So far Noblesse has been a wacky school set comedy, a tense supernatural action series and this week, it decides to be a touching sentiment drame de moeurs. Google refused to tell me how to say that in English. I’m a little mad at her now. Yes, Google is a her.

This sort of mixing of genres isn’t something that I usually enjoy. In my experience, it simply doesn’t work. So why does it work here? Is it the not quite vampires but obviously vampires that make all the difference? You know, I think that’s worth testing. Let’s add an almost entirely but not quite vampire character to all the shows from now on. Can’t hurt…

I can’t quite put my finger on what but something is slightly off about Noblesse’s animation. I use to think it was simply that they didn’t have a budget, that’s why so much of it consisted of characters glowing or speed lines in lieu of actual animation. However, I don,t think that anymore.

This episode and the last one as well has a few very dynamic sequences and the animation was good. Fluid and with minimal model distortion. Now I think that it may have to do with the camera direction during those scenes. Like the blocking is a bit off and it makes movement seem jagged even though it isn’t.

But don’t quote me on that. From my stills, the framing looks fine. Maybe it’s the colour palette they go for. Especially since most of the action happens in darkened environments. It might be the purple-blue tones that are throwing my eye off. In any case, there is a lot of animation in Noblesse. The animation isn’t bad and the story certainly justifies action. Yet I think the show would do fine with less of it. Does that make any sense? I didn’t think so either.

Turns out all the actions that Rai himself did do is say a few words slowly, then raise his arm. That sounds like an exhausting day by Rai’s standards. Did I mention how much I love this sort of apathetic protagonist? I don’t think I’ve ever encountered this archetype before. I’ve seen lazy protagonists and misanthropic ones that say they don’t care about anything. But one that’s just sort of there and not really invested in what’s happening. It just speaks to me!

Half hour episode short, Rai and Frankie save everyone and now the two pretty DA-5 members (i.e Tao and Takeo) are good guys now. Called it!!!! Where’s my cookie? And it’s a good thing too because I had decided in episode 1 that Tao was my favourite.

There was one particularly gruelling moment though. Takeo finding out that he didn’t have a sister at all. That it was implanted memories and he had led the past few years fighting and killing for the sake of someone who didn’t exist. That’s actually deeply horrific. Like when you stop to think about it, that the type of f’ed up you don’t live down. Would it have been better if Tao found out his sister was dead? Maybe… I mean it wouldn’t,t completely destroy his sense of reality and self. Still, Noblesse is not that type of show and Takeo just sort of screamed it out for a few seconds there and brushed it off. Impressive!

What we really found out this week though, is that Noblesse is just a case study of the classic dere types. We already knew that Regis is a huge Tsundere as is M-21. Regis also happens to be a classic Oujidere pretty much all the time. Seina is a Kuudere while Rai is a huge Dandere. Whereas Frankie, if we didn’t know before we sure know now. He’s definitely the resident Yandere.

Poor Yusuke and Manabu. Not only are they the two only plain old unmodified humans but they’re also the only emotionally stable ones? It’s going to be rough for them. Honestly, what are they getting out of this friendship? They are in constant mortal danger, they don’t get to show off or act cool, their memories are probably getting messed with all the time and they have to act as tour guides.

This said Frankie is a pretty good cook. And being on really good terms with your high school principal probably has a few perks. But since they’re never at school, they don’t get to take advantage of it!

Manabu pleading for Rai to save Tao was a very cure scene. I was pretty touched. These two are gonna be best bros for life. I wonder if Yusuke is still shipping them? He will now, I bet.

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  1. I don’t speak French, but “de moeurs” sounds like it could be the “of manners” attachment in English. I now it mostly as “novel of manners” (and Wikipedia tells me it’s “roman de moeurs” if I click French), or as “comedy of manners” (if it’s related to the stage). I’m not sure that’s it, but it’s the best I can do.

    Collecting ex-Union staff and putting them next to a school is an interesting hobby. A little dangerous for the kids, I’d say, but oh well.

    1. It is of manners but somehow a drama of manners sounds off.
      I’m not sure how safe the school is in general. Frankie is the principal…

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