Karandi and I are split on this anime. However, I’m the one reviewing it on 100 Word Anime right now so you can at least read my views on it right over here.

I think one thing most people agree on is that Fire Force looks good. It has some of the best visuals I’ve seen in a while. Actually, I say that but we’ve had quite a few great looking shows this year. I’m not c9omplaining. On the contrary. If anything, I gloating!



The use of light and shadows is so obvious but I like it.

Those flowers are lilies and not irises. I’m not sure it means anything, I just thought with a character named after a flower, why not use that pattern.

It’s a little odd that the fire house has such an elaborate chapel but it also shows us just how important the presence of the church is. And this praying alcove is just one room. We know that sister has a very large main chapel complete with ornate stained glass wall. Both of which clash wildly with the rest of the architecture and layout in the building. Oh no, will the church clash with the fire fighter association. Or just company 8?



Fire Force isn’t usually subtle about it’s colour choices. This is the first time so far this season that purple has been used as the main background accent. Two different types of purple in two very different scenes. The colour is usually associated with royalty or mystery. In a way, both may apply here.

I like Shinra’s shark teeth more than soul’s. I think they integrate better in the design.



There were a lot of explosions this episode and if this is the desaturated version, the original must have been seizure inducing! I’m guessing they are done with re-editing scenes.

I also didn’t notice the pale green tone over everything around fire house no 5. It’s pretty obvious when you look at the caps though. This is a very common trick in cinematic language. It’s most often used when the director wants to send a signal that there’s something not quite right about a scene and maybe the audience shouldn’t take it at face value. One of the most popular uses where the scenes inside the Matrix that had this unnatural tone. I wonder what their trying to say here.



Arthur’s fight scene was punctuation by shots of sister and Hime. The fire gives off a more natural light, washing away those green tones.

I mentioned in my Given gallery how hair styles can really change the appearance of a character. Although not as obvious, you can also see it with Arthur. He really does look quite different with his bangs out of his eyes. He also looks older that way.  Maybe even a bit more reliable. I may just be projecting now.

We  didn’t get to see Shinra much this episode but I have a feeling that’s not going to last. This last scene with his glowing blue uniform stripes completely contrasting the yellow of the building is very impactful and quietly promises an explosive confrontation to come.

Fire Force ep5-5 (11)

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