Guys, guys GUYS!!! It’s back! It’s here again!!! That magical time of year when I get to use that Haikyuu!! Christmas gif! I’m so excited.

I took part in the 12 Days of Anime Blogging last year and just plain loved it. I adore challenges that don’t require me to actually change anything at all. WOOTS!

Once again Perpetual Morning is hosting and encouraging this holiday tradition. Make sure to go read the original post here to get all the details.

It starts on the 14th so there’s still a little time to sign up and participate if you want to. I encourage you to do so. It’s super fun and there are fabulous cash prizes to be won*** (I assume…)

I hope you all join me for this lead up to Christmas and I look forward to what my fellow bloggers have put together as well!

Merry blogmas one and all!!!


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  1. I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s posts. I finally finished drafting mine and now I need to get editing so the first ones are actually in shape in time for the first day.

            1. not since I changed my theme. I use t get it from the dashboard but it’ no longer where it use to be

  2. If I wasn’t already in the middle of my Highschool of the Dead December, I would love to participate. Either way, I look forward to reading everyone’s posts.

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