YES! This week’s Noblesse was largely back to the school-themed nonsense and it was great! This is what I signed up for. There was still a bit of a serious moment at the end there but even that worked out and was tempered with levity.

I physically went into the office for the first time since March today so I’m more tired than usual. It’s silly but commuting just really takes it out of me. It also means I watched the episode later than I normally do. So a silly one perfect for the occasion!

I read someone mention that Noblesse was fine but it’s been done a thousand times before. And it got me thinking. I can see why a person would think that. All the building blocks are really familiar. But I honestly haven’t really seen them being put together in quite this way before. It doesn’t always work and is sort of shallow fun but if I had to recommend an anime exactly like Noblesse, I’m not sure I could come up with anything.

For the record, Anilist has The Misfit of Demon King Academy, Hellsing (because vampires) and JoJo’s Bizarre adventures as the top 3 similar anime. I haven’t seen Misfit but I have seen the other two and although I see where they are coming from, I’m not sure I would call them the same.

For one it refuses to pick a genre. The various intertwined plot threads all have different tones but the fact that it doesn’t take itself too serious saves in from a tragic clash, at least in my opinion. And the characters are kinda weird.

I have mentioned before that Rai is just so unusual. He’s supposed to be cool, both to the characters in-universe and to the audience. Yet he’s also clearly an airhead and kind of a doofus. He’s the quiet type but instead of being stoic he’s openly dere and has no problems showing he deeply cares about every other character in the show. He the most overpowered one but he hardly does anything at all, is often ineffective when he tries and hasn’t used his agency to affect the plot stir the plot in any way. He has had the least plot impact of all the characters.

For a character-driven story, this is just a weird archetype. And I dig it. I think it’s hilarious.

You know what else is kinda cool. Yuusuke has a crush on Seira, right? By the way that’s what my title’s all about. I had a lot of trouble coming up with one this week. And he’s pretty smitten. Trying everything to impress her. Writing notes like a middle-school kid. It was rather endearing. Even I have to admit that. That’s the part of romance stories I like!

But when they first met Seira, Yuusuke must have thought she was really his type then too. However, because he had misunderstood and thought that Manabu liked her, he immediately supported his friend and tried to get them together. Without even a hint of hesitation. A situation that is now comically (and sweetly) reversed.

A more cynical viewer might simply call it a lack of foresight from the author. Or decide that Yuu is a fickle teen whose feelings change on a dime, like a lot of teens to be honest. But somewhere deep down I’m an anime romantic so I choose to live in a world where Yuusuke always had at least a little thing for Seira but chose to put his friendship first. Without any jealousy or bitterness at all.

And now that the situation is reversed, Manabu is more than happy to return the favour. Of course, it’s a bit less impressive since Manabu doesn’t have to put aside his feelings to do so but it’s still heartwarming!

This episode had one of the best anime basketball games I have ever see. And I loved Kuroko. It’s how I learned my colours in Japanese! Oh wait, is it too late to call my post: Yuusuke no Basuke. That rhymes! OK pretend that’s my title!

I was pretty thrilled with everything that happened and then they had to go and get all serious on me. Although I don’t dislike the fact that the show is touching on the moral implications of memory manipulation, I don’t think it’s the right story for this. Also Manabu sweety, you’re taking it a bit too hard there. But there is one thing I ultimately liked about the sequence (although I’m not sure I agree with it).

Rai confirmed that changing their memories wouldn’t change Yuu and Manabu’s feelings. That ultimately two they fundamentally are would be unaffected by the manipulation. Personally, I think our experiences form us just as much as our neurochemistry but that’s irrelevant. I see what the point is.

No matter what they change in their memories, Yuu will always play the hero and get in stupid fights. He will always get a crush on Seira and he will always be friends with Rai. Manabu will always feel a kinship with Regis and Tao and he’ll always try to help when he thinks he can. And that’s a very comforting message to close the episode on. Good kids are good.

Ok so there was an after-credits scene but it started a whole new thing and we’ll just talk about that next week! I hope you liked this week’s Nobless and if you think of a show that is similar and has an archetype like Rai, let me know. Actually, let me know if you agree that Hellsing and JoJo are similar. It seems a lot of people do.

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  1. I loved this episode too! And when the guys found out the topic of advice, how they all tried to run away! 🤣 Very funny! The memory wipe made me cry. Rai’s reassurance of them, and how everyone saved them because they did what they wanted to (not because they expected anything or for them to remember, or feel they owed anything). And how their relationships would remain intact, even if they didn’t remember the fight. I’m also curious what shoujo manga Shinwoo was reading and whose it was…I guess it didn’t inspire him with a way of confessing to Seira 🤔🤣😆

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