Ok, so I’ve now spent two days struggling with the new editor. In my opinion, it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. In fact, once I get to know it better, I’m sure I’ll like it. However, there are a few very useful functionalities that were lost and I really don’t know why. For the moment, I can get it to do everything I want to, but it takes a few more clicks every time.

This said I’m currently very grumpy about it because I’m still in that phase where I have to relearn everything and I feel like I’m swimming against the current even when I’m trying to get it to do very simple things. Like wrap text around pictures for instance. And for someone like me, who was already getting exactly what they wanted from the old editor AND had spent a few years setting it up exactly how I want, it just feels like a huge unnecessary step back.

Oh yeah, there was also an episode of re:Zero this week. A fun one which I discussed in detail with Crow. You should read that post. It’s way better than just listening to me whine! You can find it HERE.

I’m going to be honest with you though, I really don’t have much to say about the visuals this week. I absolutely love time loop stories but you do in effect get to see the same images over and over again. Maybe my little brain is just too saturated with the new editor drama, but I really couldn’t see anything new or remarkable about this week’s visuals.

We all knew that Satella looks like Emilia, right? I mean I knew that and I don’t know anything. There’s no need to mention that bit.

We’ve all seen the nighttime scenes already. Even the light wasn’t weird this week. Although Emilia seems to be glowing a bit much. Was she always this glowy? Poor Subaru! He better get used to falling asleep with the bedside lamp on if he ever plans to share a bed with this girl. On the upside, you can stay up late reading without any fear of waking up the person next too you. Playing hide and seek as a kid must have been really difficult for Emilia. She must have been forced to always hide in well-lit areas.

I do like that all the magic ladies have the same blue filter. Ok, it’s just nighttime Emilia and test tube Ryuzu. Still, it visually tied the scenes together. Like a good rug.

Full disclosure, this post was actually pretty easy to write in the block editor. And seeing those pretty picture mosaics come together was actually fun. You would think I would eventually get tired of being wrong all the time.

As some of you know, I’m a big fan of single eye closeups. A classic anime trope. And in the last part, we got yet another standoff between Subaru and Garfiel which included nice long back and forth between their eyes. You even saw each character reflected in the other’s irises, my very favourite! that was fun. It also made me realize that even Subaru has split pupils so maybe I was reading way too much into eye design at the beginning of the season.

I had a bit of time left so I decided to attempt creating an Emilia avatar. She says, don’t forget to check out the post on Crow’s blog!

13 thoughts

  1. So much happened last week , but I’m really looking forward to tonight’s episode. And yes I love the shows dynamics with characters im different lines being friendly or very antagonistic towards Subaru .

  2. I think Satella IS Emilia having a very very very bad hair day. This time she had a really bad time in the trial. Put her though enough horror or sadness or anger and this is what comes out. The other Emilia. She destroyed her family and all her people the last time it came out.

  3. I think Subaru was talking to Emilia when he said he will save her. He(and I) assume that in this timeline, Satella must have possessed Emilia and thus he swore to himself that he will protect her (Emilia). BTW, I love that he started trembling when he got near Emilia because his subconscious has started linking Emilia to Satella and thus made him almost as afraid of her as he is of Satella.

    BTW, the enchanting of Petra’s handkerchief made last week’s episode more interesting when Echidna she was meddling a bit when she touched Petra’s handkerchief. I love that Subaru saw this timeline as a disposable one and has decided to waste it so as to gain as much info. It shows that he is getting more desensitized by his deaths and has become more willing to waste a life just for a bit of information.

    One thing that I notice that I love about Re;Zero’s mechanic is that through each death, you are able to see the different ways a character can react in varying circumstances. For example, Garfiel can be a lovable rough ally in one timeline or a dangerous enemy in another. 2 episodes before this, we saw him killing Otto and Ram with the intent to also kill Subaru and then in this episode, we see him showing guilt for not being able to save anyone. We also see him willing to risk his life to protect Subaru and even scold Subaru for planning to use himself(Subaru) as bait and that is all in the first 5 minutes. In this current timeline, he wasn’t pushed on the offensive so he remained neutral until Subaru showed any suspicious behaviors. It is just interesting and makes all the characters more defined and 3-Dimensional

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