Let’s face it if I don’t put together this list no one will!

I actually don’t know if that’s true. Whenever I get an idea for a top list I try to avoid looking up others to avoid getting influenced by them. Sometimes it means I actually forget about an anime or character I would have put on but hey, that’s what the comments are for!

Most people know how the genre reverse harem is used when it comes to categorizing anime. To simplify it for this list I narrowed it down to shows AniList thinks are reverse harem which seems to be any show with one main girl and a lot of main guys who think she’s cute. That works! Although in a lot of these the main girl might as well be a background character but they started off as otome adaptations so you can’t be too picky about these things.

Uta No Prince Sama Legend Star anime review
I’m sorry

5. Season 3 Uta no Prince Sama

Uta No Prince Sama is one of the longer-running anime in this genre. And for a while there, every season was wackier than the last. For my money, it reached its zenith in season 3 and I can’t help but love this silly show for the pure joyful embrace of cheese that it is.

I still put this pick at the bottom of the list because although AniList does confirm that it counts as a reverse harem, I don’t actually remember if the leading lady shows up in the season at all. It sort of goes off the rails. It’s still a fun ride though!

4. Kamigami no Asobi

For a while, my blog had a running gaga that anime was trying to brainwash me into being attracted to mullets. I still bring it up from time to time but only because it’s true. Why you do that anime? Worst of all, it’s working. I saw a young lady with what was clearly a mullet the other day and she looked amazing! Send help!

Anyways, Kamigami no Asobi is the show that really started it all. Every single character in that series has some variation of a mullet. It’s worth a watch for that alone. But if you’re not convinced, it also gets pretty funny.

3. Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss got a little too dramatic for me at times but for the most part, it’s a wonderful series. There’s intrigue, a centuries-old curse and lots of Yokai. What more could you want? Nothing more I tell you!

I think the ending was a little rushed and it seemed to me that they could have spent a bit more time tying everything together. But that’s a common problem with anime. And it shouldn’t deter you from giving Kamisama Kiss a try, especially if you’re a fan of traditional Japanese supernatural elements and classic shoujo. Kamisama Kiss is probably the best at bringing those two elements together.

2. Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn is wonderful but it’s not finished. The entire series pretty much ends on a cliff-hanger, right in the middle of the action. The entire harem isn’t even properly brought together yet. And there is no sign that a new season will ever get made. Too bad, I bet it would get some crazy buzz!

The fact that I’m putting Yona this high even though it’s incomplete work should tell you something. It’s a very well-made and exciting anime with some truly great characters. I should probably just give up and pick up the manga at some point because I really want to know how the story continues. But you see… the manga isn’t finished either. What if it leaves me hanging as well? I’m not sure I could take it!

NOT Reverse Harems

There are some shows I would have probably put on this list but AniList tells me they are NOT reverse harems.

For instance Idolish7. It’s a boy idol anime with their single female producer who all the boys seem to fawn over. Even those from other bands. But as the show progresses, that storyline gets pretty much eclipsed and they concentrate on the band. As far as boy idol shows go, this is probably my favourite. I’m currently waiting for part 2 of the latest season to be released and I will jump on it.

Another title I might have put on here is Pretty Boy Detective Club. It’s an unusual show that can be hit or miss and was not always easy for audiences to follow. There might have been a certain clash of expectations. That said, those who did enjoy it seem to have enjoyed it a lot and I do believe it’s worth a try just for the novelty. It also has a really fun OP.

1. Ouran High School Host Club

Look I know this is a really basic pick. Ouran is the granddaddy of them all when it comes to reverse harems. But I don’t care. I watched this show a long time ago, it was probably the first show I watched in this particular genre and it’s still my favourite. So there!

Does Nostalgia play a part in it? Most likely. There’s a chance I wouldn’t be as smitten with it if I watched it for the first time today. But we’ll never know and as things stand, I love Ouran High School Host Club. And I would still happily recommend it!

Now that this is done, I can go out there and see if there are millions of reverse harem lists available. To be honest, despite my opening paragraph, I suspect there are quite a few. For a while, it seemed like anime journalism was entirely made up of top lists and I doubt there is any genre that has been overlooked at this point.

If you can think of one though, let me know. I would love to create a list for it!

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  1. A great lists!

    I think a couple of these anime are probably in my list of reverse harem anime. Uta no Prince-sama is my favorite and I really like Kamigami no Asobi (went and bought the game). Ouran High School Host Club is both great and funny! I still haven’t finished Kamisama Kiss yet, but I know its good from what I heard/read.

    Some of the reverse harem/otome ones I like though are the old ones like Angelique (anime is called Koisuru Tenshi Angelique) and La Corda d’Oro. You should watch them if you get a chance!

      1. They are an older series, but they are both really good! Both based on games from a company that first created the otome/reverse harem genre in Japan.

  2. Honestly, I would be upset if you didn’t put Ouran on the list. Whenever I think reverse harem, I think Ouran.

    The Yona of the Dawn manga is really good. I didn’t know there was anime. Now I need to find it.

    I really enjoyed Kamisama Kiss too. I’m a sucker for a kitsune.

    On a mission to find Idolish7 now.

    1. I have considered the manga for a long time but my to read list is even longer than my to watch. I’ll probably get to it eventually

  3. Wait, Pretty Boy Detective Club isn’t a reserve harem? I thought being meta about the tropes was the point of the show. I enjoyed it a lot; it was one of my favourite shows in its season (and it was a strong season).

    A lot of these shows would make my list, too. Not Uta no Prince-sama, as I still haven’t seen it. All the others were great, though. I must admit that I keep forgetting Yona is a reverse harem (it obviously is, but I don’t seem to think of it in the category). It’s definitely one of the shows who need another season the most.

    I have a soft spot for the silliness of Kamigami ni Asobi, which fully embraces the camp. And I should rewatch Ouran one of these days; I remember far too little and it’s been far too long.

    That leaves Kami-sama Hajimemashita. I did enjoy it, but I’m not sure I enjoyed it enough to make my list. I think I’d put Kakuriyo Bed and Breakfast for spirits ahead of it (though it might have been less haremy? I don’t remember). Also Dance with Devils, which I found hilarious, it being a musical and all.

    1. Dance with Devils was epic… don’t know how I forgot it. I have no idea why PBDC isn’t a harem…maybe not enough romance?

  4. The only one I recognize is Ouran High School Host Club. And even then, I haven’t watched it, mostly because I tend to run from harem genre, and I have a long list of things to watch and read already.

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