Last month, I had the great pleasure to read this post  on MagaKast and for some reason, it made me want to talk about those lovely flirty anime boys that get our hearts racing.

I know I used the term playboy here, because I don’t have the swagger to pull off the much better term used in MangaKasts’ post but this one is for all the boys that just can’t seem to stop themselves from throwing out a pick up line and a suggestive look whenever they get the chance – no matter who it’s directed at!

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5. Loke – Fairy Tail

There seems to be some confusion regarding the spelling of his name…

I’ll admit, I haven’t seen all of Fairy Tail but I did make it through close to 60 or so episodes. It’s a fun show and for a while there Loke was certainly a big part of that fun. What’s a seductive bad boy without a tragic past and a dark secret? Nothing! I mean really, all of these guys have tragic pasts and dark secrets….

But Loke (Loki?) decided to drown his sorrows in a sea of lovely ladies and it really seemed to be working. Among the bevy of powerful and clothing averse young men in Fairy Tail, he stood out as the one with the most game. There’s probably a “Tail” joke to be made here but, low hanging fruit…Oh man, I can’t stop myself!

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4. Victor Nikiforov– Yuri on Ice

Victor plays it coy but just look at that grin, this man clearly knows what effect he has on people around him and he knows how to use it to his advantage. There’s something almost innocent to Victor’s flirting, it comes so naturally to him that it’s difficult to imagine he has any hidden motives. It’s more his default method of communication.

Even when firmly dedicated to a single person, Victor can’t seem to help himself as he playfully teases people around him. For someone like Victor this isn’t associated with attraction or even seduction exactly, but an innate part of his charisma and theatrical personality. And we love him for it!

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3. Marian Cross – D. Grey Man

Remember those dark secrets and tragic past I mentioned earlier? Marian probably rules supreme in that department. You know what else – the man is such a lady killer that he’s been living off sugar momma’s for generations. Literally, he seduced both a mother and daughter and they both remained openly devoted to him their entire lives.

The extra little something that secures his spot? Despite apparently using the women in his life and constantly flirting with everything that moves, he is also genuinely attached to the ladies he seduces. More than just doing everything he can to keep them out of danger, he keeps mementos of all the women who have crossed his life, remembering them all fondly and with reverence. In his way, he had nothing but respect and appreciation for each of them.

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2. Hisoka – Hunter x Hunter

Yeah, you can’t think playah without thinking Hisoka. I mean, this personification of my sexual confusion, is just a hedonistic mass of appetites and desires, and he is actively going to pursue all of them. Undeterred by age, gender and I’m gonna bet species, Hisoka might as well just talk in double entendres.

Did any of that sound like complaining? It wasn’t. Staying firmly on the side of creepy without ever crossing into actual rapey, Hisoka has zero issue with being turned down. After he still has 50 other people to hit on, in the room.

Honorable mention…

Maybe it’s the type of shows I watch, maybe it’s the type of characters I like, but I had no problem whatsoever coming up with a whole slew of characters for this list. What can I say, I love the players… In fact, whittling it down was a huge challenge. Here are just a few of the honorable mentions that didn’t make my list:

Tamaki Suoh – Ouran

He’s pretty dedicated to Haruhi but you just know he’s not above using his charms to get what he wants. Or just to get some attention really. It would 100% work on me.

Ren – Uta no Prince Sama

I’m currently watching s3 and this show has become a parody of itself in the best possible way. There’s pretty much just one girl in the UtaPri universe and EVERYONE flirts with her but Ren takes the cake. There’s also something about him that says that he is 1000% flirting with the next one as well.

Touga Kiriyuu – Utena

Now this is not a nice boy, he does have some redeeming qualities but let’s be honest, he is very aware just how much he is hurting the women around him and he doesn’t care. A love em and leave em sort of guy, watching him melt when the tables get turned was both cathartic and endearing.

Mikisugi – Kill la Kill

How does this show spin squick into gold? Teachers shouldn’t flirt with their students, they probably shouldn’t constantly strip in front of them either, but somehow Mikisugi pulls it off. It helps that he manages the rare literal ridiculous hot archetype.

Izaya – Durarara!!

This is a bit more obvious in the light novels than the anime. Izaya is quite handsome and very aware of it. Despite having little interest in romantic pursuits, he’s more than happy to put his good looks and silver tongue to good use when convincing young ladies from all over to do his bidding.

Shigure – Fruit Baskets

Because I have the worst taste in anime men, Shigure was one of my first crushes and by far my favorite in Fruit Baskets. His playful flirting can easily turn spiteful and hurtful when his mood darkens as he uses feelings as weapons.

Mikoshiba – Nozaki-kun

I’ve been saying this a lot but man I love this guy! Now Mikoshiba knows how to get the ladies! He just doesn’t have a clue what to do with them once he’s got them. Possibly the only shy player I’ve ever known, the combination only makes him more adorable.

Sebastien – Black Butler

Is it just me or does everything Sebastien says sound a little suggestive? Unless he’s talking to Grell that is. Maybe it’s just me. You know, I bet it is. He’s probably flirting with me and only me….
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1. Dr. Shamal – Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Flirt is Shamal’s defining personality trait. Pursuing lovely ladies is not only Shamal’s greatest goal in life, it seems to be his only one. To the point where he even refuses to treat male patients as that won’t help him reach this goal. He doesn’t hesitate to put life and limb on the line in pursuit of anyone that catches his eye and I’m pretty sure that it will be his undoing.

Having adopted Gokudera at a fairly young age, the boy is still traumatized by the ever-changing collection of “aunts” Shamal brought home. You could think that such a single purpose character would get boring, but getting flattered and adored is always fun!

So here you go, my really nowhere close to only 5 top anime playboys. And I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone. Do you have a guy whose lines you’d fall for even though you know he’s used them a dozen times today already? Let me know, maybe add pics…
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42 thoughts

  1. Great list. I would have had Sebastian on it, because everything he says does sound suggestive, except when he’s speaking to Grell and that’s probably just his self-preservation kicking in. Hisoka does become a bit too creepy for me.

  2. There are quite a lot of people I don’t know on this list (so many long-running shounen). I don’t think I’d have thought of Hisoka in a million years, but once I think about it, it actually makes sense.

    Also Mikorin is just so adorable.

    Dunno if he counts, but I was quite fond of Otanashi Io from Acchi Kocchi, a natural playboy who doesn’t know he’s doing it, unless he’s made to act out, which embarrasses him, but he plays along. Here’s an example that’s pretty much based around that concept. Notice how he keeps spinning a pencil throughout the entire scene to calm himself.

    1. Love that elevator music. I’m usually partial to blondes but that’s a great voice on glasses (Otanashi I assume). Looks like a sweet show

      1. Yep, galsses guy is Otonashi. His VA is Okamoto Nobuhiko (Okumura Rin, Bakugo Katsuki, and… Mikoshiba).

  3. Tamaki is the best. XD I haven’t watched anime in years now but I remember watching Ouran, for sure. For some reason, I never watched Utena but I knew about Touga from reading about him online. Although he looked to be a “pretty man”, I found him to be creepy and unsettling.

    1. He very much is although they made him into a tragic antihero in the movie. Ouran is adorable. If ever you get back into anime, you may want to try Nozaki-kun

  4. Who can resist a good harem/reverse harem leader though? The whole lot of them pretty much hit on anything that breathes. Especially Sebastian, damn he is one hell of a player, I will never forget book of circus, ah good times…well not so much for Beast but who’s counting?

    Hisoka. Eh he’s Hisoka. He can do what he wants. Though I question his intentions with Gon… Doujinshis exist for a reason…

    Oh man, Tamaki the OG host club leader. It wouldn’t be a list without his flipping blonde hair. Now, the only member missing to this list would be one and only Oikawa. That dude. Just. Damn him and his pretty hair.

    1. The thing is Oikawa is probably quite the ladies man but he seems to be doing most of his seducin’ offscreen. He just kinda shows up and the ladies swoon…. At least the rest o the boys put a little effort into it

  5. You had enough picks for a Top 10! It’s funny, when I was writing my Kill La Kill review I was thinking why Mikisugi isn’t as ~creepy~ as other male teacher characters who hit on their students and I think it’s probably a lot to do with intent, yes he’s pretty full on, but I don’t think he’d ever do anything to Ryuko, even if she was completely for it. He’s just an OTT flirt.

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