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Hopes and Dreams (12 days)

That’s a pretty vague title isn’t it. Looking at it now, it even seems a little ominous to me. Weird no?  I mean their all nice words and I know I don’t have anything bad to say. Yet it still sends a chill down my spine. Like I’ve just raised a flag or something… Ok...


Top 5 Christmas Gifts I would Want if I Existed in an Anime

Ok…I see it now…my lists are super weird and contrived. Top lists are supposed to be one of the most basic and easily accessible types of posts you can create, yet I find myself having to explain my list concept on a fairly regular basis. I’m pretty sure I took a wrong turn somewhere. Good...


Zombieland Saga Reminded Me of Something (12 days)

Some of you may know that I’m currently watching Zombieland Saga with my friend Crow. I’ve been doing collaborative episodic posts for a few seasons now with Matt as well and the format is really one of my favourites. If you guys have the chance to do that sort of project, I warmly recommend it....


Christmas is for Family – Sachiko Fujinuma (12 days)

Last year around Christmas, I wrote about Celty and Shinra because Christmas is for lovers! This year, I’m keeping the love theme going and I’m going to celebrate one of my very favourite anime mothers, Sachiko Fujinuma from Erased, because Christmas is also for families!


Top 5 Anime Christmas and Movies (12 days)

I have this weird thing. Just the one! I love Christmas. Celebrating capitalism is a big thing for us commi refugees. But I rarely if ever like Christmas specials (or New Years when it comes to anime). As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about those Halloween specials. I really wish there were more in...


12 Days of Anime Blogging 2018

Guys, guys GUYS!!! It’s back! It’s here again!!! That magical time of year when I get to use that Haikyuu!! Christmas gif! I’m so excited. I took part in the 12 Days of Anime Blogging last year and just plain loved it. I adore challenges that don’t require me to actually change anything at all. WOOTS!...


Anime Box Office 2017 and What it Means for the Future – 12 days

For international anime fans, the prospect of seeing our beloved medium on the big screen has always been something of a pipe dream. Outside specialized film festivals, the lonely representative of anime in theaters has been Ghibli for the past decades. Don’t get me wrong, Ghibli studios have put out some decent films… But it...