*****I was editing this when Lina posted that she will be taking a blogging break, of course! I’m still going to post it because I had fun writing it. Maybe if Lina comes back – she’ll be happy to have comedies waiting for her*******

As I’m writing this (in June) work has been really crazy and I haven’t had much time to prepare posts, so when I saw the opportunity to put together a quick and easy list I jumped on it…even though this is essentially a public DM.

See a while ago my lovely friend Lina (I’m hoping Lina will be too nice to say anything and we can now be friends by default) left a comment in a review I did for the Disastrous Life of Saiki K. mentioning that she had always assumed she disliked comedies but that may have been a mistaken impression. In fact, her comment was:

“It’s interesting. I wonder if I might be someone who just have decided that I don’t like comedy.  I love Nozaki-kun and Ore Monogatari. My humor is somewhat dark when it comes to real people comedy and I am rather cynical when it comes to life so I mostly get annoyed by the high school cute girls comedy. So I haven’t really actively searched for the genre since I “know” I won’t like it. You should write a post about comedy anime for people like me who thinks they don’t like comedy but really do like it. I am open for suggestions as long as it isn’t something like Comic Girls.”

Lina asks, and I obey. So here are 5 comedy suggestions for people exactly like Lina. Hopefully one of these will fit the bill. (Nozaki is pretty high on my list as well but since Lina’s already seen it, let’s skip it).

a lot of food jokes

The Daily Lives of High School Boys

Will Lina Like It: Probably

This is a school set comedy with a lot of the tropes of the genre, but it does focus much more on actual humor rather than “cuteness”. You really wouldn’t call this anything close to Moe. A lot of the jokes satirize anime tropes or go for raunchy, lo brow humor but delivered with such joyful zeal and prefect timing that I couldn’t help but laugh every time.

There’s something akin to British sitcom humor in the beats and delivery. You clearly know when you’re supposed to laugh but you couldn’t neatly fit a laugh track over it. With only 12 episodes this is a reasonable investment that’s worth a try when you feel like some light humor.

ever try to order commoner’s coffee at Starbucks?

Ouran Highschool Host Club

Will Lina Like It: I think so

To be honest, I think Lina has probably seen it, seeing how popular this show is. However, I couldn’t resist for the parallels it has with Nozaki-kun. I personally Nozaki but I did enjoy Ouran a lot especially in earlier episodes and would happily watch another season should it become available.

This one can get a little cutesy but it has a lot of heart as it lovingly teases shoujo tropes. It’s also a series that gets mentioned all the time so you might as well watch it to know what all the hoopla is about”

blurring the line between hilarious and terrifying

Humanity has Declined 

Will Lina Like It: I’m not sure

Humanity has declined is an anime I love and very much an acquired taste. The humor here is very deadpan and also quite surreal. You have to be willing to go with the flow to truly enjoy it and I have found that a lot of people I’ve recommend this to, did not…

This said, if you have the proper mindset and don’t mind a lot of weirdness and some occasional pretense, there are some hilarious moments to be had. Humanity has declined isn’t a traditional joke filled comedy though, the humor comes from the absurdity of the situations.

of course that’s what it would look like

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Will Lina Like It: I’m gonna say yes

Obviously, I have a love for absurdist humor and this one falls into that category also but it’s much more quick fire and doesn’t take itself as seriously as Humanity… Gugure mixes tons of punchlines with supremely eccentric characters and completely outlandish situations. It’s pretty much non-stop jokes. Some land better than others but you’re bound to giggle at least once.

It’s also full of bishies… scrumptiously drawn ones. You know if that’s your thing….

So come for the eye candy, stay for the laughs. I’m surprised by how regularly I think back on this series.

Honorable mentions:


For quick bite sized smiles this is a great little comedy to relax at the end of the day. It had me smiling nonstop. It’s a little odd and there’s definitely some mild BL insinuations, hmmm I started wording that sentence as if there would be a “but”. There isn’t, those are selling points.

It’s about a college boy with a merman living in his bathtub, I think I’ve said all that needed to be said here.

Yuru Yuri

Ok, so this is very much a “high school cute girls comedy”. There’s no other way to describe it at all so maybe Lina will not like it. I’m adding it here because I did. A lot in fact. Of all the straight up Cute Girl shows I’ve seen, it’s the one that most consistently made me laugh.

Once again, the focus is much more on comedy than on cuteness so if ever you want to try out another cute girl show that seems to be aimed at actual comedy fans, this could be a good pick.

Sayonara Zebulon Sensei

Once again, an acquired taste and the humor here can get pretty dark. I talked about it a bit in my parody post. I’m not sure how easy the series is to find, which is what is keeping it at honorable mention.


If I don’t say it, I have a feeling it will get suggested over and over again in the comments. You all know what GinTama is right? The main hesitation I have in suggesting the series is the huge episode count. Not that you HAVE to watch it all but if you’re like me…you HAVE to watch it all…

is there a pattern to my suggestions?

Black Butler

Will Lina Like It: Yup!

A cynical, often black comedy that’s more or less the antithesis of the cute girl comedies. Ok so it’s a cute boy show but they are most definitely not doing cute things. Black Butler is one of those sarcastic and slightly sneering types of comedies that gets away with being occasionally mean in its parodies because of how disarmingly fabulous it is.

Not to mention that it’s an extremely well-made show, boasting an impressive budget and remarkable production values. I know there are some out there who hate this series but I’m willing to bet Lina is not among them.

OK guys, do you have anything else to suggest for Lina? Let’s get her to laugh!

And Lina – I’m sorry I did not thoroughly review your blog before making this list (I’m pretty sure you’ve seen a few of these) but tell me how I did. Am I way off the mark? Should I have added more idol shows? Uta no Prince Sama is a treasure as we all know…

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  1. Oh, my own list! Yay, you are such a precious being. Of course we are friends. 😊 So many nice anime on this list. And i am from now on gonna stop saying I don’t like comedy because I have watched [some] Black Butler (I say some because I can still not make up my mind if I should watch it in sub or dub. Dub fits so well with the settings but it gets a bit overbearing at times. Anyway, it is perfect for my kind of humor.)

    Of course Ouran is in my have seen list. What fujoshi hasn’t seen that piece of work. Twins is all I am gonna say. And Honey. And… well, you get it. 😎 But I can confess, I hold Nozaki higher. I just laugh more and he is a lot more charming than all the Ouran boys combined.

    Fun fact on Daily Lives… I actually watched the Dramatical Murder parody on YouTube before I watched the real show and that was the reason I started to watch the real show. I just had to find out if the had imitated the real show and yeah, it is exactly the same. Go figure, DmmD lead me to a comedy. And I adore those boys and their somewhat quirky ways of thinking and acting, and thinking. 😊

    Humanity has declined is on my to watch list. I think I’m gonna like it. Just a feeling I have. Not sure why but I like strange and peculiar stuff and what I have seen of it I like. So yeah, I should perhaps get to it now when you reminded me of it.

    Gugure! Kokkuri-san is one of those anime I started but lost in the process because I started it at the same time as the winter season started and a ton of anime I had to watch started. I do however enjoy it a lot so I should pick it up again. The girl is so amusing and not to mention all that eye candy.

    Sayonara Zebulon Sensei is another one on my to watch list. I have all the seasons too so I don’t really have any excuses for not watching it. I like the idea behind it so I just have to get to it. Again, thanks for the reminder.

    Orenchi… Oh boy, what can I say. I love my merman. And my octoman. And snailman. And jellyfishman. Sure, the human too. I don’t know how many times I have watched this anime. It’s just so feel good. I also have the first volume of the manga and I plan to buy the rest of what is available. 🧜🏻‍♂️

    Gintama yeah… I am probably the only person who isn’t that into the anime. I don’t know, it just didn’t stuck. Maybe I didn’t get it enough time. 🤔 I might give it another chance but there is a lot on my list already *peeks up*

    I realised that I actually have another comedy I absolutely love; Hoozuki no Reitetsu. Another quirky, somewhat dark humor I like. And then there is always Beelzebub. That makes me laugh hard. I don’t know if people see that as a comedy or not but the jokes are raining hard in that one.

    So, let’s conclude this; I might actually like comedy. 😳 😎 Thank you pretty Irina for this awesome list. You gave me (and I’m sure a lot of others like me) some nice suggestions and reminded me of what I have on my own TBW list.

    1. Also, your blog looks amazing! When did you remade it? (if you say months ago I am gonna go and hide behind a rock and contemplate on what kind of a person I really am. 🧟‍♀️)

  2. Wow. I’d never even heard of Guregure! before! It always takes me aback when a show slips under my radar like that! I’ll have to check it out!

    Some good recommendations here, but I’d also like to suggest my favourite comedy: Nichijou. It has some of the most absurd scenes that I’ve ever seen, but that’s why it’s so funny!

  3. Gugure! is amazing (it was on her TBR/W post, though I don’t think she’s watched it yet) and I think Lina did a post on Orenchi no Furo Jijou. I already gave her a recommendation for Happy Kiss which made her mention she was going to watch Boueibu eventually…hmm, what’s left after that?

    Aside from Hinamatsuri, which the Mongoose already noted, and Gintama, which is pretty much guaranteed to show up whenever someone asks for comedy recommendations, I think she might like Osomatsu-san (depending on if she can get her hands on the original episode 1, that was one of the best parts for me) if dark and cynical equates to having a more crass type of humour. Also, since she liked Ore Monogatari and Nozaki-kun, she might like Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai (by most of the same team from Nozaki-kun, right down to the OP artist! That OP’s so awesome!). Otherwise, Hataraku Maou-sama! (The Devil is a Part-timer!) works more often than not.

    1. I forgot the Devil is a part timer. I don,t know why I never think of that show as a comedy…Good call

  4. A few of my fave comedies “Detroit Metal City”, “Mitsudomoe”, “Nichijou”, “Princess Jellyfish” and “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”. 😛 A current show “Grand Blue Dreaming” is also a hoot! 😉

    1. Poor Lina everyone keeps suggesting Moe shows even though it was her one don’t. I did it too

  5. Ooh, I like comedies.

    Daily Life of Highschool Boys: A mixed bag. I found much of it annoying and grating, but it was worth pushing through that mire for the spots of genius. (For example, I loved the literature girl skit at the end of the first episode, complete with a segue into a custom ED. That’s the sort of stuff they excell at.)

    Ouran Highschool Host Club: A classic for a reason. It’s been a while, so I don’t remember too many details. Time for a re-watch?

    Humanity Has Declined: Oh, I love this show dearly. Absurdist humour, satirical touch, deadpan protagonist, plenty of SF references. Practically made for me. I always thought of this show as taking the grey-goo theory of the apocalypse and turning it into the rainbow goo theory and having fun with it. It’s the human zoo.

    Gugure Kokkuri-san: A very underappreciated comedy. I remember, back when it aired it had a small but dedicated fandom, but after it aired it pretty much dropped off the map. I think my favourite episode is the one where Hina picks up a winged eyeball for a pet.

    Orenchi Furo no Shishou: was a fun little show. I think my fave was jelly-fish boy, but they were all fun.

    Yuru Yuri: is the perfect CGDCT-parody, with inbuilt shipping. I liked the first two seasons, but the third season, with a few exceptions, felt a little watered down.

    Black Butler: All I’ve ever seen is Book of Circus, and I have trouble thinking of that as comedy, though what little we got from the staff at home I can see the segue. Maybe one day.

    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Ooh, great show. Heven’t yet finished all there is, but I’ve seen all of the first season, and most of the second season, and an OVA or two? Incidently, Joshiraku, which tetraX4berium mentions, is based on a manga by the same author; it’s structured around a group of girl rakugoka, and each episode has the same structure: Performance – come off stage and talk random stuff – tour of tokyo (with a new casual outfit each week) – come back and talk random stuff – Perfomance. It’s every bit as nuts as Zetsubou Sensei, but more conventional in presentation.

    Azumanga Daioh I liked quite a bit. Nichijou was more of a mixed bag; I usually liked its quieter moments, but it’s slapstick inlays like deer-wrestling, aren’t my kind. I generally loved the lab-skits, though. And the little “Like Love” segments were great. Some initially funny jokes overstay there welcome.

    Hinamatsuri is a gem.

    I have never even heard of Shinesman, so thanks to ospreyshire for bringing it to my attention.

    I’m quite fond of Seikai Seifuku Bouryaku Zvesda, in which a boy who runs away from home falls in with a organisation bent on World Domination, run by a ~8 year old girl, and thus finds a second family (as he’s the only one who can cook).

    Then there’s Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, in which 1000 years ago a defeated monster uttered a curse, that one of its descendents would destroy the world. Japan’s solution to the problem? Gather beings with the monster’s DNA together and give them a happy family life, so they won’t want to destroy the world. Thus a government operative’s mission is to marry a cat demon girl and adopt as many children as possible, among them a lion king, a biological weapon, and a myserious Jellyfish. But not everyone in the government is a dove… If you can get past some rather conventional and unfunny jokes, this is a story as sweet as it is absurd, with plenty of nuts sidecharacters such as a shinigami with a sloth on her head, or a polite and peaceful alien who has destroyed worlds out of clumsiness.

    And probably a lot of others I’ll kick myself for forgetting.

  6. Humanity Has Declined was bizarre but I still remember how much I enjoyed the first two episodes. I don’t think it ever reached that level of entertainment again, but it was overall an interesting show and one I’m glad I decided to watch despite it not being my usual kind of thing.

    1. I don’t think there’s any point in pretending I didn’t absolutely adore it. It’s not for everyone…but t is unusual!

  7. Aww…this is so sweet of you to do this. Knowing Lina she will really enjoy this post when she eventually reads it.
    As you know I don’t like comedies myself (in fact I can only think of one comedy anime that I really liked and that was Urusei Yatsura). So..I’m going to bookmark this one, and when I have some time I might even go ahead and check out some of these. Wonderful post! 😊

      1. Hmm…could be, but honestly I don’t like comedies in general (Not in movies or tv series either). But…I am always open for anything as you know, so that’s why I bookmarked this post 😊

        1. But you liked After life…that’s a start. Survive Style 5+ is another awesome JP comedy

  8. Aww this is lovely Irina! If Mio (Blend S) were here, she’d be drafting up a doujin story now… …
    I’m rather limited with my anime bank… What say Joshiraku? It’s a self-aware comedy and doesn’t have too many references like Haiyore Nyaruko… … Then again… I don’t really know what kind of comedy would be preferable for her… D:
    Again, I can’t stress enough how this is really lovely. 🙂

    1. I haven’t seen that one but it looks sweet!
      I hope Lina gets to see it. So many recommendations for her

  9. There aren’t alot of ‘great’ comedies out there but I’d have to give credit to DLOHSB, Nichijou, Gintama, Saiki K, Konosuba and Hinamatsuri for providing some fantastic entertainment
    (Even if they are slightly mainstream).

  10. I would suggest Shinesman. How can anyone say no to a Power Rangers parody that also satirizes big business? This OVA even is one of the few anime series where the dub is actually better and funnier than the original Japanese version.

      1. Yeah, Shinesman is quite a hilarious watch and one can watch the whole thing in less than an hour. It is easily one of the most underrated anime comedies/parodies out there. Where else are you going to hear an insult where someone is “one OVA short of a series” as an actual form of dialogue?

      1. Different strokes, different folks!

        I’ve always been a huge fan of gag manga, plus though both fall under “cute highschool girls”, the humor is wacky enough that I personally didn’t care.

        1. I love Yuru Yuri in th cg genre. I just foun Daioh kinda boring…except for the shoe joke. That ruled

          1. I completely get why you would find Daioh boring. It was always a background anime to me, because some scenes would DRAG.

            I watch it while doing other things, it lends itself to that very well.

  11. Humanity Has Declined is an underrated gem.

    It’s so delightfully odd and unpredictable, and the main character feels very much like a real person in the way she approaches each weird situation.

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