I know you’ve all been waiting impatiently for this! Once again, it’s time to parse through my very favorite stat of them all! For those of you that have been following this blog for a while, or my twitter account, you now that I have a rather marked obsession with the search terms people are using to find my blog. It is my stat of choice if you will. An once a year, I like to go through them all and laugh, cry, occasionally shudder with terror…

Since I’m using the WordPress app to find these out, 99% are in fact “unknown search terms” but the occasional gem still gets through. Today, let’s all laugh (or at least try not to cry) at them together. By the way – if you’re interested, I did this last year as well.

In order to keep this post at a reasonable length I skipped over everything that was just a show name or a name with the word review as well as all the searches for specific episodes (which were the bulk of my results). I’ve also omitted exact post titles as well as variations of the blog name. Finally, I did not include all the gif and tmblr searches although I suspect a few of these are images searches, and skipped over generic anime searches that we all get.

For your convenience I grouped similar search terms together and separated them with a semicolon, I’ve also grouped my results together in loose categories. Let’s see what we’ve got:

NGNL fanservice
but where are her nipples?

Things people wished were pr0n

I have no hentai on this blog and very little accidental ecchi. However, that hasn’t stopped you love crazed maniacs from trying to make my blog just a little sexier! Considering these results, I would probably be crazy popular if I just concentrated only on the fanservice aspect of anime. I mean I’m not surprised or anything…

  • hinako note porn ; hinako note hot: Yes that would be one of the accidental ecchi I did review. I did not like it. It was sooooo boring.
  • sunny day hentai : This is a recurring search and I have no clue what it refers to. It sounds happy!
  • record of grancrest war anime fanservice ; marine grancrest senki hentai; record of grancrest war sex ; grancrest war ecchi ; record of grancrest war hentai : Grandcrest seems to have made quite a reputation for itself. In hindsight, there really wasn’t that much fanservice all things considered.
  • haruhi suzumiya bikini ; haruhi suzumiya swimsuit : That pic has driven so much traffic to my site. I feel a little bad. Not much…
  • bouncy cleavage distraction gif : OK I kept this gif search in because I thought it was hilarious. I also came up half a dozen times. I wonder which gif it points to
  • Fanservice; Ecchi : To the point and not too picky
  • darling in the franxx porno : Haven’t seen it – heard a lot of stuff though. Unrelated but I just watched Gurren Lagann and I loved it!
  • harukana receive hentai : Is it any different from the regular version?
  • sakie satou sexy : So my post was about the feminist empowerment of the character and how despite her sexuality being weaponized against her, the show presented her as a layered, complex and deeply charming character regardless of her physical attributes and almost in spite of them. I hope this searcher enjoyed it.
  • fanservice anime photo : I like the word photo here. I think it’s charming!
  • chinese animation fanservice : I have not seen much chinese animation but this seems like a good place to start.
  • love live fanservice : Absolutely none here but it shouldn’t be too hard to find
  • no game no life zero ecchi : Can’t argue with that one. Added some in the post! Also give us another season! Please!!
  • manservice anime : Hooray for equal opportunity!
  • kobayashi maid dragon big boob ; dragon maid boobs : Eloquent! And only one needed. This person is not geedy.
  • chubby anime girls ; anime chubby : Am I a big cynic to think this is probably a sex thing?
  • yuru camp porn comic : Oh come on, they’re like 11(?) I hope that pink haired girl is no more than 11….
  • fanservice anime tag ; fanservice tag : I’m surprised this tag doesn’t exist yet. Like put your five favorite fanservice pics/gifs or something like that.
  • shuffle fanservice : I badly want to understand this
  • sexualization of women : How far down the google results did you have to go to find my blog? Page 3 billion?
  • anime furry episode : The fact that this is an episode and not a show fills me with curiosity. The anime furry fanbase is really underserved
anime question mark
confused anime girl is probably the most frequently used pic on this blog

Questions I couldn’t answer

I genuinely feel bad for people that find my blog earnestly looking for specific information. I can only imagine that it’s a frustrating situation. In an effort to make it up to them, I’m going to do my best to my best to answer them here. This section actually contains some minor SPOILERS!!!

  • is black butler a good action anime : Yes. I liked it. It is a little divisive but it’s well made. Give it a shot.
  • historical accuracy of black butler : Laughable. But I do think it would be hilarious if you decided to use it as an actual history lesson.
  • dakaichi are they going to break up : Of course they are, it’s a romance show. But not for long!
  • what character like in 2018 : I really want to answer but I just don’t know what this means. What characters I liked? Yoko Littner. What characters were like? Well from the few shows I’ve seen, mostly kind to those around them which is nice. What characters did like? That really depends on the character…
  • school live when did megumi actually die? : You almost never see interrogation points! She dies before the beginning of episode 1.
  • in which order should i watch ungo abime : This one is a little baffling. I assume they mean Un-Go anime. Since it’s a single season series I would recommend watching it in episode order.
  • sanrio boys is it good  : This seems like a trick question… short answer: no.
  • do the royal tutor have yaoi fan service? : Not really but it doesn’t need it. It’s super charming and pretty even without the suggestive boy on boy action.
  • natsume yuujinchou why does natsume have slit pupils : I don’t know but that’s an EXCELLENT question. An indicator of his spiritual power mayhaps?
  • anime miss kobayashi’s dragon maid is their going to be a ova : Yes – I reviewed it. It was ahight.
  • everything wrong with uta no prince sama : Only one thing: it’s *too* perfect!
anime questionable force
too forceful!

Forceful statements

These aren’t so much searches as commands and I am deeply embarrassed to have most likely failed these imposing internet denizens. I can only hope to do better next year.

  • black butler problematic : I mean, you’re not wrong but it’s part of the joke. The non pc elements are so prevalent and piled on so high as to make them completely ridiculous and in my opinion harmless. There is an interesting discussion to be had about the responsibility of parody here.
  • natsume yuujinchou kid sad : As happy as a Natsume search result makes me, this was a bit depressing…
  • dakaichi im being : I understand that this is just someone not finishing the full super long title but I like to fill it in with random stuff in my head. I get amused easily.
  • anime girl thinking face : This is surely an image result and I’m just hoping it didn’t lead to the very many confused looking girls I have on this site.
  • anime show me yours and i’ll show you mine : Um….o…k….
  • zettai ryouiki in real life : I wish you luck with this noble goal
  • anime scared : It’s going to be alright! We’re here for you.
  • serial experiments lain crows : Specific!
  • yuru camp recipe : There was sooo much food in this show, and a few recipes. I should put a few up.
  • danganronpa husbandos : This is a bad idea, it will just break your heart. Trust me.
  • yaoi kiss dakaichi : I might be able to help you out! If not, google-san surely will.
  • top anime gadgets – anime gadget – anime gadgets : To be honest I just left these in because I’m really happy some non hentai search terms are leading to my site! I really would like to be associated with gadgets.
  • van hohenheim shot in manga : Is this a question or a fact? I haven’t read the manga but I did buy a beautiful edition of volume 1 that I hope to follow up soon.
  • tsurune boring : Ouch – I mean I get it but…ouch!
  • steins gate insults : I WISH I had written this post
  • anime bath timekids : I desperately didn’t want to put this in the first section…..
  • an anime character with the same design as haruhi suzumiya but with glasses and is a magic user : You know, I love anyone who really knows what they want!
  • Letmedothis : All one word huh?…I’m scared….
  • anime hangover : You know, I bet there is such a thing, I should look into it.
  • haibane renmei slow burner : Second Haibane Renmei search – this makes me happy.
  • steins gate 0 episode 11 everyone can replace me : The only episode search I kept because that’s not the title of my post and it’s just so haunting! This search captivates me. I ran it myself and it does indeed lead to my post even though that sentence isn’t anywhere in there.
  • feminist friendly anime : Although I do occasionally venture into some superficially feminist musings, I’ve never actually seriously delved into the question. There are a lot of better sites for that.
  • dramatical murders aoba charms everyone : It’s the mullet!
  • days : I have reviewed that anime but I’m surprised you can find that just from that single word.
  • anime come back : Another haunting one. The emotion and pain I had attributed to this search has elevated it to a cryptic warcry.
Anime confused girl
you and me both, Nia


Now these searches I can’t quite figure out. Either I can’t figure out the searches themselves or I have no idea how they lead to my blog but I’m still glad they’re there!

  • gugure kokkurisan blog earn japanese : You cannot imagine how happy I am that anyone is looking for Gugure Kokkuri San even though I can’t figure out why exactly
  • drunken life dreamy death : This is a Japanese saying and I did write about it here. I’m still amazed my site would come up though.
  • otome frappuccino : Sounds delicious!
  • anime masarivens  I have no idea what a masarivens is and google refused to tell me…
  • we know what is to love alexis doucet and mareine kreishe : This makes me so happy and confused!
  • finish line anime character : Is this Pretty Derby?
  • high school harem gameplay ; anime romance school episode 4 : I’m afraid this is really vague and also not on my site.
  • sanrio boysyuri : I think maybe you’ve misunderstood the meaning of the word *yuri* or *boys*…
  • eps file file camp hustle : I just don’t know… so many words and letters
  • malador puppies : How did this get you to my blog and how can I make it happen again?
  • good guys refrigerators : I like to imagine that this person is now a loyal follower who’s too shy to comment. Also they don’t actually watch anime but like reading about it. This person is fascinating.
  • anime wrap around myselfgif : What does this look like?
  • hangover 3 full cast : How?
  • bo kept legend japan : I put this in my google and couldn’t find my blog at all…
  • anime slice of life muscle.man : I wish I know what they were looking for. I think it may be what’s missing in my life.
this would have b een such a great filler episode

Psycho Pass – Kagari

I am willing to bet that the three most mentioned anime on this blog are Psycho Pass, Natsume’s Book of Friends and Steins;Gate (maybe with Serial Experiments Lain in fourth place). These aren’t necessarily my favourite shows although they may also be, it depends on my mood, but they are the shows I tend to talk about most.

However, looking at my search results, you’d think I was a Psycho Pass fansite. My Kagari post is the one that brings in by far the most random traffic and my search results show it. This isn’t a bad thing at all, in fact I’m rather happy bout it. I just wish I could draw some more Natsume fans in:

shusei kagari – shuusei kagari – psycho pass kagari – psycho pass did kagari die – kagari shuusei – shūsei kagari – psycho pass kaguri – kagari killed – psycho-pass character deaths – psycho pass shuusei kagari death – is the sibyl system dead – psycho pass shuusei death – shusei anime – psycho pass totalitarian – psycho pass kagari killed – where is kagari – kagari psycho pass – shuusei kagari death – shusei kagari death – most tragic anime deaths kagari – shūsei kagari death – what happened to kagari psycho pass – kagari appreciation – shusei kagari is confirmed dead? – kagari psycho pass death – psycho pass what happened to kagari – psycho pass kagari death – shusei kagari dead – is the second season of psycho pass good – psycho pass ships

Finally let me just wrap this up by sharing my very favourite search term of the year:

  • scott super : Yes he really is!

I actually left out a lot this year. I still have no idea how to encourage weird searches other than choosing weird post names and that just seems obnoxious but I hope to get a few good ones in 2019.

How about you uys. Did you get any good ones on your blogs? Share them, we want to laugh too!

anime girls laughing

39 thoughts

  1. I had one last year that still kills me…

    “anime komik having sex with loss prevention”


    They must have been SORELY, UNEQUIVOCALLY, AND VIOLENTLY disappointed LOL!

    Human beings… gotta love’m!

  2. “gugure kokkurisan blog earn japanese” – I’ve seen a “learn Japanese through anime” blog which uses Gugure! Kokkuri-san, among other anime, to explain the language (assuming “earn” is a typo)…unfortunately it’s on a different blogging platform, so they’re a pretty long way off from learning Japanese if they’re looking through WordPress for it…but you did discuss Gugure! at one point IIRC, so that’s probably how they got it.

    Okay, so here’s some of mine (which aren’t doubled up from previous posts):
    “how to spell ryuunosuke” – Er, whoever you are, you just spelt it. (At least, that’s one way of spelling it.)

    “images of jdrama, showa genroku rakugo shinjyu” – I know there’s a live-action version of SGRS now, but I don’t have images of it…sorry.

    “ssss gridman popular west” – Er, Gridman was popular in the west, yes…? But it was even more popular in Japan, considering doujin rules and Pixiv fanart…

    “manga navi magic” – Is there a manga called ‘Navi Magic’? I don’t know, but I can see how that search term brought this person to my blog (since there is Navi from Juuni Taisen’s manga).

    “western zodiac anime” – I think I actually did mention something of the sort in one of my blogiversary posts, so it’s nice to know someone out there wants my recommendations. I’d actually recommend Starry Sky for its zodiac theming as well, come to think of it, but I think I didn’t say that in the post because not much is done with the theme.

    “kaguya sama” – I did mention Kaguya-sama: Love is War once or twice (once in the final post for the 12 Days of Anime for 2018 and another to promote Plyasm’s post on it), but it’s interesting to see it appear before the anime’s begun.

  3. Could I be the one with malador puppies? o_O
    I know I’ve searched for them a few times over the years since I’ve always been curious as to what my dog — who is a malador — looked like when he was a puppy. I know I’ve searched for things once in a while and have been like, “Oh, look, there’s so-and-so’s blog! I don’t think I’ve seen that post before, so I must see what they’re talking about!” I don’t remember that happening with malador puppies though (I would usually just go to look on Google images), but it’s possible I guess…?
    Otherwise, if someone else is searching for malador pix, whoever you are, I want to be your friend!

    1. Your dog looked adorable, that what he looked like!!! I bet he still looks adorable!!!
      I really don’t know how this could have gotten in my results. Maybe one of the pictures of Buddy but even then. He’s not a malador or a puppy…

    1. I’m just a tiny bit sad by how straightforward this answer is. I was hoping maybe a zamboni would be involved…

  4. That was AMAZING! Goddess, but I’m still laughing! And for whoever was looking for fanservice on Yuru Camp–whatever did they mean?! Whenever someone removed a hat or scarf, maybe? Too crazy. (But, yeah, that person might want to consider finding professional help. . .)

  5. I tend to share particularly random searches on twitter. No surprise that Cells at Work and Bunny Girl Senpai related searches hit my blog a lot (that and How Not To Summon a Demon Lord and pretty much every variation of Shera’s boobs).
    I think the term that surprised me the most was: “pregnant anime blog” No idea why that found me.

  6. Those are hilarious results and I’ll share you some of mine from Iridium Eye:

    Debutante Detective Corps: Good Guys Refrigerator, madoka magica movie 1 debutante detective corps.

    Interstella 5555: darkwood kidnapping stella from shep, earl de darkwood seeing shep and stella dancing, could arpegius and stella be captain harlock s children.

    Paprika: movie paprika nudity 2006 audio track (there’s no nudity on that page even though there is some in the movie though).

    Kimba the White Lion: White Lion Cartoon, Lion King is a ripoff, Kimba claw

    Jungle Emperor Leo: Jungle Emperor Leo is a ripoff (no, it isn’t since it’s based on a manga and anime which predates a certain movie by decades).

    Yugo the Negotiator: Mastor Keaton dub review. (random, and I only mentioned Master Keaton in the For Fans Of section).

    Key the Metal Idol: best version of key the metal idol

    Heroin(e): heroin(e) documentary review negative (HAHAHAHA! XP)

    Random ones: Iridium in eyes, what is iridium for sex (Wait, what?).

      1. Yeah, those were oddly specific and hilarious at the same time. I didn’t think those terms would happen. Of course, I do appreciate the extra traffic for that anime musical with Daft Punk’s music. Was there seriously a fan theory going on about two of the aliens being Harlock’s kids? WOW…

  7. @Un-Go: There’s an OVA, Inga Ron. It’s a prequel, it’s better than the series, and – IMO – it should be watched after the series (it’s about how the main character whose name I forgot meets Inga).

    @Yuru Camp: I doubt Rin would ride a motor cycle at 11…

    I too wonder who people get to your site using only “days”. Previous search history bias? I didn’t watch the anime, but I do like the Kinks song.

    I love these posts and hope there will be one next year.

    1. It’s a scooter! You can get a licence at…. I looked it up anywhere from 12 to 14… So not 11, fine.
      I hope to do another one as well. If i manage to gather up enough interesting searches maybe I can do a 6 month one

  8. Lol! Some of these are hilarious. I wish I got such a variety of search terms (though I don’t check that often anyway).

  9. Very interesting. I’ve done a few weird comment posts on my site, but most of those were back before 99 percent of what we got was hidden as it is now.

    You may be right about the anime furry contingent, though – I can’t tell you how many people found my site looking for Freedom Planet porn (which they unfortunately did not find.)

  10. Some of my favourite search terms of 2018 that apparently led people to my blog:

    – why don’t people tell shinji anything (Because Evangelion.)
    – why did misato treat shinji so bad (Also Because Evangelion.)
    – where did hand shakers go wrong (Where DIDN’T it go wrong?)
    – texhnolyze cant get (I bet to differ. It CAN get.)
    – drinking age in meiji period (Likely 15 for boys and 12 for girls, assuming strict drinking laws were in effect at all… which, they probably weren’t. But basically, most people were considered more or less ‘adult’ when they hit puberty.)
    – what villains see during magical girl transformation (I don’t know, but I really want to.)

    1. Yes… My drinking age question finally got answered! The ligustic of transformation visibility is really interesting indeed

  11. I love posts like this. Might steal this idea for my daily Patreon blog today. 🙂

    Limited commentary I can offer:

    chubby anime girls — absolutely a sex thing

    shuffle fanservice — likely a reference to the visual novel Shuffle! which I believe also had an anime. Given that it was an eroge, “fanservice” is a rather tame search result.

    1. So what I’m getting is – I should watch Shuffle!
      These posts are super fun. I wasn’t kidding when I said I couldn’t wait to do my yearly search terms post

      1. I don’t know Shuffle! (yet, it’s on my list) but I believe it’s quite well regarded as a visual novel. The anime had slightly more mixed response, I believe, but added some additional narrative elements while stripping out (no pun intended) the sexytimes.

        It’s an interesting concept, from what I understand. Worth a look, perhaps!

      2. Shuffle! is okay. It’s notable for… something spoilery, but is otherwise an unexceptional harem (an angel and a demon wish their daughters to marry harem protag; hilarity ensues). Some of it is fun, most of it is so-so. I won’t disrecommend the show, but there are plenty of shows I’d assign higher priority.

  12. Omg this was amazing! I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop laughing at ‘Dakaichi im being’ made me think the person was being chased or something.

    Also I can answer the mystery of ‘good guys refrigerators’ for you, there’s an appliance store chain in Australia called ‘The Good Guys’ who indeed sell refrigerators. Not sure how they ended up on your site though!

    Do you mind if I still this idea and do it with my search terms on my blog? I had some real knock-outs!

    1. I actually got good guys refrigerator, too! That’s funny about how there’s a real appliance store in Australia about that. That search term lead to my review of Debutante Detective Corps because I talk about fridge horror and protagonist centered morality in that post. Hahaha!

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