I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t easy finding a follow up to the heavenly poetry that was last week’s Noblesse post title. I realize that I failed. But to be fair, it was an impossible task.

Still, I think I managed to accurately capture my favourite part of the episode. And it’s something I really needed tonight. I have to give it to Noblesse, it just knows how to stay true to itself.

I’m writing this just after watching this week’s episode. In other words, the evening of Wednesday, November 4th. It’s possible that this doesn’t mean much for you. But for a whole lot of people, it’s been a roller coaster these past couple of days and I certainly could have used a nice, light, distraction. As such, I was looking forward to Nobelesse. I always am but even more so.

Unfortunately, it was one of Noblesse’s more “serious” episodes. I think that every 3 to 4 episodes were going to get one of these action-focused ones to remind us that it’s not just a weird slice of life. That’s too bad. I would have loved for Noblesse to be a weirdo slice of life.

This said, even though I prefer the goofy episodes, the action focused ones, like this week, aren’t so dramatic as to ruin it form. In fact, I enjoyed this episode just fine and it was over before I knew it. It’s just that the very last scenes, the one after the credits, reminded me that I like the other stuff a bit better. I’m still glad we got to move the plot along.

I actually cycled through a couple of possible titles for this post. Two of which were meant to celebrate the inclusion of characters that haven’t gotten a chance at the spotlight much. The first was “Not Like Other Girls”, the was a play on Hammer calling Seira not an ordinary girl. We really haven’t had a chance to get to know Seira and sadly, even though she did get to act on her own, this episode didn’t give us much on her either.

I did find it hilarious that Seira (and Regis) still think that Frankenstein and Rai are ordinary humans with no clue what’s happening. Seeing Seira catch herself in the early kitchen scene and decide to not elaborate since they wouldn’t understand anyway, was pretty funny.

The second title was “Kranz, you really got to work on your timing for revealing evil plans”. I actually really like that title but the little SEO adviser that comes with WordPress already screams at me every time I write a post and it hates long titles. I tried to explain about Light Novels but it refused to listen.

So yea, I can’t imagine that any DA-5 member other than Kranz surviving this situation is going to immediately defect. I mean they are just sacrificial lambs so why stick around and wait for the slaughter. How did Kranz become head of a unit? His leadership skills are seriously lacking!

My last potential title was “Action Rai”. It was an ironic title. Let me try to illustrate for you what watching the last minutes of this week’s Noblesse with me would have been like.

M-21 is lying on the ground, defeated and he hears slow but deliberate footsteps. Irina’s inner monologue:

On man, did Rai finally make it?

No wait, it could be a fake-out. Seira was actually closer and it would be about time for her to step in.

Sheesh, what if they pull a bait ‘n switch and it’s actually just Karnz walking towards him, then we’re going to get another half an episode of the heroes getting beat up before anything interesting happens. Nah they wouldn’t do that.

Oh good, they are revealing someone.

OMG, it’s really Rai, Is Rai actually going to DO something! This rocks.

***ED starts***


And on that note, I leave you with this scrumptious ramen sandwich.

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8 thoughts

  1. You know, I like the action episodes more than I thought I would at the beginning of the show. But I really think the show would profit from binging. When the more slice-of-lify episodes end I’m fine with it and satisfied, but when the action episodes end I don’t want them to. However, a little later I don’t care anymore, and by the time next week rolls around I’ve forgotten what happened and need the refresher to get into things. I think the show works really well for bunching up a couple of episodes and watching it in chunks.

    1. I like action packed episodes and sol packed both. It’s time to see Rai in action.

      How often do we get to see a MC who talks this much(and it work out somehow)

      1. It works extremely well. I love how understated Rai is. I think it brings a huge amount of subversion and charm to the story

    2. You have a great point there. This would be a good binge show. This said, I’M happy enough with it as is.

  2. It really has been a rollercoaster this week, and the crazyness isn’t even over yet. Too bad the episode was a serious one then 😔 Hopefully the weekend will bring some rest: have a good one Irina😀

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