This was one of my very favorite posts to put together last year! I almost jumped the gun and wrote it early on at least 3 separate occasions but now the time is finally here! I’m a little giddy…

anime giddy
it’s here, it’s here, it’s here!

Explanation: I watch anime by randomly binging shows that have somehow caught my eye. Where I liked the streaming app screenshot, saw a pretty piece of fanart or think the title sounds cool. I have unreasonably high standards…. This means that each year I actively discover shows you guys have already had the chance to watch, love and forget all about by now.

Still, these are series that made me happy this year and I want to share that happy with you. For the most part, I’ve already reviewed them so you get a 2 for one. You get to hear about the series from my fellow talented bloggers. I’ve collected posts from all over WordPress for your reading pleasure (and mine!) Nothing brings an experience to life quite like sharing it with others.

Please note that I am using the not always reliable reader app to find your posts so if I missed one, do let me know in the comments. The logistics of this list are a little tricky.

Here we go: Shows that have come out at various times in the past but which Irina watched in 2018 and liked a lot! I’m getting better at the title game!

In no particular order :

Lin.Xianming Ramens
by Pixiv artist 梶花辻

 Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

I was surprised by just how mixed the reception to this series was. Still I really enjoyed it and I’m glad to have found it.

Rodrovich was considerably less impressed:

Two Happy Cats enjoyed it as well but was not blind to it’s failures:

Karandi was generally of the same opinion:

Rogue Shogunate has the best rating system so far!

Shin Sekai Yori
by deviant atise sakonma

Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World )

For unknown reasons (even to me) From the New World is one of the only animes I refer to only by its Japanese title. If you’ve read my review, you know that this little show overwhelmed me in the best possible way. One way or another, this one is unlikely to leave most viewers indifferent.

John Jr manage the impossible – a concise review!

Scott added it to his (absolutely amazing) list of psychological Horror anime’s to look out for:

Jenn concentrated on the use of sexuality within a unique social construct:

Rossiroad gives us a great overview of the series

The Aniwritter made it the subject of a What Else should You Watch post that convinced me to give Samurai Flameco a try

Steins Gate 0
found it on reddit

Steins;Gate 0

I know, I know.. you would never have guessed this one. I am proud of how recent this year’s picks are. Look – I love Steins;Gate. It’s one of those childhood loves that you can’t take away from me. Still I was impressed I didn’t end up hating such a late in the game sequel, purely on principle! Spoilers – no one like this show as much as I did…and no one ever will….

Arthifis didn’t hate it but had some reservations:

Nefarious reviews did not like it though

It was a rocky ride for Karandi:

Animelog was generally unimpressed

Jean.Otus ACCA 13
by Pixiv artist 徽沐子

ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Dept.

This was a discovery for me! Honestly, I am so happy I stumbled onto this one. I still have a color theory post upcoming for the series. I can’t say it needs another season, as it was perfect as is to me. Despite it’s unusual construct and slow burn political intrigue, I was delighted to find that it had a dedicated audience who shared my glee!

Nefarious was not one of those fans but they didn’t hate it

Anime database provided a short overview

Cain was enthralled just like me:

As was Sirius ho showed some great tastes in women!

Mel added Nino to her Harem:

couldn’t track down the artist, but this is so cute

 Magical Girl Raising Project

This was a divisive series which left some of my readers wondering what is wrong with me. I really liked it….  

Xenodude did a recent series of episode reviews (here’s the last one – spoilers!)

AniB Productions considered it solidly averagish

Two Happy Cats understands the difference between efficiency and likeability

Serpentlight shared their detailed first impressions

Down the Otaku Rabbit Hole meanwhile, might have liked it more than me!

Eccentric family
by lagrange-9

The Eccentric Family

Man I love this show. It really buried itself deep in my heart. It’s one of those offkilter type stories I’m never sure I could recommend to anyone because it’s so…eccentric… but it feels like it was written specifically for me by someone much smarter than me!

I rarely see anything written about this series (for shame) so I’m afraid my links for this one are pretty meager 🙁

VN reviews manage to capture the essence of it in a few brief words:

Karandi found it charming if a bit uneven:


World Conquest Zvezda Plot

I’ve sort of mentioned this show a zillion times since I watched it. I just think it really really should get more attention that it does

Case and point – the only posts that came up when I put the title in the reader search bar, where my own… All the sads…

monster girls
by fhilippe124

Interviews with Monster Girls

 My favorite CGDCT series (that I saw in 2018) Demi-chan was a breath of fresh air and a surprisingly sensitive and measured take on some pretty big issues. I loved this show, and am hardly the only one! Seemingly the most popular show on this list…

Tecsielity is still looking forward to another season:

The show left a strong impression on Miandro

A Girl and Her Anime found it lovely and enjoyable despite some shortcomings

Kapodaco used it as an illustrative example for a fascinating discussion on morality

 Review Block had fun with it:

 Anime by chance explored Himari and Hikari’s absolutely beautiful relationship:

Matt discussed it with himself and surprisingly, enjoyed a cute girl show for once

by Mosako

Gurren Lagann

Where have you been, I’ve been waiting for you. Rekindling my love of Mecha and Frantic, this series kept me warm as snow started to blanket the outside world!

Annieme gave this series a second try and found some things to like:

It’S Ty-Chama’s favourite Mecha show

Anime Athena may have inadvertently convinced me to watch Darling and the Franxx

Ahoge girl also adored the series:

Jacob looked at the studio behind the piece

found it here

 Natsume’s Book of Friends

Of course I did NOT watch this show in 2018. I watched it in 2017 and included it in last year’s post. However, I continue to love it just as much and since I’ve since discovered some new posts to share with you! Please enjoy!

I guess not too much Natsume this year….

There you go! If you won’t take my word for it, take the word of these fantastic bloggers. And if I missed your own review, tell me about it. I want to read it (again maybe)!



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  1. I was so excited to see Sonoshee in the first pic, but then I don’t find Redline anywhere in the article. 😛 Thanks for the suggestions of stuff to watch though.

  2. Ooh I’ve got some more anime to add to my Christmas binge list now 😀 I tried Interview with Monster Girls a few months back and didn’t take to it, i’ll have to give it another shot!!

  3. This was such a wonderful post. And…your method of selecting anime is pretty much how I do it as well. I haven’t watched a lot of anime lately (yes…that is shocking I know😅😅), and have even missed out on some of the seasonal anime that I was watching. I am planning on maybe catching up with a few of those tomorrow 😊😊
    I hope you are doing well, and in case I don’t speak to you before christmas, I hope you will have a great one! Enjoy it! 😊😊

  4. Karandi’s Steins;Gate 0 post isn’t there. Haven’t seen the show, but just thought I’d tell you.

    The only one of those shows I’ve completed is ACCA. I think I did a 12 Days post of it last year (it was in the style of a letter), but I didn’t put much effort into it…so I don’t think I should share it…

  5. Hi Irina! Thanks for linking my Magical Girl Raising Project review in here. This was a great idea, reblogging lots of different viewpoints and pieces on these shows you watched this year- and it’s a great way to find other people’s content as well! As for a further thought on MagiPro: I absolutely enjoyed it, it’s just got some flaws that when you sit back after (probably) binging the wild rush the show is, they just seem more apparent. Still entertaining as heck, and I’d probably rewatch it again sometime if I could!

    1. I think back on it fondly. I saw it in February so it’s been a while. This said ot absutely has flaws but I just happen to enjoy it a lot

  6. Ooh, I at least like all of the ones I’ve seen (haven’t seen Ramens and Langan), and it should come as no suprise by now that I’m especially fond of The Eccentric Family. (I can force myself to say “From the New World”, but I do prefer Shin Sekai Yori; rolls off the tongue.)

    Shows I watched for the first time this year (that didn’t come out this year):

    Angelic Layer: Great fun and excellent frame story with a very satisfying finale.

    A Little Snowfairy Sugar: Killed me with cuteness. I didn’t expect the opening to be a jap-lyrics cover of the Rubettes’ “Sugar Baby Love”.

    Solty Rei: Decent SF on the Pinocchio theme that anime loves so much. Good fun.

    Full Metal Alchemist. Brotherhood: I didn’t expect to watch this; I never liked anything Arakawa sensei was involved in. Well, this one’s great, though near the end I started to lose interest, and the final battle just went on for too long. (I generally find that there are scenes that are powerful in the beginning but then go on for a little too long and lose impact: Envy’s final scene is a good example.)

    1. Agreed. I find FMA Brotherhood ages well. With time the particulars of single episodes and story details fade leaving behind the strong balanced characters and solid narrative themes which are the strongpoints if the series imho

      1. I can totally see this about FMA:B. The story’s really good, and the ending, drawn out though it may be, makes perfect sense. And the show has very powerful and very memorable scenes.

    2. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Angelic Layer. It’s certainly better than most monster or tournament series from what I remember. I only saw the first few episodes of Solty Rei, so I don’t remember that much of it.

  7. Great post Irina and I love how you’ve included slightly different views of the shows from other bloggers. It is a great round up. And thanks for including links to a few of my reviews.
    Minor note, one of the links you included for me (Steins;Gate) actually goes to Nefarious’ site.

  8. Major props for using a GIF from Paprika for your post.

    I don’t believe I watched any new series that came out this year. Then again, I had a rollercoaster of several months where I didn’t review things because life and adulting.

    Some anime properties that I watched this year for the first time would be…

    Toward the Terra (1980)
    Sound! Euphonium (even though I need to see the sequel)
    The House of Small Cubes
    Golden Time (the short film)

    1. I adore sound euphonium – I reveiwed it and basically it’s the anime that is most defined by the word: lovely!
      The rest is going on my list!

    2. You know, you’re one of the few people online who occasionally mention shows I’ve never even heard of. “The House of Small Cubes”? Googled it, and it sounds great. I’ll have to see if I can find it.

      1. Thank you. Apologies for sounding self-promotional, but I assume you’ve checked out my stuff on Iridium Eye Reviews? I tend to be gravitated to the obscure.

        House of Small Cubes is a powerful short film even if it is the most un-anime Japanese animated project I’ve seen in my life. I believe it’s still on Netflix if you want to check it out. One interesting fact is that The House of Small Cubes actually won an Oscar for best Animated Short over a decade ago and it beat out a freaking Pixar short that same year and it was made by a tiny studio.

        1. Actually, I haven’t checked out Iridium Eye Reviews; you’re user name links to your realm. Thanks for the heads up.

          1. And thanks to Iridium Eye Reviews I now know that that weird SF animated movie I saw back in the 70ies is Fantastic Planet. I tried to remember the title of that for more than a decade! Thanks for that.

          2. Sorry, I have multiple blogs. Hahaha! No problem, and I hope you check out the stuff on there. It’s not just anime on there, but I cover it more often than not.

  9. Silly technical question here — can you really search for posts from bloggers you follow? I’ve been trying to find a way to filter everyone else for ages…

    1. oh no it’s not only bloggers I folow – it’s all of wordpress unfortunately and it’s not surper effective

  10. I’ve learned our tastes are similar enough that I simply worked my way down adding the ones I haven’t seen yet to my ever growing queue… So let me return the favor. For more tanuki, Poco’s Udon World is sweet and profound and fun (of course, there’s a tanuki in it). I’m over the moon that the second season of Hozuki’s Coolheadedness appeared at Crunchyroll. I can’t get enough of hell. Well,this version of it. Another show I was thrilled to see a second season of that I can’t get enough is Thunderbolt Fantasy. That has to do with falling in love with the amazing artistry of the puppets and puppetry, but also with some great story telling. Kino’s Journey-the Beautiful World was one I was looking forward to and if anything, it exceeded my expectations. Cells at Work! I admit, I am a science/health geek but even if you aren’t it’s a blast. Even more fun if you also watch the YouTube vids of a real doctor who watches it.

    Hah, I hope I’ve managed to add to your queue. Revenge is sweet… I mean, uh, sharing is sweet. 😀

    1. Hozuki’s Coolheadedness was already on the list – I’ll add the rest…curse you and also thank you!

  11. I think I enjoyed Steins;Gate 0 plenty, after all it was my nomination in the WordPress Anime Awards for best anime of the year! So you’re not alone on that opinion!

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