I love to cosplay….in theory. I do like dressing up but I always forget to start working on my consume until a few days before I need it, I don’t want to spend a fortune, I have little makeup skills and negative sewing skills and I need to be comfortable. So you know… I love cosplay on other people!

Unless of course, I can find cheap, super easy to put together cosplay I can just throw on and forget about it. I brought you a list of 5 easy last-minute anime costumes last year but I figure you can never have too many ideas for Halloween. Besides, I like putting imaginary costumes together so here we go again:bakugo casual

5. Bakugo – My Hero Academia

I recently ordered Bakugo’s black t-shirt from redbubble. I ended up picking a slightly oversized style which is just perfect. It’s so comfy I could sleep in it but still looks great. This said Bakugo’s t-shirt is really easy to find all over the internet. Pair that with some black jeans and old doc Martens and bam casual Bakugo.

It’s literally jeans and a t-shirt. What could be more comfortable than that? And it’s not like you can’t just wear that t-shirt whenever you want so you can get way more out of your costume! For a little extra realism to really get the character across, you can also wear a scowl for the rest of the day. You don’t even need to be blond then!
Rinshi Ekoda-chan (5)

4 Ekoda-chan

By far the most cost-effective costume on any list but unfortunately one you may not be able to wear to work or school. Or maybe yes. I don’t know what dress codes are like for you…

You can get the entire look in one simple step. Start by removing your current clothing and cosplay accomplished!

Ekoda changes appearance quite a bit from episode to episode so no one can tell you you don’t look exactly like her. You don’t even have to be a lady, genderbent cosplay is a big trend. The extra touch you can add for this one is to be a little hung up on someone who’s really no good for you. But I think you can skip it.

Yuru Yuri Kyoko tomato

3. Kyoko (onesie version) Yuru Yuri

I love Yuru Yuri and Kyoko is my favourite. That’s why I got a tomato onesie. Wearing a onesie as a costume is the best. It actually is a pyjama. And October in Montreal is a good time to get a little cozy.

Sure, it may seem simple. You may think that it’s not worth it without the hair but come on, who else wears a tomato onesie. Who would even think of buying that? Clearly, there’s only one mind great enough to come up with such a thing.

2. God mode Lain

God mode lain wears a simple white slip. It’s breathy and light. I’m starting to see a trend where I’m only recommending costumes you can sleep in. Honestly, that’s so me. Lain is a bit of an older show and it may not be as current with present-day anime watchers so you may need to put in just a touch more work.

I recommend crisscrossing some hairpins over a small strand of side bangs. Now you’re all set. And I bet some people are going to be really ok with you wearing a negligee for an entire day. Not only do you get to be an all-powerful emergent diety but you also get to do it in comfort! What more can you ask for?

promised neverland

1. Unadopted Promised Wonderland Orphan

White button-up and white skirt or pants. Done! How long do you think you can keep that outfit clean? For me, I bet I don’t make it out of the bathroom without a toothpaste stain or something. If you are willing to brave the dirt, it’s actually a fairly easy and comfy outfit to put together. Write some numbers on your neck and you are good to go.

For that extra bit of Halloween creepiness, get a red flower (I like spider lilies myself) to either carry around or put in your lapel. You could also have a red flower pin. Then you’ll be an “adopted” orphan from the Promised Neverland.

I realize that my number one pick for quick and easy Halloween costume is arguably the most complicated one to put together but I just think it’s so awesome. If a kid shows up at my place dressed like that, they’ll get ALL the candy! Heck if an adult shows up dressed like that they would also get all the candy. I’m not letting them in the house though.

For the record. I’m showing up at work dressed as Komaeda (Danganronpa) on Halloween. I have the black jeans (from the Bakugo cosplay), wallet chain and t-shirt. An old army shirt can stand in for the coat and I’ll just add a bit of extra subtle beige-pink to my hair for the rest. I doubt anyone will recognize me, but I’ll know!

Do you have an anime-inspired costume lined up for Halloween? What is it?


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  1. Hahaha! Funny list. Am I the only person who thinks Bakugo’s shirt looks like the Punisher symbol? I think Yugo Beppu would have an easy cosplay outfit, too.

  2. I might use the TPN idea for a cheap and easy costume for Halloween since some of the teachers are doing a thing. It’s to bad I’m not in my evolution unit yet as TPN would be a nice way to start it.

  3. I imagine Ekoda chan takes a bit more effort for guys than for girls.

    Tomato onesies are awesome and always will be.

  4. This isn’t specific to Halloween, but whenever I get stuck on what I should wear on any given day, I just try to throw together an outfit inspired by an anime character and call it “stealth cosplay”. Sometimes it’s somewhat accurate (like Ton from Phantom in the Twilight, where the main inaccuracy is that I have 3/4 pants in the colour of Ton’s shorts), sometimes it’s just the colour scheme (like Quitterie from Astra).

    Seiya from this season’s Shinchou Yuusha was – in the manga and LN – summoned wearing a plain white shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers, so I ended up using that as an excuse to stealth cosplay (it was kinda chilly the day I tried it, so I had to supplement it with a thin purple jumper…and since I was using the anime as the reference, the pants were black instead).

    1. I do that too. I think I have a post somewhere about it. My common ones are Izaya from Durarara amd Maka from soul eater.

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