Lately I’ve been really digging freckles as a design trait in anime characters. Actually scratch that, freckles are adorable and I have always thought they looked amazing. It’s just that lately I have been noticing them more in anime characters and it always makes me happy when I see them. (For instance on the adorable Ashe in Fire Emblem which reminded me how much I enjoy this trait).


I’ll be honest this list is really just an excuse to post a bunch of cute pics of adorable freckled folks. So basically Best Post Ever!

by DarknessWolf346

5. Ja’Far (Magi)

Ja’Far is an interesting character with a very twisted back story. By the time we catch up with him in Magi he’s a strict by the book bureaucrat type who is constantly exasperated by Sinbad’s lack of seriousness. The straight laced type which goes great with his traditional outfit and white hair. But the character is softened by his youthful looks and cute freckles.

In the past, Ja’Far was a ruthless criminal and con man and those same freckles gave him a great mask of innocence to hide behind. In this case, the freckles are a subversive design element and I love it!

Haikyuu 2
by  Pixiv Id 2077056

4. Tadashi Yamaguchi (Haikyuu)

I don’t know if it’s the freckles or just his personality but Yamaguchi is like the personification of sweetness to me. The meek but optimistic and infinitely patient young man has the softer side of Karasuno’s volley ball team since season 1. Not to mention the perfect character foil for the abrasive Tsukishima.

What better character could you pick to design with freckles? I’m not even sure it was a conscious choice. Anyone writing Yamaguchi would just naturally add on freckles without even thinking about it. Haikyuu’s current To The Top season has been phenomenal but if I could just make one request, I wish would would get a bit more Yamaguchi!

by Onija Tarou

3. Tsukimi Kurashita (Princess JellyFish)

Tsuki gets extra points for being a main protagonist. She exhibits many of the traits we often associate with freckles (for some reason…). She acts in a manner that could be considered a bit youthful for her age, she has an innocence and nativity about her. Yet she remains kind to others around her.

It’s somewhat telling that along with the glasses and plaits she also has freckles as the character is supposed to be not very attractive (well according to her own view of things) and somewhat of a nerd or otaku. I find that freckles are very much a “grass is always greener”. People who don’t want them consider spending hours drawing them on individually, while people who do threaten to bleach them out.

I don’t have them…. I may have looked up tutorials on faking them….

Ymir AoT
by 尾藤

2. Ymir (Attack on Titan)

You may have noticed a trend in my descriptions. I obviously associate freckles with a certain sweet, child like, carefree element of design. And you know what series could use a dash of carefree innocence? That’s right, Shiki. No wait, Attack on Titan.

I wouldn’t say Ymir is exactly carefree…or child like.. or.. you know what, never mind. Attack on Titan is an often depressing story with a lot of kinda depressing people in it when you think about it too much. But Ymir and Krista (or Christa my subtitles kept switching around) were a nice touch of friendship and more blooming in dark times so in a sense, there was a lot of hope despite it all.I know it might sound odd considering all that happens but still.

Honorary mentions.

Basically I just want to have more picture of cute anime characters with freckles.

Sayaka KANAMORI (Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken)

I decided to put Kanamori in the mentions only because her freckles are really inconsistent. I went over the hundreds of screencaps I took while reviewing the show on an episodic basis and honestly they are almost never  visible. Here’s one of the rare screencaps where they can bee clearly seen:

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken ep11-4 (2)

and here’s a bunch where she doesn’t have any:


promo image

Kenji Miyazawa (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Unlike Sayaka, Kenji always has his freckles but in this case, it’s the character himself that’s rarely seen. I love Kenji as well as the author he is based on bu because he is such a secondary character I figured it was an excuse to put him as honorary. You still get an image though!


Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu (Danganronpa – Goodbye Despair)

Kuzu is just cute. I generally really like the character designs in Danganronpa and Fuyuhiko is no exception. He is purposefully made to visually clash as much as possible with his hard personality and social standing and I guess the freckles were just another part of that.

by Liyuchen1126

1. Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

I realize now that I have no clue what scale I’m using to number these on. I guess you could pretty much say that for almost all my lists. However, I’m going to wager that Midoriya is potentially the best known freckled anime character at the moment. So there’s that metric.

Innocent, naive and sweet to a fault, Deku embodies all of those stereotypes I’ve randomly associated with freckles to a T. I give him extra point for having very “anime” freckles in that he has exactly four on each cheek placed in a perfect diamond pattern. That really makes the cosplay way easier!

If I have not mentioned your favourite freckled anime gal or guy, there’s a good chance I haven’t seen the show yet so let me know who they are. I would love to watch more adorable freckled characters!

Rini freckle

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  1. Aww, nice list.

    Trying to think of freckles characters this season. This is what I’ve come up with so far:

    Rachel (Tower of God)
    Forgot her name; military underling girl with brown hair and ponytail (Listeners)
    Clair (main character of Gleipnir)

    I wonder how many I’m forgetting.

      1. I was sure Tower of God had another freckles character, other than Rachel, but couldn’t remember who (I checked Bam and Endorssi). Your ToG post to the rescue. It’s… the guy whose name I can’t remember, but I like him.

  2. I’ve seen Senji, Deku, and Kanamori, all good choices.

    Yoshino from Silver Spoon is a very proud freckle-face that I’ve always liked. Also gotta shout out to Ahiru from Princess Tutu. Hers aren’t drawn quite so visibly, but she has a nice spread on the bridge of her nose, just like I did as a kid. Made me instantly like her. It’s still funny to think of a duck having freckles, though!

  3. Ace, from One Piece for me! Really loved that character! Such A Bro and just a very sweet guy! I miss him! I liked his smile as well! Though maybe I just have one piece on the mind today

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