We all know how it is… You love Halloween but you’re also not prepared and possibly a little lazy. I sure know I am. So here we are, just a few days away, and you still don’t have a costume. How many times have we been there? You would love to flaunt your otaku side with some fantastic anime inspired costume but those are so elaborate, it would have taken you months to put together, and buying an already made one is a fortune!

Fret not fellow procrastinator! I have the perfect solution to all your woes. These last minute Anime adjacent Halloween costumes can be put together for mere pennies and are easy enough even a child could do it. Well children usually are the ones putting Halloween costumes together anyways… Without further ado, bring on the costumes:

Izaya in hoodie.jpg
I have a random hoodie!

5) Izaya – Durarara!

I low-key cosplay as Izaya on a regular basis. It’s almost hard not to. All you need is a pair of black or dark jeans and a black or dark grey long sleeve t-shirt (a lightweight sweater is fine too). Tada! You’re Izaya! You don’t have to be going out Izaya with the coat. It’s not always cold… It helps if you have Izaya’s short dark hair but let’s face it, the guys is the type to be walking around with a random wig just because.

If you want to go the extra mile, get two silver bands and wear them on your index fingers. You could enter a cosplay competition!

Alternatively, if you have the rings, you can wear whatever you want and go as laundry day Izaya. There is no way Izaya has not gone around prancing in a party dress at some point.

Madoka promo art.jpg
looking for anime schoolgirls out of uniform took me to some dark places

4) Schoolgirl or boy on the weekend

There are a million animes that take place in a classroom. You’re thinking of 3 right now! How did I know that? SpoooOOOoooky! Anyways, find one that has a character with similar hair to yours. Style it the same and you’re done!

I know we keep on talking about Japan as this mythical land of weirdness but really, it’s a pretty normal place. Their weekend wear is going to be very similar to yours. Have shoulder length auburn hair? Throw in a few red polka dot bows in your hair and you are Chyio from Nozaki-kun. Everyone wants to be Chyio. EVERYONE!

Mello-mello-13776494-1366-768 (1).jpg
all you need

3) Undercover Mello

Mello from Death Note is a super underrated character. I know he’s probably not your favourite but after you read this he may just be your favourite cosplay! Mello does have a rather distinctive fashion sense and hairstyle but he’s also been part of the underground for a while. He knows the value of blending in with a crowd and I’m willing to bet, he’s had to sneak around and make himself discreet on more than a few occasions.

Sure it would help if you have that long bob blonde hair of his, but if he’s trying to go unnoticed, I bet he would hide it somehow. Under a hoodie or a wig that just happens to be the same as your hair. And he wasn’t always terribly scarred.

Basically any clothes will do as long as they are fairly casual. Business suit Mello just doesn’t work… All you actually need to pull this costume together, is a chocolate bar to much on. You’re liking this costume now, aren’t you?

Yeah sure, you can also go as L, walking around barefoot in late October is a bit of a challenge in Montreal though.

regionalism (1).jpg
at least you keep that sweet couture

2) Attack on Titan citizen

Beggars can’t be choosers. If you were lucky enough to survive the Titan onslaught, you are wearing whatever you can get your hands on. Odds are it’s not going to be brand new or too fancy but, you never know. I’m sure you take excellent care of the little clothes you do have.

One thing you don’t have so much of, is food. The poor diet and constant stress of potentially being messily devoured by a giant at any minute, tends to take a toll on a person. You’re most likely going to be a bit taunt and tired looking. Ok boys and girls, time to put your old school Zombie makeup skills to good use. What we’re aiming for here is Zombie light.

Some sunken cheeks (also known as contouring gone wrong), some bags under your eyes, and a mildly haunted look of constant terror on your face. Now you are one of the few remaining hopes for humanity. It’s ok that you didn’t chose to go attack those titans head in the corps. Physical confrontation isn’t for everyone. We’re not judging you…much…

do you still have to get me a bday present?

1) Friend of Nyanko

This is a highly adaptable costume you can do with just about any franchise. You’ve been an anime fan for a while right? You’ve probably gotten yourself a random plushie at some point. On October 31st, carry it around! Have a little Monokuma, you are now a previously unseen ultimate despair. Like me, maybe you have Kuroneko-sama, well great you’re part of the Trigun universe. How about something from a Ghibli movie maybe?

Or maybe, you have a Nyanko sensei hanging out on your bed. For all his grumbling Nyanko is both a pretty sociable and popular guy. He has plenty of other friends than Natsume. This costume has two extra benefits. First you get to hang out with Nyanko all day and have a plushie to hug. It’s surprisingly relaxing. and Two, any Natsume fans will recognize you and now you have a new friend! How many costumes can do that?

There you have it folks. All my tips of the trade, just for you. You may worry that with such subtle costumes, no one will know who you are. Well, you were dressing as an anime character, no one was going to know who you are anyways…

Guys, if you actually are doing some anime inspired Halloween getup, please put a pic on twitter and tag me. I so want to see them!

anime pumpkin

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  1. My favourite’s always been werewolf (unless it’s a full moon). However, there’s also the super-lazy option: stay at home and tell everyone you were the invisible man.

    However, “Friend of Nyanko” is my new favourite now.

  2. Haha…well…I would probably be an Attack on Titan citizen. I’m not good with costumes, and wouldn’t even know how to create them 😂😂 (that said…I haven’t forgotten that I am going to have to wear cat’s ears to next years animecon….guess I’m also not good at thinking when I am commenting on something lol 😂😂).
    Great post! Really enjoyed this one 😊

  3. The nyanko idea is perfect!, then I will have an excuse to act antisocial and also carry a book with me to the party and just say “I’m getting in character” 😂😂

  4. Ha ha ha!!! I love it! I once got kidnapped to go to a last minute con and I didn’t have a cosplay ready. But… Go to a con in NORMAL CLOTHES?! That’s just shameful!! So, I threw on a kilt, a white shirt and tie, some kneesocks and… VOILA!! ANIME SCHOOL GIRL! 😂😂

      1. Ha ha ha!! Ok… Funniest thing is that I just sent pics to a couple of people that were slightly similar. I’m going to a 90s Halloween party tonight and was trying out an outfit… so replace the Mary janes from the anime outfit with knee high doc marten style boots, the white button up shirt with a chixdiggit (90s band) baby tee and lace blazer and my hair in pigtails… And you have the 90s! 😂😂😂 Still had the kilt! 🤣

            1. it’s only a problem when yu haven’t had enough cocktails…After that – it’s a feature!

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