shopping and got myself a nice assortment of anime stuff. The internet hates shipping to me (I know it’s personal) so my packages started trickling in only a week or so ago, incidentally coinciding with this month’s loot anime.

The opportunity seemed perfect for a good old post showcasing my abysmal photography skills. I know these posts aren’t exactly the most incisive writing (I’m implying here that there are posts on this blog that are!) But I always love looking at pictures of your stuff. It’s like internet shopping with none of the risk!. This one is for my capitalist loving readers. I hope you enjoy it. 


Let’s get some of these accessories out of the way. I love both merchandise I can wear and that isn’t too obvious. So little touches like this are my thing. Plus they’re super cheap. I have to say, most of these are pretty well made and look great in person.

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  • Dararara Izaya’s ring set. (This is the second set I buy. I’m a fan of simple silver bands and wearing  them on both index fingers is unusual. Just make sure you know your size).
  • Bleu Exorcist – Exorcist key pendant. (This is a small and discreet pendant that adds a tiny colourful touch)
  • Attack on Titan – Eren’s key (I know it’s supposed to be gold. In fact it come in with bronze, silver or gold finish but I prefer silver jewelry. I need my head canon this just happens to be Irina’ key… It’s a pretty striking pendant.  I have worn it once to the office so far and recieved quite a few compliments. Of course no one new where it was from)
  • Attack on Titan – survey corp pin. (Nice metal pin. It’s on my bag. It only has one central pin so it has a tendency to spin)
  • Yuri on Ice – Victor pin and Totoro pin (two little cabuchon pins. Adorable. I really like both. I wear them on coats or jackets.)
  • Black Butler – seal locket watch (I already have one of these small locket watches and I love them. They come on a long chain and are perfect over a simple loose top. And the subtle design is just my style.)
  • Haikyuu and Bungo Stray Dogs keychains (Kenma and Dazai). I don’t know why I like keychains so much, I hardly use keys anymore. These are both adorable decently sized and super lightweight. I hope they’re also durable.


I also got a few more figs. I recently discovered figs and both kinda love and hate them. I mean they’re useless. Little statues to just plop down in a bookcase or on a counter. Yet I just like them. It makes me happy to see them there staring at me.ç

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  • The lovely Kirusu on gears. Her hair is a bit on the brown side but I love the pose. She watches over me when I work. Silently critiquing everything I do.
  • My misunderstood lovely Nagito. He came with an alternative crazy face and extra arm so I can put him in his condescending explain it all pose. I love Nagito.

Loot box

This month’s loot box was late as usual but was full of franchises I enjoy, so I was really looking forward to it. The actual  product though….

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  • Attack on Titan poster and t-shirt. I actually went out of my way to get some aot merch on my own. The poster is fine but I really only put up framed fan art so this will go in a box. As for the t-shirt. It wasn’t in the box, there was a post card saying that it will ship later.
  • Black Lagoon t-shirt. I love the color, the logo and the size but once again it’s clearly cut for a boy. I really need to figure out how to adjust them.
  • No Game No Life pin. It’s a lovely high quality pin with vibrant colours and two pins to keep it well in place. This is the standard loot anime pin, and I always quite like them.
  • Bungo Stray Dogs manga vol. 1. I’ve been playing the BSD mobile app a lot lately. It’s a fun little marbles game and it’s really doing it’s job. I.e. reminding me of the franchise and making me want more. I can’t wait till the next season… The problem with this is…I already have BSD vol 1… It’s nice that this is a loot anime exclusive alternate cover though. Otherwise it’s the same book.
  • My Hero Academia sippy cup. It’s probably not called that. This is a big plastic jug with straw. I don’t drink enough water at work (I love water, I’m wild!) This will get tons of use. My favourite part was the large sticker that was on it, proclaiming it to be made of non-toxic materials.

And that’s it…. Honestly I’m thinking it’s about time I drop this. They haven’t had figures for months. I can get all the pins I want for a handful of bucks elsewhere. The t-shirt never fit me nicely. Even in a box representing only properties I like a lot, there are no exciting items. I guess I would have been pretty excited about the manga if I didn’t already own it. Still, I highly recommend you put together your own box from highly discounted items in the vault. It will cost you half the price and you’ll only get stuff you like.


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One of the bigger items I got is this persona 5 school bag. I absolutely adore it. I’ve been using it as my official work bag every day. It’s lightweight and practical. Very comfortable to carry around. It roomy enough for all my junk and has a variety of pockets to keep everything organized. Also the bottom is rigid enough to keep its shape and has these little pads so you can set it on the ground and it won’t get too dirty or topple over. A great buy.

Last but always best! Natsume’s book of friends.

First, Remy send me this absolutely beautiful fanzine from a con he went to. It’s full of Natsume fan art from all different artists. Part of me wants to take it apart to frame my favorite illustrations and put them up but it’s too beautiful. I wouldn’t dare. Once again, thank you so much Remy the is the best present ever.

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Then  l got this Natsume and Madara figure. You can’t tell from the pictures but this thing is huge. I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. It’s a little clunky. But it’s sitting on a corner counter in my bedroom and just knowing I got these two watching over my dreams makes me a little happy.

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Finally, I got a litter of nyankos. These little guys are so cute. I really love all of them. They are adorable yet really display Nyankos sensei’s personality. For the moment they are lining a shelf but I plan to bring at least one to the office to keep me company there…

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And that’s it. Hooray for capitalism. Hope you liked it at least a bit. Have a great day!

P.S. right after finishing this post I received a box full of anime keychains so that’s my header pic. I couldn’t pick the characters but the entire lot was about 4$…I have no clue what I’ll do with them.


41 thoughts

            1. You’ve never been to my place…it’s…decorated. Like pretty anime boy decorated

  1. Man that’s a lot of nice goodies. I like the Exorcist key pendant a lot. Looks very nice. Your Persona 5 bag looks more practical than the official one that came with the limited edition of the game. The strap on my mine is a good length, but I could fit anything in it. Unless I want to cosplay as the P5 protagonist, I doubt i’ll use for every day means. That Nyankos in a box in a dark room is pretty creepy. Don’t like the look he’s giving me. Almost as if he’s planning something while acting innocent.

    Only anime related stuff I get are limited editions of certain animes, and whatever comes in them. Mostly I go for the ones that’ll have a art book since I like going through those, and simply admiring the art work at times. I like the Jojo Bizarre Adventure art book the best since it has some nice insights into the production of the anime.

    1. I love art books. I should get more. I never think of them for some reason but whenever I see one I’m always fascinated by it

  2. That Kurisu figure looks way better than I thought it would.

    And those Nyanko sensei figures are really cute. My favourite one is the one happily sleeping in the cup.

      1. The pic you took of him sleeping on the top is adorable, too, though, with none of the balancing problems and the cup free for drink.

  3. Very cool and thanks for sharing. I fell in love with all the Natsume merch here and the little Nyankos are just too adorable. Very much made my morning having a look at all of those.

  4. All of that stuff is amazing! I’ve always wanted to collect figurines and things of that nature! I love the Persona 5 bag! And those keychains!!! (>_<)

    I do have a question because I kinda floating above the decision to start collecting items though I don't have a place for all things I would purchase because I stay in an apartment. Do you keep the boxes for figurines you have so that it is easier to move if that time should come?

  5. Wow! Seriously cool stuff indeed!. I especially loved the Kirusu figure! Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures. Always nice to see these kinds of things! 😊😊

    1. “I always put off making a post about all the weeb crap in my room”

      Um, you know who we are, right?

      I’m willing to bet it’s not “crap” at all!

      At least I hope not, because it if is, I got several shelves of crap…

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