I’m not the deepest person out there. I can be occasionally superficial. No, no it’s true. I know it. Please take a minute to sit down and recover from the shock. In the early scenes of this week’s Noblesse, like in the first 4 minutes, I thought to myself, hmmmm… Tao and Takeo are both kinda pretty. I bet they’re gonna get redemption arcs. It would be a shame to waste pretty boy chara designs.

And I was going to tell you about it but make it sounds more fancy and not just like I’m a weird horndog. probably make up something with the word demographics in it. But then, the episode made it super obvious so there’s no real point in talking about it. And now I’m sulking! Way to ruin my plans episode! You are such a Regis!

This episode wasn’t my fave. I mean it had its moments but it was mostly a setup episode and it was nowhere near as goofy as the past few. I also noticed that we hardly saw Frankie and Rai was only a silent background character in like two scenes. And one of those scenes was after the closing credits. What I’m getting at is that Frankie and Rai are the ones that bring in the fun. We need more of them.

Despite the fact that I really wanted so silliness, I won’t lie that part of my was also waiting for Rai to just swoop in and pull a voice trick like he did in the OVA. Honestly, I would have been pretty pumped for that as well.

But alas, we mostly got some organization shenanigans. Basically, these organization special unit guys are real bad newz. Except for the pretty ones that are different and delicate and only going along because of extenuating circumstances. Well, actually I have no clue why Tao is there but he doesn’t like them anymore. Cause they can’t appreciate his nerd genius!

One of my issues with this episode is that I find Shark to be a super boring antagonist. I don’t know how I feel about the other ones since we basically know nothing about them, but Shark is just a generic bad guy who likes being bad and looks like an 80s rock star. I dunno, he’s just not doing for me. I want him to lose not because I have any investment in it, but because I would like to see another character take his place. Maybe the big guy.

So all those scenes with M-21 were sort of lost on me. I wasn’t mad at them or anything. But I was waiting for the next thing to happen. I would have liked way less “organizations are scary guys” scenes and one more coincidental encounter instead.

Because those I liked a whole lot. Before I get to that though, I’m not great with remembering characters’ names. I usually call them glasses, MC or pinkie in my notes. So I look them up for posts. But Both Anilist, MAL and the Noblesse wiki have the Korean character names. And I knew those were not the same as the ones used in the anime but I couldn’t find the right ones so I figured it was better than nothing.

Well, Wikipedia to the rescue. I should have thought of it before. So Han is actually Yusuke Tashiro and Ik-han (glasses) is Manabu Kase. I remembered Manabu but it’s nice to have some confirmation. OK, on with the post!

The chance meeting between Tashiro and Takeo was fun. It was cute to see the little exchanges with Seira putting Tashiro back in his place. This is the part of Noblesse I enjoy. Even better though, was the pseudo date between Manabu and Tao.

Neither scene was side-splitting or anything but they were light fun moments that left me smiling. And I gotta say, I really appreciate the show putting so much emphasis on Manabu’s enthusiastic pursuit of friendships. That’s really rare. Usually, characters are either pursuing romantic relationships or they have specific motives. Like they happen to be very only and socially awkward and desperate for companionship. Or they are trying to befreind someone who is that way to save them.

Butt not Manabu. He is a sociable, easy going guy with a solid friend group already, yet he gets super excited meeting people he has something in common with and is very active in creating friendships with them. I just like that. Like I said, I don’t see it that much.

It was an o.k. episode that was moving right along. M-21 was properly biding his time. Eventually, Frankie would have figured something was up. and then someone had to go and ruin everything! I actually am warming up to Regis. I like a doofus. He seems to be a pretty big one. I’m betting we’re going to have some big action next week. And the two pretty boys will be spared!

could be worse…

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