I like Noblesse and I also like blondes. So I really thought Rael would be my type of character. After all, I do have horrible tastes in anime boys. But nope. not for me. The best part of Rael is really his hair!

This said it was a decent episode. Personally, I like having at least one jerk in the mix. It creates a great foil for the other characters. It certainly did make me appreciate all the nobles we’ve met up until now way more. For instance, Regis is starting to look like a pretty decent guy.

When Noblesse started I really thought the humans were the main characters. And to be perfectly honest, I really do wish we got to see them a bit more. The teenage version of me would have loved all these vampires and mutants with tragic pasts and all but I sort of like the goofy kids.

There are still 3 whole episodes of Noblesse left, there’s a chance we’ll see more of them. Although it’s not really shaping up that way. I said in one of my first reviews that I wanted Noblesse to be a school set comedy and although I have really warmed up to the action side of the series, I still really love the slice of life stuff.

The wiki for the webtoon does list the humans as supporting characters so I have a feeling that ultimately, Noblesse is more Rai’s story than theirs. But you know, Rai only wears his school uniform all the time. They should all go on a shopping trip!

So is there a better word for incel? Cause really all my notes have Rael as “incel vampire”. Rael would have been faster to write but I find the other moniker to be a better description. I’m actually a bit surprised by how mostly cool the Nobles have been up until now. I actually expected Rael to be more like the norm instead of the exception.

Also, how many times are they almost going to kill M-21? By now I’m not even sure the guy is mortal at this point. He just keeps not dying. It’s a bit of a running gag by now. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be but it amuses me in any case.

I’m just really all over the place this week. OK, so basically the episode was about evil Noble Rael wanting to take Seira back home as the evil seeming leader lady wants to read her mind to find out if Rai is there. Rai has been branded a traitor and I’m still not entirely sure why. I think he’s been blamed for the previous leader’s long sleep or something.

I can’t say this was my favourite episode or anything but I do like how much it advanced the characters of both Seira and Regis. Honestly, Regis was downright respectable this week. We found out that he is actually a relatively weak Noble, which sort of explains the boisterous personality. He’s just insecure. And Seira is both more powerful and of higher ranks.

This makes me think that for all her impassive demeanour, Seira actually really likes living with everyone at Frankenstein’s townhouse. She could have gone back at any time but she really did choose to stay with everyone. I think I would have as well. Frankie’s place looks like way more fun. And he has that huge bar too. At least he used to…

Pretty much every single episode of Noblesse, no matter how serious, has a gag end tag. This one was no different. And the ex DA guys are also fun together. Basically everyone except the evil Nobles is a lot of fun. I’m just never happy…

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  1. This is the second post today I’ve read today about Noblesse, and even though I didn’t get into the Webtoon when I found it a long time ago, I’m getting more and more interested in the anime by reading things like this. I’m going to have to watch it! Thanks for sharing!!

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