I really like real estate. I think most people do. That’s why renovation and house flipping shows are so popular. And I also really like anime so real estate in anime is the bomb. Anything from anime shacks to anime mansions really strikes my fancy. Oh man, I would totally watch an anime bout home renovation. Does that exist? Can someone make it, just for me? I am really digging Dragon goes House-Hunting in case you are wondering!

As usual, I started to think about anime house and figured I should share some of my favourites but there turned out to be way way WAY too many so I switched gears and decided to focus exclusively on anime mansions. What’s the difference between a house and a mansion? Not sure, price I guess. Maybe square footage. Since I don’t know the cut-off for either, for the purposes of this post mansion is whatever looks like a mansion to me!

There were still tons, so further narrowing was required. Aside from the house having to look like a mansion to me, it also has to be featured several times in the anime and be a single-family house. No public venues or guild houses. That’s how I managed to rule out those really nice mansions in KonoSuba and DanMachi. Finally, we have to see the interior of at least one room. I still ended up with too many. Hooray for honourable mentions!

5. Sena’s House – Haganai

This is about as traditional as mansions get. All austere stone facade and sprawling size. I’m not sure we ever get a chance to see the entire thing. For some reason, this is one of the first houses that popped into my mind when I started thinking about this post. I’m not entirely sure why. It’s not a big part of the anime but we do see it often enough. Aside from Kodaka, it’s the only character home I remember.

However, it seems super boring on the inside. Just basic hallways with plain green carpet and a few pretentious decorations. Sena’s room does have a super comfortable-looking canopy bed but that’s about it. Still, I bet I could do a few fun things with that mansion, in the sims where money is no object.

4. Tomoyo’s House – Cardcaptor Sakura

Did you have a rich friend growing up? Like if you had met as adults maybe you wouldn’t have gotten to know each other at all because of the class divide but as kids, those things don’t matter as much. Then one day you sort of realizing, holy smokes that guy is loaded! Tomoyo is Sakura’s rich friend. But we see that mostly through their respective houses.

I have to admit, Sakura’s house looks more inviting and cozy. It probably would be the house I would choose for myself. But Tomoyo’s huge mansion does have its own appeal. The garden is gorgeous for one. And I think Tomoyo’s parents let her have a lot of free reign over the decoration because that place is colourful! It’s a lot more fun than Sena’s house.

3. Madoka’s House – Shounen Maid

Madoka’s House might as well be a character in Shounen Maid. At the very least it’s a catalyst for the plot. Every part of it, both interior and the beautiful garden are shown in beautiful detail. And polished to a shine. And unlike the previous two, it’s a house I would like to live in, provided I had a maid… It looks and feels like someone’s home.

The slightly worn rich wood everywhere, the comfy bedrooms, that kitchen is a bit pretentious for me, I’m not a fan of those countertops but it does look very convenient. I bet you could make all sorts of gourmet meals in there. Finally the living room with an actual comfy couch, a tv, some books. You know, stuff that would make you want to actually spend time in there. It’s a nice mansion.

2. Saiko’s House – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Admittedly we don’t see Saiko’s house all that much throughout the three seasons of Saiki K. Is anyone else a little miffed that their names are so similar? Wait, that’s not what we’re here for. We know that Saiko is very wealthy way before we get to see his house so expectations are pretty high.

But then we finally get to see it and he has a tiger AND an amusement park. In his house. A Tiger And an amusement park. I understand that he was actively trying to impress the cast but hey, it worked on me. I’m not sure about the amusement park but I want a tiger. Especially a nice fluffy snugly tiger that just wants belly rubs!

Honorable mentions

Bakugo’s House – My Hero Academia

It’s a sort of blink and you miss it a moment in the almost 100 episodes of My Hero Academia but Bakugo has a really nice house. It might not fit an anime mansions list, it’s more of a McMansion when compared to my other picks but a three-storey home in the middle of a large Japanese metropolitan city is nothing to sneeze at. Even if it is a fictional city.

I’m not sure if this ever made it to the anime but there is a blurb in the manga that explains that both of Bakugo’s parents are fairly successful designers. That explains it.

Sohma Estate – Fruits Basket

Ok, this is a cheat. The Sohma estate isn’t so much a mansion as it is a small city-state. No really, look at this thing. What’s the word after sprawling? That’s what this is.

As a Japanophile, I also really appreciate the classic architecture on most of the buildings. Some of the houses look really nice to live in as well but what we see of the main house is a bit spartan and cold. I do realize that it’s by design and a change of ownership could do wonders for the place!

1. Ootori Mansion – Ouran Highschool Host Club

I could have chosen pretty much any character house from Ouran Highschool Host Club. Those spoiled kids! But they do refer to the Ootori house as a mansion so I figure that fits the bill. Also, I enjoy how architecturally interesting and modern it is. There are tons of classic stone walled anime mansions with their centuries-old designs and aged stone façades. Ootori mansion really stands out from the lot.

And I do like what we see of Kyoya’s living space. A two-storey split level design is not the best way to get the most out of the space you have but man I love it. Always have. It’s sort of my dream design. This post is making me want to play sims just to design houses now.

Well, there you have it. My Top 5 Anime Mansions with a lot of caveats. Do you have a favourite anime mansion? Is that way too specific a category?

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  1. Not much of a one for real estate myself. I mean, I can appreciate the effort and artistry and such, but a big house is not the same thing as a happy home, ya know? I think the closest I’ve gotten to appreciating a mansion in anime is a moment in Fairy Tail, where Lucy comments that the “little town” they’re walking through isn’t a town at all, it’s her family’s garden, because they own the land to roughly about that mountain waaaay over there. And her friends all stop walking in shock and flip out, “All hail Princess Lucy!” “Said it like it was nothin’!” So say Natsu and Grey, whilst Erza is suddenly so far gone that she is commenting on how blue the sky is. Heh, tickles me every time!

  2. I was hoping Madoka’s house from Shounen Maid would get a mention. As much as that wasn’t an anime people really remembered, that mansion was definitely cool.

  3. That’s a pretty nice list. The only one I was expecting was the Ouran Host Club one, and I don’t know how or why, since I’ve actually forgotten what it looked like. I’ve forgotten all the others, though they’re great.

    Except the Saiki one: It’s a phtophobe’s worst nightmare. All those neon lights are bad enough in a still…

    I’m pretty happy to see the Shounen Maid house. It’s perhaps the most inviting one for me on the list. The others might look cool or interesting, but that’s one I might actually live in (and I’m sad to say it might look more like its pre-Chihiro version if I lived there; not quite that bad, but…).

    If I could add any mansion, it’d probably add Elias abode from the Ancient Magus Bride. It’s too off the beaten path to live there long term, but I’d love to stay a week or two.

    1. I thought about Elias’ house but I arbitrarily decided it was a cottage… I am going to write a best cottages post one day!
      I also really like Madoka’s house. It was the most functional as well

  4. Super creative post! 💖 I haven’t watched enough anime to have a favorite mansion, but I do like the look of the Tokyo Mew Mew cafe.

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