I had high hopes for Noblesse before it started. Just based on the description. I called it exactly the type of nonsense I am here for. But I was wrong. I just like the show. In a straightforward, nin-ironic way. I think every single episode flies by and I find myself looking forward to the next

It might not be the deepest series I have ever seen. And the production can be a bit dodgy. Still though, here we are. I hope you guys are enjoying it as well.

I both love and hate coming up with titles for my episode posts. On the one hand, I get a weird satisfaction when I come up with one I like a lot and I love seeing them all lined up in my post lists. Sometimes I even go with themes. My Given reviews all had musical titles, my Pet ones had something to do with fish while Promised Wonderland were all chess terms. Originally I wanted to go with a nobility theme for Noblesse but there are not that many good expressions out there.

As a consequence. my titles have been hit or miss. And the miss ones are pretty bad. I really like this week’s title though. And throughout the episode, I actually came up with three titles that I liked. It’s a good episode when it inspires me to come up with that many titles.

Clan Leaders Just Don’t Understand

It’s a play on Parents Just Don’t Understand! Because it seems that while Rai was being an adorable doofus and discovering the joys of ramen, the rest of the nobles have been busy being all… feudal? So it seems that the nobles blame Rai for the death…excuse me, eternal sleep, of their last leader and the news of his coffin being discovered, as stirred them into action.

That action being to look for him just like anybody else. But the young ones, like Regis and Sera and little blond vampire kid who seems to like Sera, aren’t all about those archaic traditions of revenge and honour or whatever. Sure Regis and Sera were originally looking for Rai but they’re over it now!

It’s possible that this clash in perspectives will affect the way Nobles have existed. I find myself much more interested in this little arc than I was in the DA-5 stuff. Maybe it’s because they all have way more fabulous fashion. This will come back later!

Frankenstein’s Monster

This episode also changed up a lot of what I thought I knew about Noblesse. I always sort of assumed that Rai was the leader of the Nobles. I just thought that he was presumed gone since he had been out of the game for so long. That’s why people don’t recognize him. Apparently, he’s not. He sure seems powerful though but not a leader. More of a weirdo introvert. Just when I thought I couldn’t like his archetype more!

Part of the reason for my faulty assumption was the deference that Frankenstein always treated him with. And obviously, Frankenstein is a very powerful Noble himself. Nope, wrong again! Frankenstein is a somewhat sadistic weirdo who took on the title of Noble hunter to conduct violent experiments on them…. Well, the Noble Hunter part is a surprise at least. The rest is pretty much exactly what I expected. Did anyone else think those guys h torturing had probably accidentally spilled some red wine on his carpet?

And despite the fact that this was another action-heavy episode, I really liked it a lot. We got so much new plot information. The fight between Frankenstein and the Legolas looking clan leader reminded me that I like the fighting animation in this show. And I was genuinely interested in seeing more of Rai and Frankie’s backstories.

And then there was a great moment where the three ex DA guys started arguing over hairstyles out of the blue just to remind us what type of show we are watching. It’s like telling the audience to just relax and let these dorks entertain you for a bit.

One thing that remains a mystery is exactly how Rai and Frankenstein got into this platonic life partners situation. At the end of the episode, a wounded Frankenstein has made his way back to what we assume is his mansion. He sure is strutting around like he owns the place and he even got a change of clothes. And yet he seems shocked to find Rai standing there mentioning that he seems to be wearing his shirt.

Right away he snaps back into the Frankie we know. He was trying to dismember clan leaders just a few moments earlier and now he’s a puppy dog? Adorable!

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  1. Lot of things happen in this episode. They are re shuffling the story to make the plot short(probably to fit in 13 episodes) . Though pacing seems fine.

    I was thinking what will be there in end of episode and I was not disappointed.

  2. You know, I was never quite sure whether Frankenstein was supposed to be the doctor or the monster; turns out he’s both, which is awesome.

    And the hairstyle conversation was fun. Yeah, I like this show.

    1. I like it too. quite a but. I started reading Eleceed, a webtoon from the same author and I like that a lot as well so it seems I just like this author’s mix of humuor and action and great pacing

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