I’m going to be honest with you guys, I had a hard time focusing on this week’s Noblesse. to because of any fault of the episode itself. Although pseudo vampire politics aren’t really my favourite part of the show anyway.

But no, I had issues concentrating because I’m an itsy tiny bit really angry tonight. Not at you guys, you rock. And actually, just writing it down made me feel better. Also, it’s cool that my post title actually works on two levels. It’s episode relevant and it refers to me. I really do feel better now. And this is why I never win arguments, I have no stamina when it comes to anger. The current Lord would burry me without breaking a sweat!

I get that this is a bit of a jerk move, but I’m not going to tell you what I was mad about. General work stuff. It did affect my enjoyment of the episode though so I don’t feel super confident reviewing it or even recapping it at this point. Get ready for a stream of randomness.

Despite this being a more serious episode, there were still moments that genuinely made me smile. Our three merry goons coming to Regis’ rescue and giving themselves cool number names cause they are really 12 years old at heart. I liked that. And what’s more, I think Regis liked it too. I wonder how they chose the order. I was pretty surprised that Regis didn’t immediately start arguing that he wanted to be no 1. I guess he was just happy to have friends.

Speaking of which, the nobles seemed surprisingly upset that the Lord would consider Regis an enemy. We don’t actually know that much about him before he met up with Rai & friends. I still think that he’s probably a bit of the baby of the bunch. That’s why people want to treat him more gently.

Again, I might have missed something here, but is the Lord really just super upset that her dad offered the position to Rai before her? (Do we know the lords’ names?) Like this is all a question of getting overlooked for a promotion. For a job Rai didn’t even want I bet! Then again, if you’re gonna be lord of all vamp Nobles, I bet you gotta be a little ruthless and unforgiving. Even though all the Nobles we know are pretty nice. Look, she’s cute, I’m trying to make excuses.

This is my wild theory. First of all, I think the current Lord killed her father, potentially in a fit of rage. And she’s blaming it on Rai partly to cast blame off her and partly because she thinks it’s his fault she was angry in the first place. I get you, girl! Rwaaaahhhhh!

I further think that it was probably a misunderstanding to begin with. Like the previous Lord honestly hated the job and wanted to spare his daughter rather than him thinking she wasn’t worthy or something. It was all out of love you guys.

I have this random observation. The current Lord looks much more like Rai than like her supposed father. I’m not implying anything. Just genetics and stuff…

Also is eternal sleep really death? Cause if Cthulhu has taught me anything…

There are still two episodes to go, and I actually think that Noblesse could wrap up all the main plot points in that time. Manabu and Tao’s relationship will feel a bit incomplete and we’ll never know if Yusuke manages to trick Seira into dating him but the search for the previous Lord’s murderer could be solved. Heck just take my wild theories and put them in the next episode. That leaves one episode for romance and bromance. All good!

I am an efficient backseat anime adapter. As long as I don’t have to do any of the work, I’m awesome at it.

So the episode ends on what could very well turn out to be a Nobles revolution. Now that’s a twist. Usually it’s the little guys that get fed up and revolt. I don’t know about you, but that last shot of Seira was sure impressive. It’s going to be one heck of a catfight!

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  1. Seira does not look like someone I’d want POed at me, even if I were a Vampire Lord. That’s an interesting double triangle they have going around her. Two nobles and a human… Or is it a quadrilateral?

            1. Regis does not see Seira romantically, does he? I thought they were brother and sister until recently and now I still think they are cousins or something. I really don’t think there’s anything romantic there.

  2. One of your theories hit the bird’s eye.
    You will soon find out which one.

    Noblesse doesn’t have a complex plot. It’s not one of those standard shonen.

    To cover whole arc in within limited episodes many simple funny scene are lost.
    But adaptation has been good considering these limitations. Webtoon promotion was main target probably.

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