Honestly – why didn’t I think of this earlier… Whether sloppy lightweight or hard drinking party animal, liquor loving characters are often used to inject some fun loving life into a story. They remind us to enjoy the good times through slurred speeches and stumbling walks. It should be noted that I am using the word drunk here only in the most loving and respectful way as the truly  reverent compliment it was always meant to be. 

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Best job ever!


I’ve tried to keep this post happy and light so that may be a reason a character has been omitted. Also I’m a little buzzed so mebbe I forgots.

 In absolutely no order whatsoever – you guys are all winners:


 7. Junko Kaname – Puella Magi Madoka Magica


There is a lot going on in Madoka and many relatively unimportant characters were surprisingly well developed. For instance, Madoka’s family, although generally accessory to the actual plot, were all given clear and well-rounded personalities, which in turn gave us a real sense of Madoka’s life before the start of the series and a glimpse into her psyche. Madoka’s dad is an infinitely patient and an extremely loving stay at home father which explains her kindness and empathy. Her little brother is a sweet fun loving little boy which shows us why Madoka herself would be likely to want to take care of others. But her mom Junko was always my favourite by far. She’s a gentle but no nonsense bauss lady, who loves her sexy babydaddy and brings the sweet sweet bacon home. She also knows how to let off some steam from that stressful bacon getting. She has no issues with a little after work libations and on at least one occasion had to be physically put to bed by her husband and kids after getting home completely sloshed. The show is very clear that their marriage and home life is extremely happy and that Junko is a great mom admired by all of Madoka’s friends. This is where Madoka gets her strength of will and the courage to do what needs to get done.

  • Drink every time Junko worries about Madoka
  • Drink every time Junko gets ready i the bathroom
  • Drink every time Junko refuses to get up


12. Yasuko Takasu – Toradora


Speaking of great moms – Yasuko from Toradora certainly knows how to have a good time and how to injected fun into every scene she stumbles into. OK Yasuko is not as responsible as Junko, leaving much of the domestic responsibilities to her kid – although YOU try and stop Ryuuji from cleaning up! But in her defense, drinking is part of her job (I need to change jobs), and she is a very hard worker. Yasuko clearly cares about her kid and she is there to offer all the moral and emotional support he needs which is much more than can be said about any other parent in this series. She is doing the best she can and that has worked out pretty well since for all his hangups Ryuuji is by far the most well-adjusted kid around.

  • Drink every time Yasuko tells Ryuuji he looks like his dad
  • Drink every time Yasuko passes out
  • Drink every time Yasuko hugs someone
  • Drink every time Yasuko gets serious

b) Nyanko/Madara – Natsume’s book of friends


Nyanko answers the very important question – can yokai get drunk? And that answer is : yes, spectacularly so. Not only is Nyanko a very  obvious and sloppy drunk, stumbling around going from belligerent to giddy in the blink of an eye and losing any reasonable decision making skills he may have had in the first place, but he’s also an extremely human drunk. This is a drunk you recognize maybe even one you’ve been. What the great and noble Madara is really telling us here is that alcohol is the great equalizer. I’ll drink to that!

  • Drink every time Nyanko comes home drunk
  • Drink every time Natsume is annoyed at Nyanko for being drunk
  • Drink every time Nyanko gets insulted because of his cat form
  • Drink every time Madara is drunk


¾) Misato Katsuragi – Neon Genesis Evangelion


Arguably Misato has some very good reasons to drink. I mean it’s a wonder anyone in NGE can get out of bed in the morning without a good buzz on, but despite being more or less smashed 24/7 and having nothing but a gallon of beer in her fridge, Misato remains professional, good humored and surprisingly reliable under impossible circumstances. Heck if anything, a bit of booze is a good luck charm for her. I mean look at what happens when she decides to switch to coffee instead towards the end of the series. It’s the literal end of the world!

  • Drink every time Misato opens a beer
  • Drink every time Misato fights with hr boyfriend
  • Drink every time Misato is inappropriate with Shinji
  • Drink every time Misato almost kills someone with her cooking or driving


8) Cross Marian – D. Gray-man


This is a tossup because Allen is really hilarious when he drinks but since a liquor chocolate is enough to get him sauced out of his mind, I think he needs a bit more practice before earning the coveted title of drunk! On the other hand, Cross tends to stay cool headed at all times, one could almost be fooled into thinking the man’s a clean living, chain smoking, womanizing, hard gambling, con artist… But the fact that any room he stays in ends up littered with empty wine bottles betrays a certain *thirst for life*. It’s a fact that no one in D.Gray-man has it easy but at least Cross is having all the fun he can on his way down.

  • Drink every time Cross flirts
  • Drink every time Allen has a terrible story about Cross 
  • Drink every time Cross wears his mask
  • Drink every time Cross lights a cigarette


#. Dot Pixis – Attack on Titan


There is an interesting (to me) aspect of the AoT universe that gets glossed over a lot and that’s the glut of resources implied by the fact that all of humanity is essentially living under siege. We know that food is insufficient and citizens must occasionally be sacrificed in order to be able to provide for the rest so where is Dot Pixis getting his unending supplies of hootch? The man more or less lives with his hand on his flask and has no qualms about hitting said flask right in the middle of a super serious conversation. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but all things considered, maybe you should use some of that grain to make bread instead?

  • Drink every time we see Dot’s flask
  • Drink everytime Dot flirts
  • Drink everytime Dot makes a speech
  • Drink everytime Dot plays dumb


10042) Cana Alberona – Fairy Tail


This said, Dot Pixis could take some notes from Cana. Now this girl knows how to keep hydrated. I think it would be easier to count the scenes where she is not drinking although that isn’t slowing her down much. In fact, it isn’t slowing her down at all. I can’t help but to be a little sad for the poor thing, it must cost her a fortune to get a little buzz on since she seems almost completely impervious to the effects of alcohol. Maybe she’s like Bender and would actually suffer from lack of drinking instead?

  • Drink every time Cana gets in a fight
  • Drink every time Cana gropes Lucy
  • Drink every time Cana casts Fairy Glitter
  • Drink every time Cana tries to impress her dad


π – Kaoru – I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying!


Who doesn’t love a lusty drunk? Sad sad people, that’s who. Kaoru clearly loves her husband, I mean she puts up with a lot. This truly angelic wife accepts her husband for who he is, generously shares him with a harem of 2d waifus, some of who seem as important as she is and even agrees to some creative role playing just to make her man happy. She doesn’t complain or expect him to change in any way. And when she has a drink or two she REALLY loves her husband. I hope Hajime realizes just how lucky he is.

  • Drink every time Kaoru fails at cooking
  • Drink every time Kaoru does
  • Drink every time Kaoru cries from joy
  • Drink every time we see Kaoru’s real hair colour


6.1.2 Kobayashi – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Generally speaking, Kobayashi is a very sensible and reasonable woman. She is reliable, hard working and good at her job. She does what is expected of her and she does it well. So who can blame her for deciding to unwind once in awhile. She does this very well too! Drunk Kobayashi doesn’t hesitate to strip people around her, loudly impose all her obsession to everyone within earshot and completely lose her way home. Heck she got so drunk once, she invited a dragon to come live with her and then completely forgot about it. Of course, she pays the price of all her celebration. Poor Kobayashi is no stranger to nasty hangovers and she had to get a bigger house to accommodate all the dragons! What’s the worse thing that’s happened to you, huh? Lost your phone? Pffth – amateur.

  • Drink every time Kobayashi explains human world to Thoru
  • Drink every time Kobayashi talks about maids
  • Drink every time Kobayashi tries to sleep in
  • Drink every time Kobayashi resigns herself to her faith

Ω) Aqua – KonoSuba


Well we know what happens to yokai when they have a few but what about goddesses. Awesomeness – that’s what happens. As a goddess imbued with heavenly beauty and infinite wisdom, Aqua knows what’s important so whenever she happens to have to coins to rub together she knows exactly how to spend them. Aqua hordes alcohol – seeks out high quality bottles and never fails to celebrate a successful quests completion at the pub. She also happens to be a great drunk, happy and entertaining, she wows crowds with fantastic magiks and even pukes rainbows. Let me say that one more time – when she gets wasted – She. Pukes. Rainbows! Life goals!

  • Drink every time Aqua casts a god spell
  • Drink every time Aqua cares about her worshippers
  • Drink every time Aqua mentions that Eris pads her bra
  • Drink every time Aqua resurrects someone


Yuuri Katsuki – Yuri on Ice


Victor is no stranger to the bottle and he certainly is an adorable drunk, I wouldn’t exactly turn him away or anything. Of course, Victor is just plain adorable so it doesn’t really count. However, if you want to see a real display of drunken mastery, you have to wait until Yuuri gets a few drinks in him. As episode 10 shows us – Drunk Yuuri is everything! He is a loud, honest, frantic whirlwind of inebriation. No wonder Victor couldn’t forget him – no one could!

  • Drink every time Yuuri is insecure
  • Drink every time Yuuri practices
  • Drink every time Yuuri is afraid of Yurio
  • Drink every time Yuuri blushes

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  1. I will forever remain impressed by how Yuuri managed to pole dance with that much alcohol in him.

    And good question – how does Pixis get his booze? AoT’s greatest mystery.

  2. Love the numbering system on this list.
    Also love that you including Yuuri because it is going to be hard to ever beat that scene in episode 10.

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