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Kyoya Ootori – Ouran’s Eternal Third Son

If you’ve been following along with my character studies for a while, you may know that I choose generally hapless characters. People that just can’t seem to catch a break – or at least not the break I feel they deserve. I have featured a gallery of unfortunate misfits and put upon suckers. So why...


Top 5 Characters I Like That Are Horrible People

I am well aware that I have terrible terrible TERRIBLE tastes in anime um…friends…Wait no I don’t mean you guys. I mean the anime characters I like are just not that great. Sure, I love a good hero but my head always turns for a great villain. Or a troll. I can’t seem to resist...


Top 5 Comedy Animes for Lina*

*****I was editing this when Lina posted that she will be taking a blogging break, of course! I’m still going to post it because I had fun writing it. Maybe if Lina comes back – she’ll be happy to have comedies waiting for her******* As I’m writing this (in June) work has been really crazy...